• R, 1 hr. 38 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:    Barry Battles
  • In Theaters:    Jan 11, 2013 Limited
  • On DVD:    Apr 2, 2013
  • Phase 4 Films

The Baytown Outlaws Reviews

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TheDudeLebowski65 TheDudeLebowski65
Super Reviewer
½ September 25, 2013
The Baytown Outlaws is a pointless mess of a film with a poor cast, poorly thought out script and misdirection from its director, who can't seem to make something watchable out of the film. I was bored throughout the film, and with seeing the trailer, it looked like a pretty funny, action packed film that would be a mindless movie to watch and have fun. Well, it certainly was mindless, but it wasn't enjoyable to say the least. Everything about the film is garbage and it is one of those movies that never should have been made. The film had the potential of being a thrill ride from start to finish, however the script is so poorly layered and written, that it loses steam halfway through, and by the end of it, it just fails in terms of a movie that you're going to enjoy. I really hated the film, and thought it was a waste of time. Don't go into this one expecting a good film, you'll be sadly disappointed. This is pure low budge B movie trash and it shows. No effort was put into this film whatsoever and the cast are wooden in their performances and none can salvage this stupid, pointless movie. Avoid this film; it's not worth your time. The Baytown Outlaws had an interesting idea, unfortunately it was developed a director who just isn't competent enough to make something interesting for the viewer. Overall this is a misfire that just ends up falling flat. Spend your time watching something else; you'll be glad you did.
Al S
Super Reviewer
½ February 28, 2013
A hilarious, bloody, bold and explosive action-comedy. It's outrageously over the top with great Tarantinoesque dialogue, wonderfully silly characters, brutal gun-fights and wicked humor. It's brutally funny and just plain fun from start tot finish. It's not meant to be taken seriously or anything its just meant to be an enjoyable movie and that it proves to be, nothing more or less. A ridiculously entertaining action-packed joy-ride. The cast are all wonderful to watch. Billy Bob Thornton is fantastic, he's intense, very funny and just a real blast to watch. He's such a fantastic villain in this film. Andre Braugher is terrific. Eva Longoria is wonderful. Clayne Crawford, Daniel Cudmore and Travis Fimmel are just a blast of energy, humor and mayhem. They are wildly funny and exciting team. It's Smokin Ace's meets in The Way of the Gun. It's a great way to spend ninety-eight minutes on a slow day, because this movie just speeds it up. Director, Barry Battles has a great time with his material and makes it worth while. It's very cool and has some surprising character moments that make it close to great.
Super Reviewer
February 2, 2013
It ain't a party until the guns come out.

Good movie! It would be hard to sum up the delightful chemistry the three brothers & the film itself manage to get going but I can't help think this is the kind of thing Tarantino would have come up with had he been put in charge of 'The Dukes Of Hazzard'. Does not take itself seriously at all or try and tackle any issues like race or religion. Good quirky interesting characters on both sides. Just enough plot, character development and side story's to keep you interested but not make you feel like you wish they would just get on with it. I highly recommend seeing this film; however, this is definitely not a film for everyone. Fans of the 'B Movie' / blood splatter bullet blaring action genre will find true delight in this film.

After her ex-husband Carlos shoots Celeste three times in the gut, it's time to play dirty. In the fight for her godson, Rob, she hires three outlawed and redneck brothers to bring him back to her. But nothing can be that simple in the South. What begins as a small rescue mission rises to a southern battle royal. This odd team must shoot their way through gorgeous female assassins, Native American hunters, Federal agents, and a whole lot of metal coming after them, while protecting Celeste's innocent child.
Fascade F
Super Reviewer
March 20, 2013
Sadistically sick and trashy film of three brothers: Lincoln(Daniel Cudmore), McQueen (Travis Fimmel) and Reese (Paul Wesley) who are on the run from the law...just as as the law Sheriff Henry Millard (Andre Braugher) uses them to commit ludicrous and heinous crimes. Typical case of what comes around goes around...fast! Just after Celeste (Eva Longoria) makes the pay-off to get her handicapped god son back to her, things start to heat up on all of them. The shoot outs keep my interest throughout the film. Looking for sanity in this film was truly lost. See this ONLY if you are bored.
Jason L April 1, 2014
Completely unbelievable - especially the hired assassins Billy Bob roles out - but surprisingly enjoyable action movie. I think Travis Fimmel is going to be a star since he can play a hillbilly on here and a Viking so well on the History Channels show.
Angelo Dean Angelo Dean ½ July 3, 2014
Not what I expected, turned out to be an average movie for me.
so I've giving it a 2.5!
Robert W February 1, 2014
really enjoyable movie
Jose W January 23, 2014
This movie is a great gift to the humanity. I wish one of these guys was my son.
Alex S January 23, 2014
I recognized myself in one of the tree brothers but with more SWAG!!! What brilliant human being in this movie!
Carl W ½ November 26, 2013
What Boondock Saints was to the Irish is what The Baytown Outlaws is to Southerners. I mention these two movies together because they were both under the radar but they were both fun movies from an entertainment standpoint. At times I felt that The Baytown Outlaws was channeling their inner "The Warriors" because I saw several similarities to that. This one will be hated by the critics but liked by the average Joe/Jane. The cast is quite diverse and very interesting. It's on cable right now so I'd check it out if you've got the time.
Amy F November 4, 2013
This movie is brilliant Southern-fried fun. Sort of like someone threw Straw Dogs, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Mad Max, and Smoky and the Bandit into one celluloid gumbo. Don't watch this looking for art. But do watch it if you like a souped-up plot, good looking guys with Southern accents, and Billy Bob Thornton at his sleazy best. This movie just begs to be shown at a drive-in.
harrypalmer66 harrypalmer66 April 13, 2013
great fun in a mad Tarantino-esq guns and mayhem style. Have no idea why this movie has such a low rating. Who cares what the critics think ? I thought it was hugely entertaining .
Pat C July 23, 2013
This movie is so bad it is good. An A+ B movie.
Julie C July 2, 2013
A lot of fun. Would recommend to those who like a down and dirty, politically incorrect ,
don't take themselves to seriously, type film. Better than expected by the professional reviewers!
DC F ½ June 23, 2013
Much better than I imagined as Billy Bob impressed once again. Great cinematography and action sequences with a kind of funny dialog.
Keith B ½ June 8, 2013
The best film from last year you've never heard of...
Cameron W May 27, 2013
Fuck the critics this was a helluva entertaining movie they usually don't get it right and they didn't yet again.
Nikhil R May 16, 2013
awesome flick...Those who love crazy action, you must see this!
Willhelm R ½ December 23, 2012
The unbelievable action kept my attention. I don't think it was funny enough to be a good action comedy like men in tights was.
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