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September 4, 2010
The truth is that once you get into this movie, it really isn't bad. This film starts out as awful as can be, and if I wasn't watching it with someone else, I might have turned it off, but it does eventually get much better. In The Truth, three people who don't know each other are connected by things they've done in the past, and of course there is only one way to get them to admit what they've done. When you kidnap them, torture them, and stick a gun in their face's, people tend to become a bit more agreeable. This film is unique because of the varying degree of talent offered by this cast. John Heard is a tremendous guest star and a great secondary character, but as a lead he is ridiculously in over his head. Heard may have taken this role for the paycheck and it shows. The Killing's Brendan Sexton III, on the other hand, basically makes the movie with his outlandish behavior and his cheesy, but hysterical comments. The truth about The Truth, I wouldn't run out and buy it, but if I saw it again on TV, I wouldn't turn it off either. It's pretty well written, the acting isn't terrible, and it has it's moments.
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March 21, 2011
If you're going to film what is essentially a one-act play, you must have both a compelling plot AND a riveting cast. Successes include Rope and Death and the Maiden so it can be done. The story of a home invader who knows both his targets, a husband & wife, better than they know each other is good fodder for interesting drama, but he screenplay opts for pointless, repetitive mind games and annoying flashbacks. As for the cast, John Heard is usually decent in supporting roles but certainly cannot carry 1/3 of a movie, and he's much better than the other two. I ceased caring what happened to anybody before the halfway mark, fail on almost all counts.
August 5, 2013
This film was interesting and kept me involved through the entire 90-minutes. The plot and concepts were not unique, I have seen many movies that follow similar concepts. That being said, it was still an interesting and compelling story, and had some good twists and turns throughout.

From movies such as The Strangers, Desperate Hours, Panic Room, Funny Games, and maybe even Death Trap, the concept of people being locked in their home and being kept hostage is not new.

I think the acting wasn't that great, though there were some recognized names in the credits. I found John Heard's acting the best of the group, though the rest of the actors were so poor it is hard to tell if he was any good or just better than the worst.

If you like movies that have twists and are a mixture of thrillers and mystery you might like this movie.
March 31, 2013
Low budget movie , but keeps you watching to the end .quite a twist of story
½ June 19, 2012
Typical of the "trapped-in-the-house-by-a-madman" genre. The longer it goes, the more the plot unravels . . . in a bad way.
April 13, 2011
low budget, less professional performance version of the panic room. however, with all of this, the cast managed to cover all corners within the plot. not a bad picture for an amateur.
April 1, 2011
A horrific film dedicated to over wrought stories by writers with too much time on their hands and an under active imagination. The pits.
½ August 19, 2010
Jon Heard is a fat old man now, but come to think of it, hasn't he been that way since he was the dad in the first 2 Home Alone movies? This makes it hard to believe he could get a wife that looks so good, even with his money.
But as the movie goes on, we begin to see why, and while the movie isn't perfect, and the flashbacks don't add anything that the plot couldn't have otherwise carried along by itself, this movie surprised me by how good it was.
For a B-flick, it was pretty good. Brendan Sexton III outshines the other two here, bringing a very unpredictable edge to the character of home invader. The twists on both hostages actually come off as believable and not as far-fetched as one may have guessed. And while Seton isn't as sadistic as Pitt's character in Funny Games, this small movie was a pleasant suspenseful surprise.
½ August 12, 2010
This movie has it all. Turn by turn action, great plot, and talented actors. I have seen my share of psychological thrillers, but this one is Terrific. The director has made the slow unraveling of lies snag your thoughts, and compromises what you are lead to believe is the truth.
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