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THR3E Reviews

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Lady D

Super Reviewer

April 20, 2007
Bad acting, this came across more as bad Slasher than a Thriller. The Killer sounded like a rip off of Jigsaw from the Saw series, the title is copied from 'Se7en' and the 'Riddle Killer' idea, well that has just come straight from the Batman comics.

An unintelligent, unoriginal, very predictable film , which sounded much better than it actually was.
Thomas J

Super Reviewer

August 31, 2010
Sometimes I get too lost in a story to see whats ahead. This became a very good thriller for me. A little "Saw" mixed with a little "Seven" and this is what you may get. I think most that do not like the movie are just pissed they did not see what was ahead! Watch the movie for a good and you will enjoy it.... watch it to analyze the "deep meanings" "Saw" and "Seven" had.... you will be disappointed. This fall short of either 2 movies ("Saw" and Seven") but still had just enough to remain entertaining.
Brian D

Super Reviewer

March 9, 2009
Really wanted to like this movie.starts out promiseing but ends up being stupid and its been done before.With the twisted ending that did take me by surprise but was'nt effective enough to be good.Check it out if your bored or on tv.
Christopher H

Super Reviewer

March 28, 2010
For some reason, I think this movie actually was in theaters and for that I cry... This was a second-rate movie with a second-rate story. If you go to film school, the first thing they usually tell you is not to finish a movie where someone wakes up at the end and everything was a dream... this movie had that sort of twist ending that made no sense.
Erin C

Super Reviewer

April 4, 2007
Surprising twist at the end, but the acting wasn't too great. I did enjoy it though because of the psychological aspect.

Super Reviewer

January 15, 2008
Nice idea to a movie. It's pretty intense and interesting but it could've been done much better.

Super Reviewer

September 4, 2007
Not too bad. Felt like a tame version of Saw for awhile. Twist at the end was all over the place but at least hadn't figured it out. The girlfriend's acting was a bit wooden but Bill Mosely is always himself (lol) and Marc Blucas was ok in the lead. Took me awhile to realize he was the guy from Buffy. Drove me nuts!
February 1, 2012
For some reason this didn't intrigue me. Your thrown into it at first and if the pace was kept it would have been great but it slows and some of the character actors are just horrible. I was reminded of a pg-13 version of saw.
January 13, 2012
What is it with Christian filmmakers and making poor movies? Ok, I understand low budget--that's not a problem. But the acting is just--pathetic. Which really has nothing to do with low-budget. Plenty of indie films use unknown actors who look like they've got more experience than a high school play. And the archaic use of flashbacks and slow-motion makes this movie feel like it was filmed in the early 90s, not a product of the later 00's.

As a terrible movie, though, it does has its purpose--an ironic LOL viewing. Tacked on to a viewing of the film Adaptation (in which one of the characters, Donald Kaufman, writes a movie script called "The Three"), it is funny to see how close Thr3e's plot is to the one outlined by Donald. But the similarities are (probably) coincidence: the Christian entertainment industry doesn't really see value in ripping off obscure films--so they set their eyes on the big money-makers. Which in this case seems to be the Saw franchise. Except, of course, without the cleverness, gore, and thought-provoking monologues. Se7en seems to be a popular comparison point, too, and I can see that for the riddle aspect (and the title), although that is a weaker influence.

If you want a good time, watch Adaptation., then break out the booze and play a drinking game while watching Thr3e. Every time Laura Jordan (actress who plays Samantha) pushes out/pouts her lips, take a shot. I don't know if it was a directorial decision to have her lips pout so often (because they thought it would look attractive?) or if she did it on her own (because she thought it would look attractive?), but it's ridiculous, and totally shot-worthy.
October 5, 2011
An uninspired, and completely unoriginal film with no redeeming qualities. Its a thriller for white middle aged suburban conservative parents who read Frank Peretti novels and say 'gosh darn it!' when they stub their toe.

Honestly, I just sort of tuned out for most of it. How surprised I was when I came to 45 minutes later and realized I hadn't missed a thing. You can pretty much set your watch to the fact that every 15 minutes, the main characters will get a clue about something that's about to explode, and then get out of the way just in time.

Horrible acting, and an immensely head scratching subplot involving a family that hasn't left their house in 50 years. Seriously, don't waste your time.
October 13, 2007
Gah! So what was the meeting to sell this movie like? "Let's take all the good parts of Seven, Saw, and Fight Club and toss em out the window! So what do we have left? A bland, unoriginal movie that makes you want to slam your hand in a dresser drawer? PERFECT!"
May 28, 2011
ok i gotta say it thr3e is no seven though it tries to be the next hannibal lector or other sereila killer movies!
January 25, 2010
A head scratching mixture of Saw and Fight Club with a healthy dose of Christian pseudo-moral proselytizing thrown in for good measure. I'm used to bad acting, but the actors here were terrible! I didn't know it was a "Fox Faith" movie until I looked it up on IMDB halfway through convinced this movie was completely cast with mentally handicapped people or a speech impediment club. Everyone spoke weird and everything was very off. Enjoyed it for what it was, but at least twenty minutes too long and badly plotted (and that's saying a lot!).
Ken D

Super Reviewer

November 26, 2009
Ripoff ripoff ripoff! This was like watching a mix between Saw and Seven and not a whole lot of original in between. Watching this, I was waiting for Marc Blucas to look as if he had any life to him in this movie as he showed absolutely no energy and it didn't even looked like he cared. That is how he came across to me anyway. The rest of the cast was alright, nothing really to write home about, but this really felt like a real poor man's version of Saw, in more than one way.
March 10, 2009
Based on the Christian author Ted Dekker's novel. He is actually one of my favorite authors. If you like this movie, read the Circle trilogy (also by Dekker). I think the order of the books is Black, Red, White.
November 8, 2008
Such a nice try. The problem with the movie here is the same problem that all Ted Dekker's books have. He's good at coming up with intense situations for his main characters to be in, but he can't satisfyingly finish it to save his life. This is a terribly disappointing ending (with absolutely no basis in reality, may I add) and tries to throw a twist or two in to make the ending less cliched, but it only makes it more disappointing when the final result IS that cliched answer.

On top of that, the acting of the two main girls is abysmal. They speak as if they're just reciting lines. And let's not even talk about the actress portraying the hero's aunt, who is vaguely reminiscent of Sinbad of the Seven Seas' Jaffar with her verbal overacting and physical gyrations. Could she play a more stereotyped character if she tried? (To be fair, some of that is the fault of the script/book, but still...)

This is a cheap Christian knock-off of many other, better movies. The Christian worldview is a cool one and a nice one to explore, but it is NOT best explored through this mess of a movie.
October 6, 2008
Based on Ted Dekker's 2003 best-seller, not to be confused or mistaken for a 'Saw' rip-off (The Saw franchise didn't launch until 2004). I loved the story, the book was great. I don't think the film did it any justice at all, perhaps a larger budget would have helped.
October 4, 2008
This movie wasn't bad. Although it seemed very much like a Saw copycat. They called it the Riddle Killer while in saw you have Jigsaw. Oh wow big difference. The ending was a good change for the movie so it didn't seem all like a Saw movie. This movie was good because I love the Saw movies.
June 16, 2008
I loved this movie...and i loved the book! they're both great. The only bad thing was I pictured Slater different...and I wanted to know his name sooner (it's my last name...i like hearing it in movies)
February 20, 2007
This is the ultimate thriller! This is how movies should be made! It's thrilling and suspenseful, it proves you don't need to say a bunch of curses to make a point, and it has a vaguely generic Christian message (though it was hardly a convincing coming from someone wearing a Roman collar) all with an ending that makes you go 'Oh. OH! Oooooh!'
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