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Tiptoes Reviews

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Conner R

Super Reviewer

August 4, 2011
There's really no explaining why Tiptoes exists. At first glance you might think, "oh, that looks so bad it's funny" or "That's quirky" or maybe even "look at all those stars". However, Tiptoes is complete gutter trash in every sense of the phrase. It's offensive in every way possible and even though it's undeniably funny due to its poor taste, the fact remains that Tiptoes is one of the worst examples of professional film-making that is available to the public. What's so crazy is that someone like Gary Oldman, Kate Beckinsale or even Matthew McConaughey would even would give this premise a second of their time, much less allow themselves to be a part of the movie. They couldn't have been given promise of money or acclaim; my only conclusion would be brainwashing. I mean the script is so terribly written and the story is so poorly strung together that it feels like an episodic journey of PSAs that would've aired back in the 60s for dwarfs being accepted as people. To pile on the trash, it's quite possibly one of the worst looking major motion pictures ever. Even a Lifetime original movie has class in spades above this. Taking this a step further, I just have to question why real dwarfs would want to be a part of this. It's so offensive and sends out a terrible message that no one in their right mind should ever follow. I will be honest, Tiptoes is worth seeing because it's such a train wreck and wrong in all imaginable ways. It's just one of the world's greatest mysteries, Why was Tiptoes ever seriously considered as an actual movie?
Spencer S

Super Reviewer

July 24, 2011
This film is garbage, no, wait, that isn't fair to garbage. Garbage can break down in compost heaps and go back to the Earth, while Tiptoes role on this planet is neither welcomed nor explained in full. This movie has no redeeming value of any way, shape, or form. It's thoughtless, disgusting, humorless, and surprisingly so since all expectations are shattered when the poster features some of Hollywood A-Listers. The film (if that's what we're calling it) stars Matthew McConaughey (Steven) and Kate Beckinsale as a couple with an unplanned pregnancy, startled by the secret that McConaughey's whole family are dwarves...that's right, the central point that brings the whole movie around is a matter of political correctness that doesn't make sense. Steven himself has lived his whole life with little people, and yet the thought that his unborn child is one makes him so angry that he tilts his head up and opens his mouth a little (McConaughey's version of anger) is intolerable and nonsensical. The worst thing (yes there's a worst thing) about this whole debacle is the role of Steven's brother, played by none other than Gary Oldman. That villain from every decent film of the 90's? Yeah, he's a dwarf now. The aesthetics to create the dwarf persona include fake legs dangling off edges whenever he sits, and an obvious camera angle to hide the fact that he's on his knees. Besides that, there is a subplot between another little person who travels with Oldman, and his hippie girlfriend, played by Dinklage and Arquette. Both characters are repulsive and their stories go nowhere, as they suddenly leave in the last ten minutes of the film, as if to escape it. The film also carries an R-rating, which really screwed itself over, not including the two types of people who would enjoy this: small children and teenage boys. Shallow, too short to form a concrete idea, and just too weird to be of this world, this, I promise you being real, is one film that's always reaching.
Leigh R

Super Reviewer

June 11, 2006
Beautifully done.

Super Reviewer

April 25, 2010
Plot : Matthew McOnaughy fails to tell his newly-pregnant girlfriend that the rest of his family are vertically challenged.
Things I hate about this film
1) Kate Beckinsale in general, and Kate Beckinsale in particular every single time she says "little people"
2) The "cute" inlaws-first-meeting scene, where Kate Beckinsale fails to warn her normally-sized uptight parents that their new in-laws are dwarfs, but phew, sigh of relief, the "awkward issue that needs to be brought up" turns out to be wanting a Jewish wedding.
3) The nauseous title.
4) Matthew McConaughey playing a two-dimensional piece of paper.

Things I like about this film
1) Peter Dinklage as a French Marxist sweary biker dwarf.
2) Patricia Arquette as his foul-mouthed white trash girlfriend
3) A mini Gary Oldman.

Super Reviewer

November 9, 2007
A great film! Personal favorite of mine.
August 8, 2011
The Only thing I liked about this movie was Peter Dinklage. He was hilarious. Everything else was horrible. I want to know who thought that dressing Kate Beckinsale and Patricia Arquette like that was a good idea? I also think that normally Gary Oldman is an amazing actor, but I think he should of passed on this movie.
April 14, 2011
This movie was so disturbing and upsetting and VERY depressing. It also really casts little people (dwarfs, midgets...) in a very bad light. They all played very screwed up people, which is definitely not the case. I was seriously disappointed.
July 15, 2010
I liked that they tried something new. The writting felt like it was writtin by somebody with the personal experiance of being a "little person". I wasn't bad but it wasn't satisfing either.
August 4, 2008
Truly bizarre, stellar cast though... I loved Peter Dinklage as the brooding french friend. But still utterly strange.
January 22, 2008
Another role that no one wants to see McConaughey in. He needs to abandon all the horrible chick flicks and go play a beefy part. Otherwise this movie is funny and its sad - just like life.
August 14, 2007
Not perfect, but well done.. the ending was very sad to me.. It's hard to understand Mathew McConaughey's character.. first he's one way.. then athe reverse.. I don't know.. In one way the end is really uplifting in another it's really the opposite...

Kate Beckinsale looks great in this.. I'd have to say she looks better in this than any other movie I've watched her in.. although some of the things they do with the hair are WAY too much..

Definately not an award winning movie, but.. overall very interesting.
July 9, 2006
Like a Public information film about dwarfs...this makes most TV movies look like oscar winners The dialogue is contrived "What was his life like? , "he had a hard time because he is diffrent", "oh thank you for informing me of this" etc etc, it was embarrssing to watch sometimes and considering the cast as well it's even more of a faliure. it could very wel be that this movie on paper was pure gold, but bad direction and no thru line of a story just slowly strangles this movie before it even gets a chance to get going. You can kind of see the glints of hope, but you just give up about half way thru with the constant heavy handed nature of this movies less than subtle message.
June 28, 2013
Garry Oldman is an orangutan in a man suit.
May 9, 2013
so bad, this is why zero star reviews should be put on rottentomatoes
March 21, 2013
Este es un filme poco conocido de Gary Oldman. Yo tuve la suerte de pescarlo en cable por casualidad y aunque el filme tiene sus flaquezas en ritmo de la trama, realmente lo recomiendo mucho ya que el rol que realiza Gary Oldman es formidable ya que él interpreta a una persona que sufre del sindrome de enanismo. Con un gran juego de cámaras y la capacidad de actuación de Oldman, se logra crear la fantasía de que él realmente es enano. Por qué castearlo a él y no a un actor que sufriera realmente ese sindrome? Buena pregunta. Es innegable que hay varios actores en el mercado con esa limitación física que podría haberlo hecho y hubiera sido una gran oportunidad para cualquiera de ellos, pero igualmente uno se puede preguntar porqué Daniel Day-Lewis hizo de un hombre con atrofia que solo podía mover su pie izquierdo y no buscar a alguien con ese problema que pudiera actuar? Yo lo veo desde el punto de vista del reto de interpretar un papel que te exige más allá de lo que normalmente haz hecho físicamente. Y puedo asegurarles que es increíble ver a Gary Oldman haciendo de este personaje, sabiendo que aunque no sea un gigante, es una persona de estatura promedio y aquí usted lo vé sin tener dudas de que es una persona con el síndrome de enanismo. Solo por eso, vale mucho sacar el rato y ver el filme si tienen la oportunidad.
February 4, 2013
I really liked this gentle little movie about love, family and the nature of prejudice, plus I'll watch anything with Peter Dinklage in it. The screenplay was well written and the acting very good, especially Gary Oldman, who proves here once again that he can be anyone convincingly.However, although this movie may be romantic, it is definitely not a comedy, but a drama, about Steven not being able to accept what he is--slightly reminiscent of Imitation of Life. Once again I disagree with critics and audiences, and I'm glad I saw this one.
November 4, 2012
The violent reactions evidenced in many of the reviews of this movie on this site says more about the reviewers than Tiptoes. I found the movie to be poignant. Viewers must sort out their feelings about "little people" and, based on the negative comments, many would rather pan the movie and bury their prejudices.
August 13, 2012
I only watched it, just to see how bad it really was. I regret it, I wil never get that 1 hour 31 minutes back.
April 29, 2012
Chronically poor storytelling ruins what could have been an interesting and brave movie. Everything is a struggle: McConaughey struggles to bring redeeming qualities to his unpleasantly flawed character and Beckinsale seems lost as to what her character feels about her situation. Dinklage suffers trying to deliver an appalling French accent and worst of all Oldman has to play the lead dwarf in a cast of mainly dwarves.

The worst crime is that the central issue, of whether your baby might be born with dwarfism, could easily be cleared up by any doctor as it's actually massively unlikely given the situation presented.
April 20, 2012
I admit I watched this for one reason..go ahead, venture your guess...
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