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August 19, 2012
A very entertaining, feel good, romantic Indie movie. There is good music, funny scenes, and interesting caricatures of people. I guess if you don't like low-budget Independent films, you probably won't like this. There is nothing Hollywood about it...which is good in my book.
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½ March 19, 2012
This movie was fun and brainless. I enjoy movies like these on stressful days. It was funny with likable characters as well making it that more enjoyable. It had great music to boot. I wish there was more music and that it was a bit longer, but still it was a lot of fun and I would watch it again if given the chance. I loved the two leads together. They had great chemistry. But my favorite was Matthew Baynton as Tyko. He cracked me up. So did Gavin Mitchell as Boaby, the creepy manager. So much fun. See it if you get the chance.
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½ May 8, 2012
Although "Tonight You're Mine" could have been so much more, given the Indie, romantic nature of the film, it falls victim to a thin plot and an even thinner supporting cast. The two leads, Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena, play off one another well enough to believe their sudden changes of heart, but the feature length run-time of this film attempts to intertwine uninteresting characters into the mix as well, eventually leading to a predictable conclusion. What saves this film is the relevant punk rock music, an actual music festival as a backdrop, and an "old-fashion" look and feel of the film, helping display it as a timeless piece.
½ November 1, 2012
This indie movie was so much better than I anticipated. The soundtrack was great, the cast was endearing, and the ending was absolutely perfect.
September 7, 2012
Amusing with a good soundtrack. Nothing heavy. I will appreciate the guerrilla nature about the shoot, trying to tackle a production smack in the middle of chaos of a music festival.
March 12, 2015
Started with low expectations! Turned out 2 be really Good...Gonna watch it Again!
Tainted Love Performance was da Coolest!
March 23, 2014
Cute, clever, utterly forgettable, by the numbers indie romantic comedy that has a bland plot, some interesting characters and a great soundtrack.
½ May 13, 2012
Right off the bat, this romcom is super flimsy. The inciting incident that handcuffs the two of them together is super random and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. They both have significant others that are ditched three quarters into the movie, also written really thinly. There's a random subplot about a girl filming stuff, that was only written to use first person shots and as a person that one of the new exes runs too. All in all, not written too well. What this movie does have going for it though, is its two leads and the music festival itself, T in the Park. Some of the most interesting stuff comes from the random occurrences at the festival and paired with the music, the atmosphere of the whole thing is really cool. Also, thankfully the leads, Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena, have enough chemistry and acting chops to make you forget about the bad script every once in awhile. Even with the interesting premise and the cast, this never really took off for me.
February 4, 2014
I want to dislike this but I just can't. It was contrived and bland, but I'd watch it again. The worst thing about it is the soundtrack. Fucking synthpop, man. Fuck synthpop. Electronica piece of shit. Synthpoop is more like it.
November 14, 2013
I don't get why this film got such negative reviews. Maybe they didn't expect what they found, but I got what I expected (romantic comedy) and much more. The actors made a brilliant performance without the overacting that could come out of the situation. The script was predictable and the story got a little cheesy towards the end, but predictable isn't always bad, and I'm glad a film has convinced me that the boy meets girl cliché can work at last.
October 28, 2013
You like funky music? Music festivals? Some attitude? And quirky love? Watch it. I honestly didn't expect anything from it. I don't even like romantic movies all that much. But I really enjoyed this film.
October 17, 2013
Tonight You're Mine (or You Instead) doesn't quite fulfill its potential and at times feels a little too chaotic, but it is still a good, fun time with a great soundtrack and a sincere enough love story at its core.
½ August 6, 2013
Watched this last night and really enjoyed it. It has the perfect balance of comedy and romance. Great for those of you interesting in the music scene, and enjoy music festivals as that all ties into the storyline. Definitely adding this to my favourites.
July 11, 2013
Not good. While it had and interesting idea from the beginning, Tonight You're Mine may not lack character development but the script doesn't allow the film to do what it was easily capable of. Not terrible.
July 10, 2013
I've watched this movie twice in the last 24 hours. Some of these reviews looked like people were just trying to sound smarter than the film. It's a cute movie with relatable characters and a rad setting. Maybe it's because I've been on tour and to huge festivals like the one in the film, but I absolutely enjoyed this movie. If you're looking for something with lots of twists that makes you think, skip it. But I thought it was great.
June 30, 2013
best summer romance ever
June 22, 2013
A actual music movie for Empire Records fans and the broken hearted.
May 21, 2013
Everyone needs to go watch this movie :) I absolutely fell in love.
March 25, 2013
Muddy, smokey and loud...exactly what a movie that takes place at a three-day outdoor rock concert should be. It's also warm-hearted and funny. I love small movies that are a complete surprise.
November 24, 2012
Despite the poor reviews, this has become one of my favorite movies. I was never a big fan of rom-coms, but as far as they go, You Instead is unconventional, cute, feel-good, and comes with an amazing soundtrack. I loved the feeling of the music festival it radiates and doesn't try to set up some complicated romance. It's simple, tender, and something that seems somewhat plausible in real life - basically feeding all of the hopeless romantics out there (including me) with some hope that makes us feel good inside. Have I mentioned that the music was amazing? The scene with them listening to Jo Mango was epic.
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