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May 12, 2014
Known for producing some of the best wildlife footage of its time, Trader Horn unfortunately decides to give us a story line as well. It's a white man defeats the jungle sort of inappropriate thing.
½ February 23, 2014
this pic supplied so many other films from 'mogambo' to 'king solomon's mines' with stock footage filmed during the making of this pre-code early talkie
April 28, 2010
The first drama filmed on location in Africa. Racist and very dated but my relative, Edwina Booth, shows up with flaring nostrils halfway through so I have to mention it!
½ February 21, 2005
I'm currently watching a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Marathon on TV but I have the sound off and I'm listening to Amina Claudine Myers. Talk about TV better seen than heard.:D

(Elle MacPherson, oh my god!)...Uh, where was I? Oh yeah I was going to talk about "Trader Horn" This is the grandaddy of all jungle films that didn't involve Tarzan, a 1931 film with Harry Carey as a grizzled jungle trader who sets out to bring an American girl who's lived her entire life in the jungle back to civilization. The dated parts of a movie like this are obvious, especially in the way the native tribes are discussed, but when you overlook all that, you see a film that is still pretty entertaining. The kicker is that this movie was really shot in Africa, and from the looks of it, Carey and future Cisco Kid, Duncan Renaldo, were actually dodging leopards, lions and other long-legged beesties. A charging rhino and leopard are actually killed on screen and some lions do their thing in making lunch out of an unfortuante wildebeest. (Blond models in the desert, oh my. That girl isn't wearing a thong, She's got a string between her cheeks!) Carey speaks in a weird Bibical, puritan dialect but he's convincing. This being an early talkie, there was also an eye-opening dose of nudity. Most of the tribeswomen walked around topless, of course (prefiguring National Geographic's jungle photos making that magazine the Playboy of its day) but even Edwina Booth, playing the Great White Goddess of this picture, walked around in a feathered outfit almost as skimpy as some of these swinsuits I'm watching. Side views of her often left little to the imagination. One unfortunate side effect of this film was that Booth became sick from her time in the jungle and either died or was seriously ill for the rest of her life. I forget which but I do remember she never made another film after this.

I should have looked at the IMDB first. It turns out Booth was sick with fever for six years after making the film but she eventually recovered and lived until 1991.
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