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July 30, 2008
Somewhere between STUDENT BODIES and SCARYBMOVIE lies this litle gem. Anyone into horror spoofs should check this one out!
January 26, 2010
Ok, maybe I'm biased, I like spoof movies. And I like a spoof movie that understands that they are doing a terrible job. I also like horror films. I figure, there is a gauge of the movie, easily read in the first 20 minutes. If you have not laughed and have not agreed with Dexter (or laughed at his reaction) then you've got the wrong movie. But I am very sore that others would be so against what is a fairly honest spoof of a genre that is usually pretty silly to being with. Teri Copley's acting alone is reason enough to laugh, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, just this side of bad acting. Or maybe that side, depending on the scene. But it isn't made to be a serious movie, it's entertainment that you smoke before and enjoy!
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