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½ November 18, 2007
An interesting adventure movie. I remember seeing ads for this. It looked like a scary Disney flick. The movie poster made it look like a voodoo island with lots of skeletons, but only one briefly appeared in a cave scene. I remember the Revell model kits from this movie with skeletons sinking in quicksand.

The movie opens with a catchy oh-too-cool 70's theme song about "Matecumbe".

We soon have two boy pals finding a secret map and going off in search of the "Treasure of Matecumbe" in order to save their plantation. The boys are assisted by a wacky medicine show man (Peter Ustinov), a runaway bride (Joan Hackett) and the scoundrel father of one of the boys (Robert Foxworth). They are an unlikely group, who eventually bond and become likeable.

Chasing them are no-good Mr. Spangler (poor Vic Morrow) and his band of hairy thugs. Much of the movie is spent on a Mississippi River Boat chase down to Florida. There are various perils and adversaries along the way, including stock-footage crocodiles, deadly swamp Indians, cheap super-imposed mosquitoes and wacky dancing river scoundrels. It's all very fun and interesting. The baddies met a grim future at the end; but no worse than they were dishing out to their own slaves.
May 31, 2012
'The Wonderful World Of Disney' was staple viewing for me as a kid. Every Sunday night without fail I would park myself on the floor in front of the tv (in my PJs) and watch every fun-filled adventure they presented. These were classic made-for-television films which were essentially cheaper alternatives to Disney's theatrical films... and now Disney are releasing a whole collection of them on DVD. I plan to buy a heap of them and I started with 'The Treasure of Matecumbe'. I suspect that The Goonies took a lot of inspiration from this movie... it's the story of a kid who finds a treasure map in his attic and embarks on an adventure with his best friend to find it so that he can save his home from foreclosure (sound familiar?). The adventure itself is a lot different, however, with the tw...o boys travelling along a river and finding themselves caught up in all kinds of trouble... they meet a stowaway, a scam artist, native indians and even the KKK. The essence of the film owes a lot to Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer stories and presents a fun couple of hours for the whole family. For me it was a nostalgic flick and a reminder of how wonderful Disney really used to be, back when family entertainment was valued so much more. When Sunday nights on television were chock-full of movies and reality tv would have sounded pointless. The Treasure Of Matecumbe is a welcome addition to my collection of films and I'm looking forward to collecting more of these...
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