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January 15, 2015
Man, you really have to feel sympathy for this poor woman left alone to babysit an absolute shithead of a child, just because she's just trying to get through her night while this kid keeps playing tricks on her and there's a psycho on the loose, just to make matters worse.

I'd never seen this film before the other night, but it's a decent little watch and something I can see revisiting in the future.

February 23, 2014
Love it! While its an average slasher flick, there are elements that make watching this well worth it. The character of Christopher is the whole reason I love this film as much as I do!
April 12, 2015
It looks like anything could get into theatres back in the 80's, this would be straight to video from the 90's onward.
There is some quality under all the crap, a sort of interesting story idea and some at times decent actors and an OK ending make this sort of enjoyable as a late night youtube watch while doing something else. :P
October 20, 2006
Here's another film rating.
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