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Trick 'r Treat (2007)


Average Rating: 7.4/10
Reviews Counted: 20
Fresh: 17
Rotten: 3

Critics Consensus: An deftly crafted tribute to Halloween legends, Trick 'r' Treat hits all the genre marks with gusto and old fashioned suspense.

No Top Critics Tomatometer score yet...

Average Rating: N/A
Reviews Counted: 1
Fresh: 1
Rotten: 0


Average Rating: 3.6/5
User Ratings: 29,465


Movie Info

Prolific director Bryan Singer takes a turn towards horror as the producer of this Halloween shocker directed by X2 and Superman Returns screenwriter Mike Dougherty. With four interwoven tales concerning a high-school principal who moonlights as a vicious serial killer, a college-age virgin who's saving herself for that special someone, a woman whose hatred of Halloween is only exceeded by her husband's love of the mischievous holiday, and a callous group of teens who carry out an unforgivably … More

R (for horror violence, some sexuality/nudity and language)
Drama , Horror , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
In Theaters:
Oct 6, 2009
Warner Bros. Pictures

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Critic Reviews for Trick 'r Treat

All Critics (20) | Top Critics (1) | Fresh (17) | Rotten (3) | DVD (7)

This slick and twisted effort should enjoy lengthy shelf life as a Halloween perennial.

Full Review… | November 12, 2009
Top Critic

Full of atmosphere, jack-o-lanterns, fun facts and yes, plenty of blood... exactly the film horror aficionados hope to see in theaters every October.

Full Review… | November 11, 2009

It's not a smart movie.

Full Review… | November 8, 2009
Film Freak Central

This movie loves Halloween so much you can almost taste the candy corn.

Full Review… | November 8, 2009

has genuine holiday spirit

Full Review… | October 30, 2009

What keeps "Trick" from attaining its lofty "Creepshow" aspirations is the lack of conflict and resolution.

Full Review… | October 29, 2009

Michael Dougherty's directorial debut is one treat that deserves not to be spoiled before it's opened.

Full Review… | October 23, 2009
Sci Fi Wire

The only shock is how Brian Cox and Anna Paquin ended up in something so atrocious. In trying to span so many genres, the film fails to hit the mark with any of them.

Full Review… | October 23, 2009

Just as it would be alongside a fire, the spooky power of the myths and legends being spun is all in the style of the storyteller. This delivers the nasty goods with fluid grace and demented glee and is bound to become Halloween appointment viewing.

Full Review… | October 15, 2009

Trick 'r Treat sequals

Full Review… | October 15, 2009
E! Online

Trick 'r Treat is a really good film. In fact, it's so unusual in its practical F/X approach and retro direct to video charms that a second viewing is definitely needed before confirming its almost masterpiece status.

Full Review… | October 10, 2009

If you can think of a better American horror anthology than this one, I owe you some Halloween candy. (OK, the first Creepshow, but that's about it.)

Full Review… | October 6, 2009

Feels not just like a series of stories set on Halloween, but a blood-spattered portrait of what makes this holiday so beloved, so dangerous, and so much damn fun.

Full Review… | October 6, 2009

It's a greatest hits collection of old fashioned monsters and gruesome new age beasts all set to the tone of Hallow's Eve...

Full Review… | October 5, 2009
Cinema Crazed

Instead of participating in the yearly nonsense of Saw, give Trick 'r Treat a spin instead. It's one of the best horror films of the year and a perfect addition to the holiday.

Full Review… | October 1, 2009

Dougherty interweaves the different strands of his narrative with a healthy disinterest in the norms of chronology, and so introduces just the right amount of jigsaw-like tricksiness to keep his penny-dreadful treat smelling fresh

Full Review… | September 7, 2009
Little White Lies

TRICK 'R TREAT a trip back to the 80's when the goal was to excite and entertain, not torment you... it's the type of movie you can bring anyone to, whether it's a date or your kid.

Full Review… | April 28, 2009
Bloody Disgusting

One of the most handsome, lushly detailed horror features in years. Trick 'r Treat is destined to put the most sour of souls in the Halloween spirit.

Full Review… | October 30, 2008

Trick 'r Treat ranks alongside John Carpenter's Halloween as traditional October viewing and I can't imagine a single horror fan that won't fall head over heels in love with it.

Full Review… | October 21, 2008 of the best genre films of the past few years!

Full Review… | October 12, 2008

Audience Reviews for Trick 'r Treat

I will just come out and say it. "Trick r' Treat" is one of the best horror/halloween films ever made. You do not get better than this these days, and I can honestly say that I have not been so surprised watching a film before. It has many twists that you never see coming, and even after a twist surprises you, that twist get's turned around and you really have no idea what to think until the final sequence. With incredible writing, superb directing, and great casting choices, this is not a film to miss. We follow numerous characters through the night of halloween as answers slowly begin to unravel, and your mind will be blown. "Trick r' Treat" does absolutely everything right that horror films do wrong nowadays and that is what really made me love it! This film is Amazing in every sense of the word!

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer


In 2006, this movie,writer/director Mike Dougherty's love letter to all things Halloween proved that the anthology film was alive and well. What we get here are four interconnected stories taking place on Halloween night in a relatively small anonymous American town.

Both morbid, and morbidly funny, we get tales concerning a school principal who moonlights as a vicious killer, a cruel prank that goes horribly wrong, a young virgin's search for that special someone which has a gruesome twist, and finally, a cantankerous old man who dukes it out with a mischievous trick or treating demon (who is basically the mascot of the movie, and ties the four stories together).

All of the stories are pretty good, and for me, none of them really sticks out as being overtly better or worse than the others. It's also a fresh surprise to note that there's plenty of twists and clever turns, fair doses of gruesome violence, and, as I mentioned above, some wickedly dark humor. It actually is rather tense at times, and you could make the argument that it could be legitimately scary.

All I know for sure is that, despite it's overall short running time, it's a lot of fun, is a great mix of horror and laughs, has some good camera work, and a solid ensemble cast, including people such as Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, and Brian Cox.

All in all, this is a pretty decent and satisfying movie, and you should definitely check it out.

Chris Weber

Super Reviewer


Directors Cat
Directors Cat

Super Reviewer


It's horror story mix.

(-) just a horror story. nothing more
(+) every character have a match to another story.


Trick 'r Treat Quotes

It's my first time, so just bear with me.
What are you doing?
My, my. What big eyes you have.
– Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)
My, my. What big eyes you have.
– Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)
(about Laurie) Mom always said she was the runt of the litter.
– Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)
Rhonda, calm down. It was all just a trick. Look, none of this is real. It was just a trick. A bad joke.
I'd say it was a pretty good one.
– Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)
It happened 30 years ago, on a late Halloween afternoon. A school bus was on its usual route. But this wasn't your typical school bus, and they weren't your typical kids. There were eight of them, and they were different. Troubled. Disturbed. Every day, parents put their dirty secrets on this bus, to be driven to a school miles outside of town. But that day, the driver took a different route. And instead of taking the students home, he drove the bus to an abandoned rock quarry. This rock quarry. The kids didn't know that over the years, their parents had become exhausted, embarrassed. And they were willing to do anything to ease their burden. So one day, the parents approached the bus driver and made him an offer. With the money they collected together, they asked him to do the unthinkable. It almost worked perfectly. The driver was never heard from again. As for the bus, some say it sank so deep that it couldn't be found. Others say the town just didn't want it to be found. For all we know, it'still down there, and so are those kids.
– Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)
(points) Is that Rhonda the retard?
She's not a retard, she's an idiot savant.
– Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)

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