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June 27, 2007
One of my favorite documentaries of all time. Even if you never listened too Tupac, or rap all that much, you'd still probably be interested in the story of his life, if you gave this movie a shot.
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½ May 27, 2010
Undeniably more faithful to how a biopic movie than others. 2Pac was one of the greatest Rappers out there, & I'm thankful I got a chance to meet this guy at the age of 6 (one year after I met Chris Wallace). I was a Compton boy.

May his soul rest in peace.
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½ July 16, 2006
I enjoyed this movie a lot. An absorbing, unique documentary that really depicts how remarkable of a person Tupac was. And I don't even like rap music.
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½ January 3, 2013
This was a pretty amazing documentary. I was legitimately mesmerized by some of Tupac's interviews, which are very effectively used as narration for the entire film. He was a true poet, and I'm not sure that I've ever seen anybody express themselves so eloquently and with such persuasion as he did when he was talking about something he was passionate about. Great stuff.
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February 7, 2009
A 2003 documentary about the life and times of rapper Tupac Shakur. What?s unique about the film is that while Tupac was alive he had given so many interviews that they were able to edit them all into a consistent narrative, as such the movie is entirely narrated by the film?s subject even though he had been killed years before the film went into production. This easily could have been corny, but the filmmakers approached it with the seriousness of a historian. Also, the production values on this are great, for a movie that consists almost entirely of archival footage this must have had a relatively huge budget. The approach has it?s weaknesses, namely that Tupac is not exactly the most objective observer of his life and he doesn?t have the benefit of hindsight. I suspect that if he?d lived to look back on everything that?s here his narration would be pretty different. Still, this is a great and unique doc about a talented and fascinating person.
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½ July 31, 2006
A nice portrait the rise and death of Tupac Shakur.
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January 7, 2008
I watched this documentary,not knowing much about this man beyond his gangster rapper reputation.I am not a fan of gangster rap,but this young man was an amazingly intelligent,insightful tour de force.
He did indeed have talent for his genre but more importantly,he had great insight into society and politics.I learned a great deal from this film,and understand how his death resonated around the world. A modern day poet and social satirist-with lasting influence on his fans.
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½ October 18, 2006
I didn't want to see this movie but I had to watch it for a class. Unless you're already interested in Tupac, skip it.
December 28, 2010
One never knows what to expect out of rock films. Going into Tupac: Resurrection, I half expected another mediocre blaxploitation groaner. The other half expected a gushy MTVish drool-fest out to promote the soundtrack artists, including current corporate media darling 50 Cent.

Resurrection is neither. The producer is not some slick Hollywood mogul with no understanding of rap except as a source for making a quick buck. Instead, Afeni Shakur, the late rapper's mother, takes charge. As both executive producer and the dominant force in her son's short life, her personal agenda impacts every frame. Like all documentaries, this is an extremely one-sided account, and it is likely due to her input that the movie downplays the darker aspects of Pac's self-destructive downward spiral after his move to Death Row Records. Nor is the film harsh enough on Tupac's seemingly endless capacity for paranoia and irresponsibility.

Fortunately, she also makes the crucial decision not to dwell on more tired hash-rehash of so called East Coast/West Coast rap war, which the movie clarifies as less of a reality than a media event. Nor does it choose to linger on the numerous rumors and conspiracies surrounding Tupac's murder.

Shakur and director Lauren Lazin wisely decide to let Tupac's voice carry the film. Lazin wisely refrains from using the masterful, propagandistic gimmicks of a Michael Moore documentary. There are no distracting interviews or massively-edited montages. As a result, the movie has a lyrical, sacred tone. History has mystified Pac as a martyr for West Coast gangsta rap, although during his lifetime he only released one such album. Few choose to remember that Death Row was the twilight of his life, that he spent the first half-decade of his career recording in the East where he grew up. It is here that the film takes its cue.

Resurrection lays bare a magnetic, arrogant, charismatic spirit that immediately affirms why Pac remains one of rap's only true megastars. Though the film is not hard enough on how his growing obstinacy may have hastened his demise, it does not shy away from the controversy, the premonitions of death, the sex abuse conviction, and the inflated ego. The result is a well-drawn sketch of man aware of his genius but haunted by demons, a tortured soul navigating a realm more thuggish than he was at his core, a contradiction which plays as a general commentary on rap's manufactured images.

This movie's production value alone easily outclasses nearly every other cinematic work that has ever pretended to be about hip-hop. It bears little resemblance to How High or Belly or to the shameless self-promotion of the vanity project 8 Mile, which was so sanitized as to kill any revelations it might have made about its star Eminem, the most high profile rapper to yet arise. I don't understand how someone could praise 8 Mile for its beauty and honesty (it isn't) and then criticize this film.

By contrast, the sincerity of Resurrection solidifies Pac's reputation as `the only rapper that matters.' It shows why he is peerless and maybe the greatest artist the genre has yet produced: whatever can be said about his music, as an intelligent personality there is simply no one else in his class. He is so much more painfully relevant than all star rappers, and the sharpness of his observations on everything from politics to poverty leaves dust in the eyes of all his contemporaries. He represents a paradigm that has become all-too-rare in a musical form now dominated by cartoon images: a constructive rather than destructive point-of-view.

A ball of contradictions, Tupac is finally much more complex and brilliant than most people would expect. People are uninformed and uninterested in hip-hop probably will get little out of this movie. Those who know will realize that the biggest tragedy is that not that Tupac died before reaching his full potential, but that other young black men with similar sensibilities rarely reach his level of visibility.
May 21, 2007
Hip hop at it's finest! The story was dope and the fact that they used his voice to tell it was tight as hell to me!
½ May 20, 2007
a great and powerful documentary put together seemingly the same way as "Last Days of Left Eye".....it shows every side of Tupac and all of his life from his childhood to his death.....it showed all his viewpoints and opinions on life and the system and the ppl around them....i dont have any CDs from Tupac and only know like 2 songs....and i h8 rap....but he was an amazing artist that died......its just sad watching this movie along w/ Last Days of Left Eye......seeing Tupac and Left Eye how they were...knowing they were already dead....sad movie yet inspiring
August 11, 2007
this is the best documentary of his life you will be miss and read his book the rose that grew from concrete very excellent book of his poetry
June 20, 2007
U will learn something about a copelling young man and his true heart. Excellent and very well done.
April 24, 2007
The best documentary I have ever seen. If you want to know what the real tupac was like and all about then watch this.. it might open up your eyes!
½ March 29, 2007
This is truly a revelating documentary. If you don't know this man you will get know him in this documentary
March 16, 2007
one of the best movies ever. just shows all that was under the rug and hidden. shows what people needed to see. he will never die he is always in our souls.
March 12, 2007
Love it, really good to see a different perspective. In a sense motivating when it comes to learning to understand another's footsteps
February 28, 2007
i love 2pac... i already knew most of the stuff that was on this dvd but it was still good. R.I.P. Pac
½ February 16, 2007
Yes, I too am a bit intrigued by Tupac: talented actor and smarter than he let on. However, this documentary portrayed him to be an all-too-innocent victim here.
November 13, 2006
Big 2Pac Fan. R.I.P. What a good movie. I love how they show his whole life. Always goin 2 Be my Idiol. It show'd a different side of 2Pac In This movie. Watch It.
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