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½ August 15, 2015
really hate it when i watch something, write my review then go back the next day to find my review missing-wtf flixter!
February 9, 2010
What a piece of crap! Douche-Bag Sweeney owes me my time and money back. I knew this guy was a bad actor (although I thought he did a nice job in the Cutting Edge), but I thought with having some stake in the production, he'd attempt to make something watchable. Wrong!

The story sucks, the plot sucks, the acting is atrocious! It has zero deeming quailties. Is it any wonder this jackass can't get any work?

DoucheBag Sweeey, I hear they're hiring at the car wash. Oh yeah, those "Film Festival Awards". I have another you didn't post on your site. "Biggest Piece of Shit 2008 Film Festival".
½ July 11, 2008
Slow moving, not funny often enough and way too talky. Sincere performances, but they don't ring true. Fair script. Not enough happens to really hold your interest.
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