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Veronica Guerin Reviews

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Apeneck F

Super Reviewer

March 2, 2012
As a slice of Irish history (the 1990's) this star vehicle is invaluable, swapping the quaint and rustic land o'leprechans movie Ireland usually seen for a truer portrait, peopled by normal modern folk. But, they've left out why anyone would make the sacrifices this woman made, leaving a too slick biopic instead. Blanchett delivers nonetheless.
familiar s

Super Reviewer

June 21, 2009
Powerful stuff based on true story of a brave lady journalist. Very much watchable.

Super Reviewer

May 7, 2008
Aside from the state of Dublin that is shown at the begining of this film, there were no real surprises here for me.

Though a bit predictable at times, it is still a good film.

As sad as it is to say, it is people like Veronica Guerin (who do the right thing to spite the risks involved) that keep us progressing as a society.

Their stories must be told to remind us that unless we fight for what is right, we will remain bogged down in everything that is wrong.

I consider myself a huge Cate Blanchett fan, but I have to say her "Irish" accent here was a bit dodgy at times, but the performance was otherwise a very powerful one.

Super Reviewer

May 24, 2008
A grand film all around for the actors and the script. Cate Blanchett shines as the fact based story of a very outspoken and hardworknig Irish woman. Many things come at a cost being threatened is just the beginning. The very talened Brenda Fricker co-stars along with Colin Farrell.
Lady D

Super Reviewer

April 20, 2007
Another stunning performance by Cate Blanchett and a great supporting cast.

A very powerful story based upon the true life of Veronica Guerrin, a journalist from Ireland who's career and search for the truth comes at a high price, amid the drug pushers and criminals.

Some very realistic violence used in a few of the scenes.

Cate Blanchett surely does seem to be able to turn her hand to anything and any accent.
Michael S

Super Reviewer

March 19, 2007
Why has no one seen this?
Stephen M

Super Reviewer

November 25, 2007
I must admit, my expectations of this took a lurch when I saw the names of Jerry Bruckheimer and Joel Schumacher on the credits. I can't quite see what attracted those two to a project better suited to one of those cheap but worthy Channel Four Film productions, but Cate Blanchett makes the most of an opportunity to demonstrate her versatility. The film is well acted, respectable but underwhelming. Still, it's the closest I've come to liking a Joel Schumacher movie to date.

Super Reviewer

February 28, 2008
Based on a true story of Dublin journalist Veronica Guerin whose exposes of drug dealers cost her her life is an extraordinary and a very perceptive work.

Not in a long time have I seen an exceptional acting, writing and storytelling all at once. It's a tragic film, but I love the story and the characters, and I don't feel that a review can do to this film justice. The fact that Guerin is in a hostile land, a country that is defined by the needs and desires of men, at the cost of a woman.

It's a suspense-filled and thrilling story that will have you on the edge of your seat.What?s almost most fascinating about this character, and the way she?s portrayed by the film, is that in any other (fictional) movie, Guerin would be a man.

My dear Cate Blanchett gives something special and even magical performance once again.
William G

Super Reviewer

September 11, 2007
Fine Blanchett performance can't topple Schumacher's heavy-handed direction.

Super Reviewer

October 2, 2011
Cate Blanchett's top tour de force to date, completely convincing as intrepid journalist who gave her life in pursuit of a story she felt compelled to expose (the rampant Dublin drug scene) but everyone around her tried to discourage. Joel Schumacher pulls a "where'd that come from??" effort behind the camera crafting a gripping movie experience without pandering to the audience nor putting its heroine on a pedestal. That's thanks in large part to Blanchett who infuses Veronica with nuances and faults that give us a three-dimensional picture - she's beyond Oscar-worthy here, she was Oscar-deserving.

Super Reviewer

November 27, 2009
`Veronica Geurin' is a powerful, rousing fast-based story that leaves an unsurprisingly bad taste. Cate Blanchett is simply outstanding in her role.
Sunil J

Super Reviewer

August 12, 2007
Cate Blanchette is a reporter who will do whatever she has to get the story she needs.
Robert F

Super Reviewer

February 26, 2008
I always thought that Ireland was the place of leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and The Corrs. Who knew it had such a dark side? Once again, Crazy Cate manages to transform herself entirely, this time in the title role of Veronica Guerin. Her performance was excellent, the film was well-paced, and the music was perfect. But what got to me, was the real story itself. I applaud Veronica's determination and courage, but ultimately, I think she was a little foolish (ooohhh....controversial!). But seriously, the sense I got from the film was that not only did she want to spill the beans on the massive drug trade, she also wanted the glory of doing it. Perhaps if she had have gone about her work in a less forthright way, she may not have lost her life. What is also infuriatng is the fact that she literally had to die before the courts would do anything to change the laws, which, frankly, is insane.
November 7, 2012
This film seems very surfacey, and at times it's hard to follow because of the heavy dialect. That's probably a matter of personal taste, but the fact remains that it seems quite shallow and... well, phony. That shouldn't be the case with something that's based on actual events. I could not stay interested in this at all.
Ida K

Super Reviewer

January 12, 2008
This poor journalist messed with the wrong group of people. I would have given up after they shot me in the leg!
October 24, 2008
this film is violent at times but blanchett's performance as the brave irish journalist keeps it grounded.
December 11, 2007
Heartbreaking! That it was true made it all the more painful. At least the bastards (except one) were brought to justice. Cate Blanchett proves once again she's an excellent actress and has a great supporting cast.
September 25, 2007
I love Cate Blanchette and she was amazing in this story. Very gritty and shows her amazing acting range.
July 4, 2007
An amazing movie, based on the life of Irish journalist Veronica Guerin and the tragic events that happened to Irelands beloved hero/martyr. Another wonderful Cate Blanchett performance.
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