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Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire Reviews

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½ February 3, 2010
i just watched trial by fire andit was agreat movie. iwould score it a 10. greatmovie hope a sequel comes out . can't get enough of walker texas ranger
March 10, 2009
luv walker texas ranger! didnt know their waz a movie tho. it wasnt really walker w/out trevet and sydney tho
January 24, 2014
Though Chuck Norris' efforts are enjoyable, they're not what the creators of this movies were hoping for. It makes the movie seem like more of a comedy than an action movie which Mr. Norris is highly notable for attempting. But in a way, Trial by Fire can please some people, somehow.
December 7, 2012
texas ranger is the man
March 16, 2012
My life is ruined! Please please please, continue on! I need to know what happens! I am 14 years old & this show is everything too me. When I watched the movie, I bawled my eyes out bc of Alex :\ please continue this movie.
October 30, 2010
While this film contains the spirt of WTR that we all know and love from the series, it is a dull film with little action, and contains and ending which is insulting to the viewers.
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