—— Transcendence Apr 18
—— A Haunted House 2 Apr 18
47% Heaven Is for Real Apr 16
—— Bears Apr 18
63% Fading Gigolo Apr 18

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89% Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41.3M
49% Rio 2 $39.3M
71% Oculus $12.0M
63% Draft Day $9.8M
77% Noah $7.6M
40% Divergent $7.4M
15% God's Not Dead $5.5M
92% The Grand Budapest Hotel $4.1M
79% Muppets Most Wanted $2.3M
78% Mr. Peabody & Sherman $1.9M

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40% The Other Woman Apr 25
—— Brick Mansions Apr 25
83% The Amazing Spider-Man 2 May 02
100% Neighbors May 09
—— Godzilla May 16

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72% The 100: Season 1
97% The Americans: Season 2
100% Arrow: Season 2
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100% Legit: Season 2
—— Melissa & Joey: Season 3
36% Mixology: Season 1
—— The Soul Man: Season 3
—— Workaholics: Season 4

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—— Chicago Fire: Season 2
40% Glee: Season 5
36% Growing Up Fisher: Season 1
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80% The Mindy Project: Season 2
—— NCIS: Season 11
—— NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 5
93% New Girl: Season 3
56% The Originals: Season 1
100% Person Of Interest: Season 3
100% Supernatural: Season 9

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77% About a Boy: Season 1
97% The Americans: Season 2
82% The Blacklist: Season 1
88% Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 1
85% Enlisted: Season 1
100% Fargo: Season 1
98% Game of Thrones: Season 4
100% Hannibal: Season 2
96% Silicon Valley: Season 1

Who's the Man? Reviews

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Super Reviewer

January 26, 2007
pretty funny

Super Reviewer

August 27, 2011
Dennis Leary steals the show.

Super Reviewer

December 15, 2007
June 13, 2013
This was funnier than many give it credit for and is a who's who of the hip hop community at the time due to featuring many rapper cameos. It is often intentionally corny and one has to truly be a fan of Ed Lover and fat Dr Dre to enjoy this.
May 6, 2012
One of my favorite movies. Way funny, and good plot line too. =)
February 18, 2012
This was funnier than many give it credit for and is a who's who of the hip hop community at the time due to featuring many rapper cameos. It is often intentionally corny and one has to truly be a fan of Ed Lover and fat Dr Dre to enjoy this.
October 15, 2011
Best Rap Comedy ever.
September 9, 2010
Featuring More Than Fifty Classic Hip-Hop Artists, Most of Whom I Don't Recognize

This is, I know, a very improbable comfort film for me, but there we are. Honestly, I know it so well that I was able to wander in and out of the room, cooking dinner and so forth, without really missing much. I originally bought it on VHS from someone who wrote blurbs for a living and had a whole slew of the things, which she was illegally selling at a yard sale. It was cheap and had Denis Leary, so I bought it. Ever since then, I have had to explain to people going through my movie collection that I do actually watch it, and I watch it because it's worth watching. It amuses me, and it doesn't require much in the way of thinking. Yeah, okay, it kind of nudges you in the ribs in places to recognize various of the bit players, which I still don't, and that always irritates me. However, it does actually manage to have an intelligent plot buried under there. Yeah, it surprised me, too.

Doctor Dré and Ed Lover work for Nick Crawford (Jim Moody), who owns a barbershop in Harlem. They are terrible at their job to the extent that they are losing Nick money, so he forces them to go apply for the police force, which is making a concerted effort to hire minorities. They try not to get in, and indeed Doctor Dré shouldn't, given that whole "passing the physical" thing. However, they do, and they become patrolmen. And then, the barbershop is blown up and Nick is killed. Since Nick was basically a father to him, and since they are cops, they naturally decide that the best thing for them to do is try to find the murderer. After all, that's what people do in the movies, right? At first, they work within the police, but eventually, they're fired for trying to be detectives when they are, in fact, patrolmen. They find their way into a web of smuggling and land deals, where they are way over their heads, given that they're bad cops.

Actually, the whole "patrolmen don't investigate murders" thing is surprisingly realistic, as is the fact that they lose their jobs, instead of just being threatened with it. It's also true that investigating a crime in which you're personally invested doesn't always end well. If they were real cops, they would be required to step aside even if they were detectives. You need to have a certain level of detachment in order to be effective, a level of disinterest. "My father figure was blown up, oh, and it turns out shot as well" is not disinterested. It's natural to want to go chasing after the killer, and pretty much everyone acknowledges that, even the incredibly wired Sergeant Cooper (Leary), though he's still going on about doughnuts. On TV or in the movies, anyone even vaguely associated with law enforcement is involved in all aspects of crime solving. Within the world of this movie, the detectives do detective work, and the patrolmen don't. It's rare, but it happens here.

On the other hand, there are several plots and subplots which don't make any sense. I don't care what strings you pull; someone Doctor Dré's weight isn't going to make it into the NYPD. Yeah, I know; we need him to in order for the plot to work, and you're just supposed to go along with it. No big deal. However, it kind of is. Also, I don't think you're allowed to use a name you just kind of started calling yourself on your police force application. What did he put on his W2? The smuggling and gentrification plot works and works well, but the denouement is clearly intended to just be a [i]Beverly Hillbillies[/i] joke. Which, okay. It's just that the ending is by extension not as intelligent as the rest of the movie. It's a disappointment. The juxtaposition of these two men and a job on the force probably couldn't support a good ending, but there are a lot of other ways the movie could have gone. Better ways. It just kind of feels like it runs out of steam, damaging a film which would otherwise be one of the best obscure movies of the '90s.

Okay, there's one other thing. Doctor Dré and Ed Lover are listed on the box as going for Abbott and Costello. Roger, in his review, compared them to both Cheech and Chong and Laurel and Hardy. However, there are quite a few moments where they seem to be a bit Amos and Andy. There's a fair amount of goggling at the camera. They don't actually roll their eyes at any point, but it's clear they want to. Or are on the verge of doing so. There are quite a few points in the movie where I really think Ed Lover shows some really talent, though Doctor Dré isn't allowed to do much but play the clown. However, I think the box office failure of this movie pretty well cinched that Ed Lover wasn't going to have a chance to do much more acting. Indeed, while there are three people from this who went on to have decent acting careers, they probably only have twenty minutes on camera among them. I wouldn't have even known Terence Howard was in the movie at all had IMDB not helpfully pointed out that it's his film debut.
November 10, 2008
As far as these kind of films go, I've seen worst.
February 4, 2004
Dudes I found this hidden gem at Best Buy the other day and just watched it. Its kind of a stupid movie, but entertaining and sometimes funny. There are a butt load of Cameos from different hip-hop stars of the nineties. Overall it's entertaining, but not for everyone. Bernie Mac is in it as well and he's maybe the funniest character. One thing boggles my mind I swear he was much blacker in that movie then he is now. Maybe Im just imagining things, but if any of you have seen this let me know if you think the same thing.
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