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The Wild Angels Reviews

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Super Reviewer

October 26, 2013
Biker pictures are some of nastiest, grittiest films in Exploitation. The subject is ugly and intense. Some terrific films of the genre such as Easy Rider and Stone are memorable for their portrayal in the lifestyle. Stone being the more accurate of the two. Roger Corman's The Wild Angels is a classic of the genre, and is a fine biker film. With a great cast of actors, this film is very entertaining and is notable for using real Hell's Angels to add more authenticity to the film. The result is an impressive action drama that is brutal and intense. If you enjoy biker themed movies, then you should watch this film, it is a highly entertaining film that keeps you interested from start to finish. Peter Fonda is great here, and he would later star in Easy Rider. Roger Corman crafts something good here, a film that relies on its authenticity to create one of the most memorable biker films that has ever been filmed. With that being said, it does lack at times, but the fact that Corman hired real bikers for the film, makes this really appealing to viewers wanted a film that feels real. The Wild Angels is a worthwhile picture, one that manages to be packed with action and excitement throughout. Like I said, the film has its flaws, but works well enough to make it a film to enjoy. The Wild Angels is a film that will most likely appeal to midnight film fans, but as it is, it's a picture that deserves to be seen by any film buff looking for a well made cult film.

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2010
One of my favourite biker movies ever. Fonda gives a great performance. The story is good too. I really liked this movie.

Super Reviewer

April 6, 2009
peter fonda plays a hell's angels chapter president with nancy sinatra as his girlfriend. as awesome as that sounds it's not quite as ridiculous as i was expecting. more fun than good in typical corman fashion. nice scenery, lame script, bad acting. and way cool to see young bruce dern and diane ladd
November 9, 2011
I enjoyed this one for the style and the era in which it was filmed, though I would confess that I don't think I quite 'get' the whole biker film as a whole. These guys wanna rebel against...whatever, be free to ride their motorcycles, etc, but they spend most of their time being antagonistic dicks to the general public, leading em to question why we owe them their 'freedom' or what the fuck ever they think they need from society.

Worth a rental, but I dunno if I would come back to it any time soon, as the muddled message or agenda is so alien to me.
June 13, 2008
Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Nancy Sinatra and an ugly bunch of bikers. That's what makes for a good cult flick.

Great line: "We want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man!"
August 4, 2014
Peter Fonda was Cool and Bad at the same time.
Stefano L.
October 27, 2013
Only three years prior to the output of the cult Easy Rider , Roger Corman , already famous for his independent film firmly niche , makes this biker movie in which would make shine all the charm and sense of empowerment of this sub-culture outlaw hard tHE tax system and against the ordinariness of everyday life for those who are not part of it. Settling to the sound of punches , harassment ( two scenes and a touching rape to get there as well) and assaults on rival gangs are part of the habits of this club fierce robbers, between the rivers of beer and clandestine races on two wheels. Do not you get bored , and the room Corman frames the best poses of Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern as you revel nonstop between these abominations , at least until one of the members there will leave the skin : the dialogues and screenplay are at their lowest common denominators , and that's okay (Nancy Sinatra, for example , another daughter of art in the group, do not flaunt in ruminations particularly marked ) but the problem is that nobody is beyond the sketch of his coarse , and the plot does not takes off in earnest. The narrative structure is repetitive and taken into consideration on the issue (the choice of a survival free of conventions , that in the 60s still had some taboo ) is present only in a rudimentary way . Beautiful music , however ( and beautiful chicks in the band of Angels ) .
December 17, 2013
Frank Gerstle was my favorite uncle. I miss him a great deal. We had a great time at Disneyland when I was a little girl but people kept recognizing him & wouldn't leave us alone. He was the greatest!
August 2, 2013
This film really makes no sense with all the violence. Oh yeah, it was filmed with actual members of Hell's Angels, so it probably made sense to them or they wouldn't have been in it. Filmed on the fly, it's unfair to judge a culture by a single movie - but this flick would have only increased the mistrust most "moral families" had about bikers and their cries of "freedom from The Man".
David W.
July 28, 2010
"We wanna be free! We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. We wanna be free to ride. We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man! ... And we wanna get loaded. And we wanna have a good time. And that's what we are gonna do. We are gonna have a good time... We are gonna have a party."
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