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February 28, 2007
A young boy in Texas is infected by a mysterious contageon and when it seems as if an entire office building is destroyed by a phoney terrorist attack just to cover it up, Mulder and Scully investigate. I was a big fan of the X-Files in the beginning but it became increasingly obvious that the alien conspiracy storyline was just being made up as they went, leading to one unsatisfying plot development after another that never contained any real answers. At the time, everyone hoped that Fight The Future would finally explain all but when this turned out to be yet another load of half answered questions it meant exasperation and disillusionment all round. On revisiting it, I found it a lot easier to be objective and I must admit that knowing what happens afterward, the film actually makes a lot more sense. It opens very strongly with the usual banter from the extremely likeable leads and attractive visuals with good use of the cinematic media giving it the epic sweep it needed to make the translation to the big screen. Unfortunately the plot follows the typical alien conspiracy formula with the usual mysterious source coming to Mulder in a back alleys and Scully getting kidnapped and experimented on YET AGAIN, but it does have some decent set pieces and has stood up quite well on the whole. But because of the overly familiar plot devices it does just feel like a two-parter and as such will be completely incomprehensible to the casual viewer. Recommended for fans, but others shouldn't really bother to try wrap their heads around it.
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½ January 28, 2011
After The success of the show, it was obvious that a film would conclude it's terrific run. X Files: Fight The Future is a terrific Sci Fi Horror film with a fairly good story and decent enough acting to keep one entertained. Moulder and Scully are back one the trail of the paranormal, and this film succeeds in providing the viewer with head scratching questions. This is an enjoyable film that will appeal to Sci Fi fans as well as Horror fans. The story steadily builds up to a tense climax and pays off, and this film ends on a high note.
The film will appeal to diehard fans of the series. The film has a terrific atmosphere of mystery and doubt. All the elements that made the TV show great are here and the finished product is very well done. The reason the film works so well is that they were able to keep all the key elements that made the show entertaining and great while expanding the plot to be more complex, intriguing, mysterious and horrifying. This film is a fairly good attempt for the show to transcend to the big screen. There are enough thrills to keep diehard fans interested. And people who haven't watched the show will probably enjoy the film as well. A film that full of mystery, thrills, horror and good old crime drama, this is one film that can appeal to a broad audience, and not just Horror fans or Sci Fi fans. A terrific film that has been been very well crafted, entertaining and well written, this is a film that even though flawed will definitely entertain you if you're in the mood for something different. This film is a change of pace from many of the Sci Fi / Horror films that we have seen.
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July 16, 2010
Released in between two seasons, Fight the Future was a sad cop-out that only true fans could enjoy (I am one of them).
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October 26, 2009
I was definitely in the minority when I saw this film. I had never watched the TV show. But I loved the movie, and it made me wish I had watched the show.
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January 13, 2007
This is an ok film which does follow some of the events from the series but not as good as I had hoped.
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July 18, 2008
A teriffic film. A brilliant T.V to film adaptation of this classic sci-fi series. It's a smart, sharp, sensational and intelligent edge of your seat thriller filled with sizzeling suspense, dazzeling excitment, non-stop action and great speacial effects. It's cool, fun and relentlessly tense. An exhilerating, unforgettable and pulse-pounding ride. A fine and well-crafted film. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are outstanding, showing their wonderful chemistry on the big screen and dosent fail to satisfy for a minute. A great and explosive slice of fantastic entertainment. It hits all the right notes and makes you want to see more. It's truly magnificent and simply awsome.
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½ August 3, 2008
Well-Manicured Man: Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green men arrived here millions of years ago.

Please note that before seeing this film I have not seen a single episode of the X-Files TV series. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I just thought that it would be nice to immerse myself into the X-Files fandom before seeing the newly released sequel (Still watching it even if it sucks).

Well, after watching this one I'm thinking of buying all the seasons of the series. This film as a stand alone was very impressive. I'm not really a fanatic when it comes to the alien mythos but if something alien in epic proportions comes my way, count me in. I'm thinking of delving myself in the world of X-Files but right now I'm busy as a bee so this one is kind of a long term goal for me. In fact, come to think of it I'm putting this one on my bucket list: Watch the whole TV series X-Files. Yeah, that's a great idea.

So anyhoo. I must say for the first hour or so I was very impressed. The chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson was wonderful. The acting was excellent (especially Anderson's). The suspense was excellent and the movie gave you just enough conspiracy twists and turns to keep you excited. However, once the movie got into Antarctica it just seemed kinda over the top. The movie was really great, but I wasn't too impressed with the ending.

And for that, I give it

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March 24, 2007
The X-Files series is tops when it comes to science fiction. Science fiction with a good hint of realism to it. This movie is no exception.It is possible to watch this film without being a fan of the show or watching the TV episodes, but it REALLY helps. The story and the characters will all make much more sense if you have some understanding of the series, especially the episodes that tie into the "black ooze" storyline.The plot for this movie is everything a science fiction lover will enjoy. A bit more as well. The flow of the movie is moderate with little action, although there are some intense scenes. That is the way the X-Files is meant to be. It does feel a little different from the TV episodes and my guess is that this film tries to cater to people who don't watch the series.There isn't a whole lot of CG in this film, but that helps to keep the realism factor that I mentioned earlier in check. If you are expecting alien versus human fights and shootings, this isn't the film for you.David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have the same great chemistry together as they've shown throughout the series. Other intricate characters pop up as well, including Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis as the cancer man. Armin Mueller-Stahl even finds himself with an important part. Oh yes, I can't forget to mention the small role from the Lone Gunmen.The X-Files: Fight the Future is a good movie, which stems from a TV series. It also has a fantastic ending. Don't be afraid to watch this.
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June 14, 2006
[to a bartender, while drinking]
Mulder: I'm the key figure in an ongoing government charade, the plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials. It's a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, that reaches down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet, so, of course, no one believes me. I'm an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers. They call me Spooky. Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid and who now chases after little green men with a badge and a gun, shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling and when it hits it's gonna be the shit-storm of all time.

I remember seeing this movie during the summer of 98 when it came out, which happen to also be the peak time of my interest in the plot of The X-Files. This movie works because it both bridges the gap between the 5th and 6th seasons and works fairly well for anyone not too familiar with the show.

Basically, The branch of the FBI concerning the X-files has been closed down by the end of the 5th season, and this movie continues on with the lives of agents Mulder and Scully as regular feds. However, there is still a conspiracy out there that Mulder finds his way into getting the two of them involved more deeply in.

The story revolves around mysterious figures, ancient artifacts, and the continuing reveal of a massive government conspiracy at work, and Mulder desperately seeking answers, while Scully tags along.

What makes the movie works especially well is the continuing great chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson in their roles, as well as a number of cool scenes throughout.

The movie format also provides some initiative to put in some cooler, higher budget effects and action stuff and bid for a quality supporting cast that includes Armin Mueller-Stahl, Martin Landau, and Blythe Danner.

Still, the running conspiracy plot, the interactions between Mulder and Scully, and the eerily appropriate theme music all make this movie work as a great extension from the show.

Mulder: Is this Dr. Kurzweil's residence?
Detective: You got some business with him?
Mulder: I'm looking for him.
Detective: Looking for him for what?
[Mulder shows his ID]
Detective: Hey, the Feds are looking for him, too. Real nice business he's got, huh?
Mulder: What's that?
Detective: Selling naked pictures of little kids over his computer. You looking for him for some other reason?
Mulder: Yeah, I had an appointment for a pelvic examination.
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August 27, 2007
This is likely to be one of my shorter reviews because I don't wanna give to much away but to start off. The X-Files is probably one of my favorite TV shows and this movie proved to be well up to standard. In order to understand the content fully, it's wise to have an up-to-date account of the television show and associated conspiracies otherwise you'll probably end up sitting there throughout the whole thing thinking "huh?" If you can grasp the whole concept though, it's an excellent movie full of all the usual shady characters and written in a most entertaining and witty fashion. Both Duchovny and Anderson do a great job of portraying Mulder and Scully respectively up on the big screen. The film is a credit to all involved. This a movie well worth checking out for fans and even people who just want to sample the series in a two hour dose.
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January 18, 2008
Like a 2hr episode, but it was made before the series went downhill, so it's at least watchable.
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October 23, 2007
Hmmm... Like all shows, it was just an episode only longer. And this time, like all episodes of x-files doesn't tell you crap.
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½ April 25, 2007
#1 on my list of TV shows that I started out loving and then went on to completely fold into a heap of crap. The movie got points for answering some questions, but that's about it. They should have answered those questions in the damn show.
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March 13, 2007
It took place between seasons and I think that was the problem. Scully sees the aliens and even a ship close up but when you tuned in the next season it was all forgotten and she doubted everything again.
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January 14, 2007
Not as good as the TV show --
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½ November 16, 2006
Two thumbs up for two FBI agents who goes into a motion picture after the final of TV's season five. They never give up to shut down their 'X-Files'.
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½ October 23, 2006
Loved it at the time, but now?
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½ February 16, 2016
The Alien Conspiracy finally comes to light in The X-Files: Fight the Future. Set between seasons 5 and 6 of the television series, FBI agents Mulder and Sully investigate the bombing of a federal building and uncover a sinister plot by a secret cabal to pave the way for alien colonization. Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson bring their A-game and deliver strong performances. Additionally, several recurring characters from the series stop by for cameos. Some knowledge of the television show is helpful, but for the most part the film does a good job at giving the audience a taste of the series without overwhelming them with too much mythology. Exciting and full of thrills, The X-Files: Fight the Future delivers a compelling sci-fi adventure with aliens, shadowy organizations, and government conspiracies.
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September 18, 2009
Very faithful to the show and its story. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are as awesome as ever. There's not really much to say, except that if you're a fan of the show, it's a must-see. If not, it's still worth watching anyway, though to a lesser extent.
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September 15, 2011
I was always a fan of the X-Files television show and while it may have not been the best show around, it certainly kept my attention as a kid and watching several episodes as an adult it did have some good episodes. So, television and film are two totally different hurdles and making a show into a feature length film usually doesn't work that well but "X-Files: Fight the Future" works for what it sets out to do. By this I mean it is like a longer episode of the show and encompasses several characters we recognize from the series and their backgrounds are all put into this bigger vision of the same ideals. If you are/were a fan of the television series than you will probably appreciate this film but if you didn't like or were interested than pass on this as well. While not a great film for many reasons, I still enjoyed it with these expectations in mind.
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