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½ May 7, 2007
Good movie, great performances. Well worth watching if you're into a good of fashion political thriller with shades of romance and tragedy.
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½ March 4, 2010
Beautifully shot but the storyline is a bit unsatisfying. It is nice to see two powerhouse actors in the same film though.
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August 8, 2007
Intense, finely made film. Gibson is very good in this, made before he become a blowhearted parody of himself. Linda Hunt is great in her oscar winning part and sigourney weaver is fine as always in a less showy role.
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June 3, 2007
A typically beautifully shot Peter Weir film, this romance set to the backdrop of political upheaval in Indonesia is thoughtful, atmospheric and intelligent. When was the last time you could say that about a film starring Mel Gibson...?
½ November 11, 2012
Interesting setting, naturally, but the movie is pretty stale. There's a handful of great sequences in here, and some great photography, but I found myself falling in and out of consciousness through most of it. Didn't touch me emotionally really like I was hoping. When Billy Kwan bites the dust, I just thought, ahh, finally this awkward performance is over! Still, the score is excellent, and because of those handful of great scenes, such as the brief romance of Guy and Jill in the midsection, the funeral of the sick child, the riots, and the final escape from Jakarta, it's not entirely unworthy. Maybe if you're more of a bleeding heart, you'll love it.

A digression: so much Gibson hate around here. Who fucking cares? Gibson is a good actor, a natural leading man. Even in his unhinged, racist salad days, he does good work. You'd think he personally participated in the Holocaust by the comments out there.
½ February 11, 2011
This was a very good film . Almost nerve racking, your like, go , go, or stay, quiet, don't move , throughout the whole movie . This is ata time when things could explode, and lives could be lost, and were .
I personally , need to watch it again, because I have forgotten so much of it . Yet, it's a very hard to ignore film . It has plenty of danger, love,
and a political nightmare . You put two outstanding actors in it , and
you have a great movie .

½ July 22, 2009
The politically minded segments are all right, but the romantce plot gets in the way and becomes tiring. Neither are what I would expect from Peter Weir, from what I've seen from him. The actors provide the best attribute, notably Linda Hunt's, and with the exception of Weaver's whose accent needed further practice. Character-driven.
June 2, 2008
Good, but I wanted more of those shadow puppets. They were the richest material in the film, but severely underused.
March 24, 2009
One of the best films about love, lush and intriguein an unusal setting. (Name another film set in Indonesia. Any? No there aren't.) Great film making.
½ January 7, 2008
a movie in a similar vein to the Killing Fields, but with an element of romance. an up-and-coming Gibson gives a great performance and the resonant Linda Hunt definitely earns her Academy Award as the enigmatic Billy Kwan. not over-the-top or overly dramatic, but still a great film.
½ May 19, 2007
This is with pre-insane Mel Gibson. Sigourney is bloody amazing as always but Linda Hunt steals the show and won an Oscar for it.
½ May 21, 2007
Too boring and slow, but it's a Peter Weir film. I didn't actually watch it all the way through, so maybe it picked up. But a film should not be that slow.
May 6, 2007
Mel Gibson shines as a reporter from Australia in 1965 Indonesia with the government in turmoil. A well acted film, Linda Hunt is really awesome as her portrayal of a man, she played that role with conviction and with great skill. This is a classic film from 1983.
½ April 19, 2007
A young Mel Gibson, a young Sigourney Weaver, and Linda Hunt stealing every scene. Worth watching again.
April 7, 2007
This true story has been augustly brought to the screen, with brilliant performances, by Mel Gibson and Linda Hunt. It is a must-see, for those who haven't seen it.
½ October 6, 2006
Another sleeper of a flick that I saw on cable that is strange romance / drama about journalists covering a political crisis.
September 30, 2015
A Superb and Intelligent Film, It's A Great Film That Demands Your Sharp Edged Attention, The Story Is Political,It Grips You To Its Visionary And Honest Story. "Two Big Thumbs Up"
½ December 8, 2011
Little bit heavy on romance for my taste but its a decent flick.
January 18, 2015
Buena pelicula , increibles actuaciones especialmente Linda Hunt y una banda sonora imprescindible.
January 4, 2015
A love story presented as political intrigue.

The Year of Living Dangerously had heaps of potential. It is laced with heaps of political intrigue and touches on themes of government transparency, freedom of the press, fascism and third world problems. Yet, unfortunately, it is mostly just a love story.

The intrigue is there from the start, leaving you thinking this is going to end as some espionage-type thriller, or freedom of the press and expression argument. There's a Killing Fields / Apocalypse Now / Heart of Darkness vibe about the movie which keeps it going.

Yet, all these go nowhere. The climax is relatively anti-climactic, and disappointing.

This said, the journey was reasonably interesting, even if the destination was so-so.

Performances vary. Mel Gibson is solid in the lead role. Signourney Weaver gives a decent performance but I found it difficult to think of her as English.

Linda Hunt got an Oscar for her performance because the Academy thought it would be quirky and historical to give the Best Actress award to a Caucasian woman playing an Asian man. Her performance was okay, but not THAT good. From the start you think "Isn't she a woman?", and that doesn't help the credibility and purpose of the character. Kept making me think we were about to have a (reverse) Crying Game-like moment...
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