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½ March 28, 2007
my favorite soundtrack? good, slightly over the top Bond.
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½ December 17, 2012
The James Bond film where the Austin Powers franchise derives most of it's material from.

Contains some of the franchises most electrifying action sequences and special effects work (the gadgets in this film are simply awesome). Arguably the true star of this movie are the fantastic set designs by Ken Adam, the unsung hero of the early JB films. Every single set in this movie, especially the awe-inspiringly massive SPECTRE volcano base, is breath-taking in it's creativity and imagination. I also love the great on-location shots in Japan and John Barry's score is one of his best.

So with all these elements, what prevents this movie from being a great JB entry? Two things...

1) The plot is very convoluted, messy, and not even remotely plausible. The initial set-up of James Bond faking his death becomes pretty meaningless after the first 20 minutes and the sequence in which James Bond LITERALLY turns Japanese feels like complete time-killer.

2) Around this time, Sean Connery was starting to lose his enthusiasm for the role that made him into a superstar and it shows in his substandard performance. He is far from bad, but the dashing playboy-esque charm of his previous performances feels sadly absent from the proceedings.

Regardless of these flaws, this is an extremely fun movie and great for fans of over-the-top James Bond.
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½ October 23, 2012
It may not have the best story, which is what the first two bond films benefitted from, but the action is absolutely brilliant and heart-pounding. Bond is at it again, and as he fakes his death in order to sneak into Japan and earn some ninja sidekicks (sounds cheesy I know). On his 'second life,' he must stop a space terrorist from stealing cargo and starting a nuclear war on earth. This film is very farfetched in terms of it's plot, but the execution is far greater than you would expect. A little overlong and a tad too cheesy, "You Only Live Twice" is not one of the better bond films, but it has some of the best actions sequences.
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½ June 14, 2006
review coming.
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½ April 16, 2007
Okay, so while this film might have some really over-the-top moments that really test believability and prove quite silly and logic defying, this is nevertheless a supremely entertaining piece of escapist entertainment that ranks really high on my personal list of favorite Bond films.

This time around Bond turns Japanese (just go with it) in order to stop another plot masterminded by venerable Bond villain Blofeld (controversially seen completely uncovered) who is played by the great Donald Pleasence. Basically the plot involves a volcano lair, and a missing American spacecraft, the theft of which almost turns the Cold War hot.

The music is great, the film has an epic scale and shines as a work of thrilling spectacle. Yeah, sometimes it can be a bit boring, and it's a little hard to always ignore the sillier moments, but still, it's a lot of fun, even if it's not Connery's best turn.

This movie just really speaks to me, and I can't help but love it. Maybe I just happened to see it at the right time, and that's why I love it so much? Who knows. Regardless, it's definitely a fun entry into the series, and definitely worth checking out.
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March 13, 2009
The Bond series goes a little too over the top here with a plot that is outright ridiculous. This one is not nearly as good as the ones before it, although Connery is still strong as Bond. The first half is stronger than the second half (and far more entertaining for my money). The lack of a villain for a majority of the movie really takes away from the fun. This one is just not as compelling in its storytelling and the pacing is all over the place. It's not terrible and certainly is remembered for the unmasking of Blofeld as well as the Japanese setting, but it's otherwise a middling entry in the series and certainly not memorable in that regard. The Connery era's first misstep.
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½ October 30, 2012
An exhilarating, smart and absurdly entertaining action-adventure. The gadgets, the wit, the action, romance and suspense are all here and to stay. It`s great escapist fun from start to finish. An over the top good time that has it all including a ninja academy, where it might of been going alittle over the top at times but still was a blast. Connery still keeps you entertained and loving this character.
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½ October 14, 2012
In this Bond adventure he stages his own death, then goes to Japan undercover(even more undercover for an agent) as a Japanese civilian to find out about a possible UFO crash.. He then finds out that S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is behind it in another attempt to take over the world. The best thing about this Bond movie, and the reason I rate it so high is it fully introduces Ernst Blofeld(Donald Pleasance). Blofeld is the ultimate Bond villain and the inspiration for Dr. Evil in the "Austin Powers" movies. Pleasance, or Dr. Loomis as I know him, is fantastic, and is the eptime of evil, especially with his cat. This is one of those over the top Bond movies that works so well. Hell the movie has crazy piranhas! The action is great, Connery is amazing, the women are hot, and the gadgets are cool as hell. One of my favorite Connery Bond movies, that holds up pretty good.
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April 13, 2010
04/07/2012 (DVD)
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½ April 12, 2007
Ninjas, pretty asian girls and eye-pleasing scenery. This Bond flick sure has a lot going for itself. No wonder then really that it's one of my favourites among the older ones. Love the theme song by Nancy Sinatra.
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January 14, 2007
The underwater action of Thunderball is replaced in the next overly fantastic Bond with a space-age plot, Ken's autogyro (Little Nellie), and the classic Volcano lair - the second most spoofable Bond ever!
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June 28, 2010
Just when you thought the series pulled out everything they had, The Film makers created something totally new and refreshing with You Only Live Twice. A film that takes every bit of what was good in the previous Bond entries and creates something totally new. Using the American and Russian space program as a plot device, the film makers craft another solid Bond film. A welcomed return for Bond Villain Number one, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is brought to life by terrific actor Donald Pleasence (the best actor for the part) This film again puts James Bond agsinst the terrorist organization called Spectre, and again Bond outwits them at every turn. A terrific fifth entry in the series, You Only Live Twice is a thrilling action adventure from start to finish.
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August 4, 2006
Not the best or the worst of the Bond's so far, on location in Japan this time, new mission, new gadget, new girl.
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½ March 24, 2009
Not the best Bond there is, due to the highly unlikley nature of the movie, spaceships being devoured by another spaceship etc etc... but surely an action movie in it own right, including the legendary "Little Nelly" dog fight in the skies, and the last battle scene int he volcano.

Enjoy vintage Bond... shaken, not stirred.
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½ November 28, 2007
ninja bond. while some parts defy logic and are just plain silly, this is still a solid addition to the bond canon. the reveal of blofeld is a classic bond moment and the battle at the end between ninja's and spectre thugs is great.
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½ November 27, 2008
My fav Bond flick...set in the East which is different for a start and having loads of gadgets and action all the way through.
OK so having Connery disguised as an Asian man is really stupid but the whole ninja training camp and the intro of little Nelly is pure genius :)
You have the classic Llewelyn gadget line up, lots of ninja action and a brilliant battle at the end inside a volcanic base. Its now also interesting to see Japan way back in the 60's, almost historic haha
Not too much girlie action for me in this one as its purely about the action and boys own adventure really, but you do get another classic villain in Blofeld (again??) and his cat stroking haha plus he has the piranha pond in his office too....sweet.
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March 13, 2008
You Only Live Twice finds James Bond (Sean Connery) going to Japan to find the people responsible for stolen space travel equipment belonging to both the USA and the Soviets. Bond finally meets Blofeld (played to perfection by Donald Pleasance) and yes he is in a secret volcanic lair.

This is one over the top Bond flick. Ninja schools, volcanic lairs, personal rocket equipment are just a few of the things you'll discover in You Only Live Twice. There are some plot points that are odd (Connery posing as an Asian?) but the film is a great and fully loaded action romp that Austin Powers would rob from thirty years later.
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September 29, 2008
The fifth James Bond movie follows the same formula as the previous ones, but there's something about it that is hard to tire of.

After an American spaceship disappears, Russia is blamed for bombing it. Russian officials emphatically deny this charge and are backed up by England who believes that the source of the interference is coming from somewhere in Japan. Of course, they send Bond (Sean Connery) to investigate. Information is not easy to find, even with his Japanese convey, Tanaka aka Tiger (Tetsuro Tamba). Bond suspects that the culprits are SPECTRE the terrorist organization that's been long at war with Agent 007. As one might expect, this suspicion is correct, as the villains are stealing spacecrafts to create a new world superpower.

The plot to "You Only Live Twice" is similar to that of "Dr. No". Fortunately, that's well hidden as the two come off differently. As usual, the story is energetic and fun to watch.

Since the second Bond film there was little development of SPECTRE's number one man, Blofeld. Here, we finally get to know the character a bit more, though not to the degree I wished for. I think explanation is needed to answer some simple questions about him. Why is he so power hungry? How did he come to be leader? What happened to his face? All we get to know is that he is evil and does not accept failure.

Perhaps my main problem with Blofeld are his cohorts. They never seem remotely close to defeating Bond who has been written almost to heroically. Here he knock bad guys out with one punch, escapes perilous situations a little too easily, and even comes back from the dead, so to speak.

Of the first five Bond flicks, this is my second favorite, so I don't want to sound too negative about it. I just really wish there was some better villains. In this series it's the bad guys who make the action necessary, but they don't follow through looking lazy and, at times, quite stupid. Forgiving this disappointment, the lively "You Only Live Twice" is well worth checking out. After all, how many other movies can mix ninjas with sumo wrestlers and deadly piranha.
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½ April 14, 2008
One of the better bond films on a big scale.
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March 1, 2008
Connery does not fit in Japan.
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