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January 6, 2010
Not as good as the first movie, "Zenon Girl of the 21st Century". However a nice addition to the Zenon space movies.
November 15, 2007
Zoo many Z's ztill don't make ziss very inerezting...z. But what can one expect from a made for tv disney movie that an ex suckers you into watching?
½ April 7, 2007
Another round of disney original channel movies. There are like 3 of these and the first was decent, however fell after that. The movie really doesnt have anything that makes you jump out and say that was a great movie.
½ June 28, 2010
I loved It better than the first :fresh:
June 28, 2010
Remebering old movies i was either forced to watch with my retarded(not literally)cousins or watched because iwas too lazy to change the channel.Disney has some really crappy ideas for their tv movies...

[b]Zenon:Girl of The 21st Century[/b] & [b]Zenon:The Sequel[/b]
As if Kristen Storm's acting wasn't bad enough, I got such a headache trying to grasp the concept of the weird "future" teen lingo-it really took away from the little,if any,coherent writing this movie had. The Sequel was a little better as far as writing and acting went, but not much. if youre a big Duff fan, 12, and still play with barbies, you'd enjoy these movies.

[b]Color of Friendship[/b]
I heard this movie won a few awards so i decided to check it out. It's based on true events, but judging by the dialouge, I doubt the characters really spoke like that.The cast is bearable, and with a little more TLC could have been a better film.

[b]Seventeen Again[/b]
One of the most retarded premises I've ever seen in a movie. Don't even waste your time-these kids should have gotten the hollywood boot after the thrid season of [i]Sister/Sister.[/i]

Wait, what the hell am I doing, any season of [i]Sister/sister![/i]
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