Zhong kui niang zi (The Lady Hermit) Reviews

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September 5, 2013
Decent Cheng Pei-Pei martial arts vehicle, made a little better with the addition of Shi Szu as the Lady Hermit's eager young student. A film with two kick-butt swordswomen in it doesn't leave much room for Lo Lieh, who has to service a typical and mostly useless male romantic role. The master/student love triangle aspect is one of the more tiresome parts of the film, actually. Some nice Shaw choreography as always, and Pei-Pei's follow up to saying, "I want your arm, your leg, and your head" alone makes this one worth watching.
½ January 6, 2013
Highly underrated work from China, one of many it seems, of a young villager who becomes fascinated with an eldor, due to her mysterious background. She witnesses her ability to fight off sword bandits that invade the village and becomes entranced by her techniques in fending off enemies. The villager than begins to stock the older villager and is in demand of wanting to learn to fight like her. The older woman also has her own goal, to take down the vicious, violent "Black Demon." Exciting, entertaining pic that contains a fair amount of violence and well done story.
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