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Zoo Reviews

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Bob S

Super Reviewer

June 8, 2008
yeah, i watched zoo
Luke B

Super Reviewer

January 28, 2009
Zoo doesn't exactly deal with the subject of bestiality. Instead it provides testimony of the events leading up to a mans death via penetration by a horse. It is an expose on the lives of a select group of men that feel more connected with animals than they do humans. These are not the sick weirdos you'd expect. They are normal and seemingly intelligent men. The film is shot as a beautiful reconstruction. Every scene is lit perfectly and has a dream like quality. It results in a film that you wish had been played as a fictional narrative. The film does not take shots at anyone and is a genuine attempt to understand these men and have them tell their story.

Super Reviewer

May 30, 2008
you probably don't want to watch this. it's well made but extremely disturbing. this is animal abuse no matter what these freaks may claim; they are no better than rapists and child molesters; sick

Super Reviewer

March 21, 2008
Fairly done, heartfelt, unique documentary concerning a man who was f***** to death by a horse

Super Reviewer

April 10, 2008
[font=Century Gothic]"Zoo" is a provocative documentary about an unnamed engineer(here known as Mr. Hands") who died after a sexual act with a horse. He was part of a group of otherwise lonely men who had met over the internet where they talked about their shared obsession in zoophilia which is a sexual attraction to other species.(Mr. Hands had the closest to a normal life, being divorced with a child.) While using mostly recreations, the documentary successfully defuses the sensationalistic aspects of the story with an elliptical approach that relies not only on the testimony from an animal rescue worker who was on the scene afterward but also from three pseudonymous participants.(That having been said. Was it absolutely necessary to show how a horse is gelded?) The exquisite cinematography perfectly captures the shadow world that these men inhabit. [/font]
Daniel P

Super Reviewer

June 3, 2007
A good music score, photography and unusual film stock (kinda like early 80's sexploitation films) are some good points in an otherwise surprisingly dull 'insight' into the life of a man who died after being fucked by a horse. Zoo should surely be horrific and/or illuminating watching but its structured in such a dreary way that, more often than not, it's just boring. Robinson Devor should be applauded for tackling one of the remaining taboos (i.e. bestiality), but unfortunately he seems too concerned with trying not to disgust, and the voices heard throughout the film too often say things in as vague a way as possible.
February 7, 2014
"Zoo" pulls off the seemingly impossible - it is a tasteful, stylish, fascinating, creative, thought provoking documentary (docudrama?) about a man who was killed having sex with a horse. It really is hard to describe the film. Some have faulted the film for humanizing zoophiles since much of it is narrated by colleagues of the dead man. The animal rescue folks and others provide a counter point to their narration, so I feel it was more a matter of not spoon feeding the audience how they "should" feel, but allow the audience to decide on their own.
August 29, 2011
This is evidence that even the eeriest of topics can be documented into a balanced piece which tries to give a voice to all parties involved in the subject matter. I'm not condoning this behavior at all, but fortunately it was made with such quality, above average quality and care, that it deserves very high marks.

It's very well made documentary about an even more disturbing lifestyle... at least for those of us who are not into zoophilia, of course. Nevertheless, it's intended to cause an empathic reaction on the audience, although I can't say many people will feel any sympathy.

I know it's difficult, but place your prejudice about sexual behavior, sit back, watch and listen... that's all it takes and come back with a very uncomfortable topic of conversation at your next friendly gathering.
March 5, 2010
An overly artful view of a gritty, disgusting, fascinating subject.

That is, a man being fucked to death by a horse.

The attempt to make the subject matter tasteful in its portrayal in the doc really turned me off to the whole experience quite a bit. This is a flick you go into expecting to be repulsed and delighted at the same time. Oh well.
January 26, 2010
A beautifully shot docu-drama that tries to make sense of the true story of the death of a Seattle man after he has anal sex with a horse. I was hella curious when I read about this movie and I must say it raises alot of questions like what is considered animal abuse and can an animal consent to sex with a human. Being a huge fan of cinematography, the camera work in this film is outstanding. The opening shot is utterly amazing. Though not great, this is a film where you expect one thing but by the end, its so not the film you expected
April 15, 2008
I was wrong about this film. These people don't have sex with animals. They dress up in animal costumes and have sex with each other while wearing these cumbersome costumes in open fields or partake in mass orgies in their best friend's living room. High on the WTF meter and totally devoid of anything educational other than the fact that it backs up the belief that people are just plain messed up.
June 10, 2009
Was curious for the shock factor, it ended up being endlessly boring. That's difficult to achieve with a subject like this. It doesn't get under your skin, it sheds light on probably one or two important things. It's as if the filmmakers were too chicken to do anything with the case. This is something you'll read about in the newspapers or in the Darwin Awards, and reading about it will produce the same effect the 80-minute movie offers. Shots linger on too long, the whole time you're probably anticipating some sort of disgust climax, but none available.

That's right: the horse-fucking video isn't even shown. For those of you sickos like me, this documentary is about the short Internet shock hit "2 guys 1 horse". I think you might wanna see it if this documentary proved unfulfilling to you. Google it, fellow voyeurs.
January 13, 2009
A documentary about a seemingly normal aerospace engineer from boeing who dies from engaging in beastiality. Disturbing, but filmed surprisingly tastefully...was a hit at sundance.
August 16, 2007
Very haunting and disturbing. It turned my stomach, but I was drawn in by the story. I'm glad the filmmaker took the "less is more" approach.
September 18, 2008
Given the subject matter (zoophilia), you'd probably be forgiven for expecting a lurid, tabloid-style expose of the erotic proclivities of its central, secretive cabal of 'zoos' - and you'd be equally forgiven if you end up disappointed with director Robinson Devor's icy, emotionally muted art-house docu-flick in spite of its lack of tawdriness. Those seeking cheap thrills won't find much in the way of sizzling skin-on-fur action in 'Zoo', and Devor is to be commended for refusing to take a sensationalistic approach to such a controversial topic. That said, there's something about this film that's strangely opaque and uninvolving... considering the inherently fascinating people he's dealing with, Devor's approach to telling their stories is often deliberately understated to the point of indifference. The film does raise some intriguing questions, but overall it's little more than a string of beautifully-shot, gloomy snippets that keep you at arms distance right when you're looking for some kind (any kind) of emotional connection... everything is treated so nebulously that these 'zoos' might as well be Martians. There's something truly weird and compelling going on somewhere in 'Zoo', but Devor seems so reluctant to provide any context that his film is likely to leave you scratching your head, wondering what it is you just watched.
April 9, 2008
As the therapist that i am, any study into the working sexual mind has to be interesting, albeit abherrent, but still valid.
August 2, 2007
Come on... a guy dies after getting his friend's male horse to have sex with him... HOW FUNNY IS THAT !!!
February 26, 2007
skip this. it was horrible, boring, and on top of that, disgusting. i reccommend you to skip this. it was just disturbing.
November 7, 2007
documents the true story of a guy who died after allowing himself to be screwed by a horse, yet fails to enlighten the viewer as to why a horse would be attracted to a human in the first place. as detailed and disturbing as the film often becomes, i felt this was a crucial point that should have been addressed.
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