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1 83%

Tracks (2014)

"Mia's intensely grueling performance distills abundant muted fury from the relatively minimalist material. Not unlike say, Kevin Costner's similar weighty existential pilgrimage, here conveyed in her own Dances With Camels in the Australian wilderness."

Posted Jul 11, 2014

Prairie Miller

2 10%

Very Good Girls (2014)

"Though Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen are just too old to pull off playing graduating high schoolers, they're more than entitled to a pass here for the extraordinary depth, passion and complexity they bring to their coming of age female characters."

Posted Jul 9, 2014

Prairie Miller

3 13%

Heatstroke (2014)

"Taking the bratty teen genre out of the sitcom and into the African wilds minus Africans, doesn't do either much good in this Euro-safari female action hero thriller. Touching on surviving a surly stepchild as much as assorted villains along the way."

Posted Jul 9, 2014

Prairie Miller

4 88%

Siddharth (2014)

"A disturbing and devastating descent into Third world poverty, exploitation and desperation, more often than not mere backdrop to the social insularity of most other movies. Yet weighing in provocative ways, struggle and exploitation as inevitably bound."

Posted Jul 7, 2014

Prairie Miller

5 82%

Fed Up (2014)

"Fed Up makes a convincing case for how profiteering factory food corporations conspire to hook people on addictive ingredients they pack into their products. Along with weirdly coopting Michelle Obama to deceptively promote exercise as the obesity cure."

Posted Jun 21, 2014

Prairie Miller

6 ——

Smetto quando voglio ()

"Ironically titled I Can Quit Whenever I Want, this raucous class revenge satire tracks impoverished academic eggheads collaborating in crime to survive. A dark parody of Italian bourgeois rage, in the web of the downwardly mobile EU economic disaster."

Posted Jun 14, 2014

Prairie Miller

7 76%

Lucky Them (2014)

"A zany collection of colorful characters while concurrently probing scarred emotions and existential angst, nicely blending the daffy and dark sides of life. Along with the ambiguity of fame, and the essentials of existence that get lost in the process."

Posted Jun 5, 2014

Prairie Miller

8 86%

Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia (2014)

"A compact but cautiously reverential film portrait of the late, brutally eloquent social commentator. While delving into whatever happened to the phenomenon of the literary celebrity, of which Vidal counted himself the last of that breed - and why."

Posted Jun 3, 2014

Prairie Miller

9 48%

Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

"On rare occasions a movie says more about a time and place by just displaying that world rather than dissecting or divulging it, and this lavish male-centric biopic seemingly unintentionally, does just that. Yves Saint Laurent: A man and his 'man'equins."

Posted May 30, 2014

Prairie Miller

10 80%

Redwood Highway (2014)

"Knight shines in this contemplative, unrushed road movie on foot, with a rare, respectful focus on the existential despair of an older woman. And a solitary journey that is a female take on voyaging through those woods that are lovely, dark and deep."

Posted May 26, 2014

Prairie Miller

11 31%

The Girl and Death (2014)

"With far too much focus on form and feeling rather than a coherent story and character depth, the filmmaker diminishes what the meaning of cinema is all about. And opts instead for the silent imagery and still gaze more suited to the medium of fine art."

Posted May 17, 2014

Prairie Miller

12 ——

Clutter (2014)

"Carol Kane infuses this eccentric scarred woman with vividly captivating charm. In a story delicately deciphering with patient clarity and sensitivity, raw human feeling linked to the many layers dwelling beneath the emotional meaning of material things."

Posted May 13, 2014

Prairie Miller

13 11%

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014)

"A boisterous anger mismanagement road movie of sorts - if you count chasing all around Brooklyn back streets in part by hijacked taxi. With Robin Williams lending depth to a furiously flaky role, while Kunis plays doctor as guilt tripping femme fatale."

Posted May 11, 2014

Prairie Miller

14 13%

Walk Of Shame (2014)

"Banks telegraphs a sassy strut in this mean streets LA underbelly romp. A satirically served up slice of life flaky fugitive satire, bent on pegging the really shameful party here - a commercial media whose narrow focus ranges from dishonest to shallow."

Posted May 6, 2014

Prairie Miller

15 21%

Devil's Knot (2014)

"Devil's Knot or Devils Not? Egoyan deciphers difference intolerance. And though criticism has been about skimming over facts, that may be a bid for something new and different, beyond the overly visited details. And delving not into so much how, as why."

Posted Apr 28, 2014

Prairie Miller

16 ——

Miss Meadows ()

"Sinister sitcomish Katie Holmes does Uzi And Harriet. Suggesting a daffy while disturbing schizoid mix in this culture - at ease with exporting a blend of Hollywood and war, and a system increasingly in bed with death squads and self-righteous torture."

Posted Apr 27, 2014

Prairie Miller

17 ——

Silenced ()

"Truth as a whole lot scarier than fiction, not to mention chilling and disturbing. As this whistleblower doc thriller plays out in the increasingly pervasive US surveillance state, a sinister domestic espionage grounded in both persecution and profit."

Posted Apr 25, 2014

Prairie Miller

18 40%

Cesar Chavez (2014)

"Labor struggles and mass movements are the most difficult to pull off in this strictly status quo society, and the same could be said for movies re-enacting any of that suppressed US history. But this heroic and healing yet candid biopic does just that."

Posted Apr 17, 2014

Prairie Miller

19 64%

The Cold Lands (2014)

"Best when dramatizing how the land itself comes alive and serves as a character in its own right, resurrecting the buried history of the US Anti-Rent Resistance Movement of the 19th century. And perhaps a lesson well taught to an endangered rebel child."

Posted Apr 16, 2014

Prairie Miller

20 100%

Big Men (2014)

"US oil exploitation in Africa, stretching from Texas to Nigeria and Ghana, and how the director managed to infiltrate oil oligarch boardrooms and subversive jungle hideaways alike. Detailed and informative, but lacking analysis and a big perspective."

Posted Apr 16, 2014

Prairie Miller

21 92%

The Turning ()

"Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne desperate housewives down under. And as much an ordeal for admittedly clueless audiences unfamiliar with the source material as for the characters. But for those with patience, the periodic pleasures of these bracing yarns. "

Posted Apr 6, 2014

Prairie Miller

22 60%

Nymphomaniac: Volume II (2014)

"Magical sadism, sex noir and porn for eggheads. As genres and genitals collide, with Trier seemingly psychoanalyzing himself. And while porn dresses up bare behinds in moral taglines, he blankets his ensemble backsides with pretentious arthouse chatter. "

Posted Apr 4, 2014

Prairie Miller

23 94%

Snowpiercer (2014)

"Chris Evans takes charge on this truth as strange as science fiction express to nowhere, as a deprived but dashing commuter warrior on wheels. While facing off against a terror tycoon's lookalike dead ringers for the menacing hooded neo-nazis of Kiev. "

Posted Mar 30, 2014

Prairie Miller

24 ——

Turks & Caicos ()

"Undercover Brits and Yanks toe to toe in the tropics. As a thieves' den of sinister capitalist slackers sip post-colonial cocktails, while plotting further takeovers around the planet. Though MI5 tends to get a pass while fuming over secret CIA torture. "

Posted Mar 24, 2014

Prairie Miller

25 ——

Prince Among Slaves (2008)

"A tale of survival of a remarkable hero who overcame incredible odds!"

Posted Mar 17, 2014

Kam Williams

26 ——

Facing Fear ()

"A rare, disturbing glimpse into white supremacist culture, and issues of anger mismanagement, remorse, apology and the complicated process of self-forgiveness. And the convergence of anger addiction, rage recovery, and how society and the media kick in."

Posted Feb 20, 2014

Prairie Miller

27 33%

Labor Day (2014)

"Surprises and impresses as a defiant romance. And a woman once solely valued as a mother, a convict whose guilt confounds with unsettling gray areas and a child finding a surrogate father, give 'birth' to a greater nontraditional family emotional truth. "

Posted Feb 1, 2014

Prairie Miller

28 ——

Sweetwater ()

"Sweetwater does have inspired moments of wild wit, heady heartland humor, and sobering social satire touching on religious fanaticism in particular. Though far too intermingled with SNL style flaky slapstick. "

Posted Jan 3, 2014

Prairie Miller

29 67%

Detroit Unleaded (2013)

"Laced with ironic, offbeat humor and bittersweet urban surrealism. And a rare glimpse in US movies, into the social, emotional and psychological impact of the workplace on the human condition. "

Posted Dec 25, 2013

Prairie Miller

30 ——

Red Shirley ()

"Few are aware that towards the end of his life, the late eminent music legend Lou Reed was also an aspiring filmmaker. And Red Shirley is an affectionate bio-doc in tribute to his fiery labor rebel cousin, on the occasion of her 100th birthday in 2010. "

Posted Nov 17, 2013

Prairie Miller

31 65%

Great Expectations (2013)

"The immortal classic could not be more relevant in its ironic title alone, to this age of economic crisis in capitalism and the trauma of downward class mobility. And with class uncertainty unleashed back then in both brutal and comical storytelling. "

Posted Nov 11, 2013

Prairie Miller

32 22%

Paradise (2013)

"Savagely satirizing evangelical culture while pretty much not substituting anything else - unless you count Vegas as the proposed cure in question - in Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody's directing debut. In other words, sorry Paradise, you're no Juno. "

Posted Oct 26, 2013

Prairie Miller

33 94%

When I Walk (2013)

"An unblinking look at a life and love irreversibly altered by the onset of MS."

Posted Oct 24, 2013

Kam Williams

34 ——

Forced March (1990)

"Curiously of interest in this re-release, is Hollywood butting heads with the Holocaust. And the warped values of Hollywood ideology playing out dangerously in US society as the 'exceptionalism' of winning and dominating moral discourse at any cost. "

Posted Oct 20, 2013

Prairie Miller

35 ——

Mediastan ()

"Sometimes it can be said that a documentary is exemplary for not accomplishing what it set out to do. And this Julian Assange Wikileaks production may have succeeded in not doing just that. A rocky road movie to nowhere, but in a parallel press universe."

Posted Oct 20, 2013

Prairie Miller

36 15%

Winnie Mandela (2013)

"Sometimes it can be strangely said that it's a miracle when a certain film even exists, warts and all. So let's cut to the chase, and what really matters in this immensely important movie. Not the least which is, 'Strike a woman, and you strike a rock.'"

Posted Sep 8, 2013

Prairie Miller

37 31%

Adore (2013)

"Reluctant rebel moms in love. With much meaty food for thought, even if a bit philosophically tough and raw to chew on when at its most visually lyrical. And likely as much into shaking up narrative conventions, as subverting gender perspectives. "

Posted Aug 30, 2013

Prairie Miller

38 56%

Inch'Allah (2013)

"Multi-layered, eloquently crafted, and both heartfelt and harrowing, Inch'Allah might also be described as the most extraordinarily powerful horror movie this year. And in its own politically and by extension narratively subversive way. "

Posted Aug 24, 2013

Prairie Miller

39 91%

Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story (2013)

"A formidable creative force fueled by massive contradictions, Ungerer is a kind of self-analytical shrink here. Conflicted yet inspired by identity issues, political injustice art, and a weirdly beloved treasure trove of headless sex slave barbie dolls."

Posted Jun 16, 2013

Prairie Miller

40 ——

Handmade Cinema ()

"Mulls how these film craftspeople may exist somewhere in the enigmatic realm between artisan and artist. And what all of this may or may not have to do with Fellini, Pasolini, Scorsese, Spike Lee, Sophia Loren's hair, and Leonardo Da Vinci at the bodega."

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Prairie Miller

41 100%

The Girls in the Band (2013)

"A euphoric, triumphant documentary, in which these unsung female jazz musicians get the last word too. As when one recalls when asked by a reporter, 'what's it like to be a female composer' she replies, 'what's it like to be a male journalist.'"

Posted May 7, 2013

Prairie Miller

42 54%

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013)

"A film unfortunately characterized by as much cake-and-eat-it ambivalence as those commitment challenged lovebirds. And with an ideological resolution wavering between two extremes, and in the end neither of them."

Posted May 4, 2013

Prairie Miller

43 25%

Aroused (2013)

"Faux feminist quotes ridiculously compare the porn stars to Anais Nin, Joan of Arc and yes, Eleanor Roosevelt. As Anderson cheers them while they get gussied up for oral, anal and mock rape scenes, exposing their souls way less than flashing flesh."

Posted May 3, 2013

Prairie Miller

44 81%

The Impossible (2012)

"A disaster flick chronicling a dream, exotic getaway that turned into a never-ending nightmare in the blink of an eye!"

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Kam Williams

45 51%

This is 40 (2012)

"A midlife crisis comedy marking the milestone with a tribute to immaturity! "

Posted Mar 24, 2013

Kam Williams

46 62%

Hitchcock (2012)

"A rare treat offering peeks behind the scenes and behind the closed doors of a legendary director and the love of his life."

Posted Mar 11, 2013

Kam Williams

47 50%

The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek (2013)

"Even though this overambitious mockumentary misses the mark, first-time writer/director Wendy Jo Cohen exhibits sufficient potential to make me curious about her next venture."

Posted Mar 1, 2013

Kam Williams

48 89%

Hava Nagila: The Movie (2013)

"Everything you ever wanted to know about Hava Nagila but were afraid to ask, except:: 'What's the deal with the ritual of raising a chair in the air like you don't care?'"

Posted Feb 28, 2013

Kam Williams

49 63%

Anna Karenina (2012)

"A sumptuous cinematic feast!"

Posted Feb 17, 2013

Kam Williams

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