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1 61%

Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

"Magic in the Moonlight is Allen's most gratifyingly airy concoction in a while, but it's also a comedy that insists, in the end, on making an overly rational case for the power of the irrational."

Posted Jul 18, 2014

Owen Gleiberman

2 27%

The Search ()

"The Search is a lecture. As laudable as the film is in many ways, I'm glad I'll never have to sit through it again."

Posted May 22, 2014

Nicholas Barber

3 68%

Jimmy's Hall ()

"It's a warm, romantic little period drama, with inspirational messages about working for "need not greed". But its rousing music is the only element that gets the heart beating faster."

Posted May 22, 2014

Nicholas Barber

4 25%

Lost River ()

"It's the work of a surprisingly confident and experimental young filmmaker, even if he's not yet confident enough to move beyond his influences."

Posted May 20, 2014

Nicholas Barber

5 56%

Maps to the Stars ()

"There's a clinical detachment to [the film] ... evident in the soap-opera cinematography, the half-hearted plotting and the contempt with which [Cronenberg] treats his characters."

Posted May 19, 2014

Nicholas Barber

6 67%

Kis uykusu (Winter Sleep) ()

"If you can stay awake, you'll be struck by the nuanced performances, the depth of the characterisation, the intensity of the moral questions and the drips of black humour."

Posted May 18, 2014

Nicholas Barber

7 100%

Mr. Turner (2014)

"One of [Mike] Leigh's most rewarding works. He is now 71, but this film and his last one, Another Year, show that he's at the lofty peak of his powers."

Posted May 15, 2014

Nicholas Barber

8 10%

Grace Of Monaco ()

"A clunkingly unconvincing melodrama which, were it not for its A-list star ... would be indistinguishable from the cheesiest and most patronising of made-for-TV biopics."

Posted May 14, 2014

Nicholas Barber

9 100%

Blue Blood ()

"At its best, Blue Blood just shows that boxing is a particularly tough sport to lose at."

Posted Apr 7, 2014

David Jones

10 100%

Victim (1961)

"If it now appears quaintly old-fashioned in its attitudes and assumptions, it still impresses thanks to Dirk Bogarde's performance."

Posted Feb 6, 2013

Tom Dawson

11 ——

Bohachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight (Bôhachi bushidô: Poruno jidaigeki) (2008)

Posted Aug 15, 2011

Almar Haflidason

12 ——

Thomas Pynchon: Journey Into the Mind (2003)


Posted Apr 5, 2011

13 ——

The Most Fertile Man in Ireland (1999)


Posted Apr 4, 2011

14 ——

Bodywork (1998)


Posted Apr 4, 2011

15 ——

New Year's Day (2000)

Posted Apr 4, 2011

Jason Korsner

16 ——

Fatma (2002)


Posted Apr 4, 2011

17 ——

Malpertuis: The Legend of Doom House (1971)


Posted Apr 4, 2011

18 ——

Jiu xian shi ba die (Drunken Dragon) (World of the Drunken Master) (2000)

Posted Apr 4, 2011

Almar Haflidason

19 ——

Heimat II: Chronicle of a Generation (1998)

"Reitz is exceptionally good at capturing the passionate fervour of youth, showing young people giddy with excitement as they encounter new ideas and experiences, flex their artistic muscles and discover soul mates."

Posted Mar 18, 2011

Jason Best

20 91%

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't try anything funny, there are no winks to the audience. And it's all the better because of it."

Posted Oct 19, 2010

Tom Coates

21 ——

Angela (2003)


Posted Aug 24, 2010

22 0%

The Baker ()

"A hit and miss comedy."

Posted Oct 8, 2009

Stella Papamichael

23 64%

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

"There's no doubt that the imaginary world [Gilliam has] created is awe-inspiring, but it's ultimately designed for an art house audience." EDIT

Posted May 23, 2009

24 89%

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

"Tarantino swaps fact for pulp fiction; Quentin Tarantino has made a glorious, silly, blood-spattered return."

Posted May 20, 2009

Emma Jones

25 64%

Quantum of Solace (2008)

"For a lot of the movie Bond is a particularly unsympathetic character, and often it's only Craig's performance along with the shifting morality of Bond's legion of enemies that forces the audience to root for him."

Posted Oct 21, 2008

Lizo Mzimba

26 96%

Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu the Vampyre) (1979)

"It is a simple and well-known story but sadly this version overcomplicates it to its detriment."

Posted Oct 7, 2008

Ali Barclay

27 97%

Ringu (Ring) (2003)

"Subtly expressive faces and spooky interiors are the order of the day in this original, powerful treat."

Posted Oct 7, 2008

Michael Thomson

28 96%

Dead of Night (1945)

"A dead scary horror movie that skimps on the blood but not the goose bumps,"

Posted Oct 7, 2008

Jamie Russell

29 100%

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

Posted Sep 24, 2008

Nev Pierce

30 89%

Metropolitan (1990)

"A witty, urbane portrait of Manhattan's debutante scene."

Posted Jul 18, 2008

Matthew Leyland

31 85%

Kuroi Ame (Black Rain) (1989)

Posted Jun 3, 2008

Almar Haflidason

32 78%

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

"It is a load of old nonsense, of course, but the journey is worth the price of admission."

Posted May 18, 2008

Mark Savage

33 34%

P2 (2007)


Posted May 6, 2008

34 14%

Made of Honor (2008)

"An inoffensive but bland romantic comedy."

Posted May 6, 2008

Nev Pierce

35 93%

Iron Man (2008)

"Iron Man is the first blockbuster movie of the summer, and, despite the topical Taleban atrocities, it's a roaring fairground ride."

Posted May 2, 2008

James Christopher

36 93%

Iron Man (2008)

"Is it summer already? The first of the big budget superhero blockbusters has arrived, and it's a roaring success, thanks to a combination of superb special effects and canny casting."

Posted May 2, 2008

Paul Arendt

37 10%

The Oxford Murders (2010)

"The murders are simply chalk marks on a blackboard with no build-up and little fallout."

Posted Apr 29, 2008

Stella Papamichael

38 22%

The Eye (2008)

"With every twist of the second-hand plot telegraphed far in advance, you don't need to be clairvoyant to see where this is going."

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Neil Smith

39 78%

Death Note (Desu nôto) (2007)

"Fiendishly unusual, it's an offbeat time-waster that genre fans will definitely want to make a note of."

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Jamie Russell

40 20%

Three and Out (2008)

"Rare winning moments aside, Three and Out is unconvincing, uneven and unfunny: a severe points failure."

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Jonathan Trout

41 96%

Persepolis (2007)

"The predominantly black-and-white animation is used to amusing effect as Satrapi gently pokes fun at her youthful exuberance and innocence, making serious political points easy to swallow. The lack of sense of direction is the film's only let-down."

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Anna Smith

42 65%

Stop-Loss (2008)

"Stop Loss takes some time out from the argument over the validity of the war to ask a question closer to home - whether the emotional battlefield America subjects its young soldiers to is actually worth it."

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Laura Bushell

43 100%

Bandit Queen (1995)

"Russell Brand is, for once, well cast in the role of vague, vain singer Aldous, who's also the object of obsession for a waiter and aspiring musician in the Hawaiian resort."

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Anna Smith

44 ——

Moon to (Protégé) (2007)


Posted Apr 22, 2008

45 74%

Private Property (Nue propriete) (2007)

"Huppert is superb, her lonely heroine both sympathetically vulnerable and yet also slightly culpable for her sons' terribly selfish behaviour."

Posted Apr 18, 2008

Jamie Russell

46 25%

Botched (2008)

"In the end, though, there's only so much slack you can give a film that wears its cheapness and ineptitude like badges of honour."

Posted Apr 18, 2008

Neil Smith

47 11%

Captain Eager and the Mark of Voth (2008)

"Lacking gags, proper characters or any comprehensible plot, it never rises above a one-joke movie - and that joke's on us. It's humour Jim, but not as we know it."

Posted Apr 18, 2008

Jamie Russell

48 38%

Flashbacks of a Fool (2008)

"Despite the skilful and evocative photography, the strong cast seem to misfire against the imbalanced structure and clashing styles."

Posted Apr 18, 2008

Jonathan Trout

49 82%

In Bruges (2008)

"Colin Farrell raises eyebrows, belly laughs and sympathy in Martin McDonagh's debut feature."

Posted Apr 18, 2008

Tae Mawson

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