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1 ——

Exorcismo (1975)

Posted Apr 4, 2011

Mike Bracken

2 15%

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

"For every thing that Sam Bayer's Nightmare on Elm Street update gets right, there's at least one other thing it screws up."

Posted May 5, 2010

Mike Bracken

3 97%

The Hurt Locker (2009)

"It's too soon to pick the definitive film of the Iraq war, but when the time comes, The Hurt Locker will get serious consideration."

Posted Dec 17, 2009

Mike Bracken

4 50%

Triangle (Tie saam gok) (2007)

"A loopy concoction of half-formed ideas and incongruous directorial stylings, Triangle is a disappointment."

Posted Dec 16, 2009

Mike Bracken

5 71%

Osoi hito (Late Bloomer) (2004)

"The Japanese have a gift for making uncomfortable (yet compellingly watchable) films, and Go Shibata's Late Bloomer might be the best of the bunch."

Posted Mar 2, 2009

Mike Bracken

6 39%

My Name Is Bruce (2007)

"My Name is Bruce is not only a movie-it's also a celebration of the cult of Bruce Campbell."

Posted Feb 26, 2009

Mike Bracken

7 ——

Against the Dark (2009)

"A paunchy and bored looking Seagal (who's barely in the movie) fights generic vampire-zombies. Not nearly as cool as it sounds."

Posted Feb 25, 2009

Mike Bracken

8 100%

Alien Raiders (2009)

"Those who get past the lame title will be rewarded with one of the better low budget horror/sci-fi films to turn up in the past few years."

Posted Feb 22, 2009

Mike Bracken

9 25%

Friday the 13th (2009)

"Could it really be worse than Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan?"

Posted Feb 15, 2009

Mike Bracken

10 ——

His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (2009)

"A fun, if somewhat lighthearted, look at how the Friday the 13th franchise continues to endure even after three decades of slaughter."

Posted Feb 8, 2009

Mike Bracken

11 ——

Midnight Movie (2008)

"Midnight Movie is an entertaining piece of low-budget slasher cinema that succeeds despite some problems."

Posted Feb 6, 2009

Mike Bracken

12 49%

Donkey Punch (2008)

"Donkey Punch opens strong, but loses its way at the first major plot point. A potentially intriguing thriller devolves into a generic "last man standing" movie that borrows liberally from better films."

Posted Jan 29, 2009

Mike Bracken

13 29%

Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans (2009)

"Not deep or particularly good, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is the kind of innocuous fluff that will appeal to fans of the earlier entries. Everyone else can safely skip it."

Posted Jan 23, 2009

Mike Bracken

14 57%

My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009)

"My Bloody Valentine is a fun throwback to the golden era of slasher movies--packed with gore, nudity, and the classic gimmick of 3D."

Posted Jan 18, 2009

Mike Bracken

15 90%

Tky Zankoku Keisatsu (Tokyo Gore Police) (2008)

"Tokyo Gore Police is sure to be one of the best cult films of 2009. Fans of Versus and Machine Girl will want to check this out."

Posted Jan 15, 2009

Mike Bracken

16 ——

Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008)

"Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead isn't as good as its predecessor, but manages to entertain almost in spite of itself."

Posted Jan 8, 2009

Mike Bracken

17 ——

Dead Space: Downfall (2008)

"Dead Space isn't particularly original, but fans of the game should find this animated prequel engaging."

Posted Dec 8, 2008

Mike Bracken

18 55%

Sukiyaki Western Django (2008)

"Sukiyaki Western Django is a far-east-meets-western that could have only sprung from the mind of Takashi Miike."

Posted Dec 3, 2008

Mike Bracken

19 ——

Last House in the Woods (Il Bosco Fuori) (2008)

"Last House in the Woods is a throwback to the days when Italian horror was a vital component of the cinematic horror universe, but it works better as an homage than an actual movie."

Posted Nov 22, 2008

Mike Bracken

20 71%

The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

"The Midnight Meat Train is a real horror film-one filled with dark imagery, disturbing violence, and an ever-present sense of dread."

Posted Nov 12, 2008

Mike Bracken

21 0%

House (2008)

"House wears its religion on its sleeve-and like the pushiest Jehovah's Witnesses, it's going to try and convert you to its cause come hell or high water."

Posted Nov 8, 2008

Mike Bracken

22 38%

Zombie Strippers (2008)

"Unfortunately for fans of the burgeoning "walking dead eat the patrons of the champagne room" subgenre, Zombie Strippers never manages to become the classic of this particular cinematic movement."

Posted Nov 4, 2008

Mike Bracken

23 3%

The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)

"Makes Saw V look like Citizen Kane."

Posted Oct 31, 2008

Mike Bracken

24 ——

Trailer Park of Terror (2008)

"Trailer Park of Terror never manages to find the balance between humor and horror--but it does give it the old college try."

Posted Oct 27, 2008

Mike Bracken

25 12%

Saw V (2008)

"About the only thing that really interested me about Saw V was the fact that it shares this odd parallel relationship to the fifth installment of Friday the 13th."

Posted Oct 24, 2008

Mike Bracken

26 ——

Brotherhood of Blood (2007)

"In a word? Awful."

Posted Oct 20, 2008

Mike Bracken

27 16%

Max Payne (2008)

"Max Payne spends a great deal of time building a unique visual look--at the expense of narrative and character development."

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

28 31%

Trauma (2004)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

29 73%

The Mist (2007)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

30 50%

Evil Aliens (2007)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

31 14%

Black Christmas (2006)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

32 100%

Them! (1954)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

33 69%

Versus (2003)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

34 18%

Eaten Alive (1976)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

35 49%

Hatchet (2006)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

36 63%

Bulletproof Heart (1995)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

37 ——

Zombie Cult Massacre (2004)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

38 ——

Wicked City (Yj toshi) (1993)

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

39 82%

In Bruges (2008)

"All in all an excellent film from a filmmaker with a promising future."

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Mike Bracken

40 80%

Dance of the Dead (2008)

"While not without some minor flaws, Dance of the Dead was far more fun than my senior prom."

Posted Oct 17, 2008

Mike Bracken

41 58%

Quarantine (2008)

"Quarantine isn't an awful film--just an unnecessary one. It may well be the most pointless remake since Gus Van Sant's Psycho"

Posted Oct 10, 2008

Mike Bracken

42 60%

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007)

"Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer has cult classic written all over it."

Posted Oct 10, 2008

Mike Bracken

43 96%

[Rec] (2007)

"[Rec] is one of the few genuinely creepy horror films to come along in the past few years."

Posted Oct 8, 2008

Mike Bracken

44 71%

Fido (2007)

"Don't believe the hype when it comes Fido"

Posted Sep 30, 2008

Mike Bracken

45 ——

Welcome to the Jungle (2007)

"If Disney re-made Cannibal Holocaust, it would probably look something like Welcome to the Jungle"

Posted Sep 12, 2008

Mike Bracken

46 ——

Gusha no bindume (Hellevator)(Gusher No Binds Me)(The Bottled Fools) (2004)

"Hellevator may have a stupid title, but the end product is plays like a Japanese version of Cube reimagined by Shinya Tsukamoto."

Posted Sep 4, 2008

Mike Bracken

47 100%

Rogue (2008)

"Rogue subverts genre conventions at numerous points in the narrative--which is both its greatest strength and weakness."

Posted Sep 4, 2008

Mike Bracken

48 43%

Death Race (2008)

"Death Race is a big dumb action flick and it wears that title like a badge of honor."

Posted Aug 24, 2008

Mike Bracken

49 83%

Tropic Thunder (2008)

"Tropic Thunder won't go down as a comedy classic, but compared to the rest of this summer's fare, it succeeds almost in spite of itself."

Posted Aug 14, 2008

Mike Bracken

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