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Analyze This is a satisfying comedy with great performances by De Niro and Crystal.



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Paul Vitti is one of New York's most powerful gangsters. He's grown up in the Mob life and has been well prepared for his future responsibilities by Manetta, his mentor and surrogate father (since his own father was gunned down years before). But when it becomes time for Paul Vitti to assume his role as the leader of his crime family, he suddenly starts having trouble breathing. He can't sleep; he's distant and preoccupied around his wife and kids; his mistress wants to know why his interest in romance has flagged; and his loyal henchmen wonder at his suddenly anxious demeanor. If the other crime families find out that Paul Vitti is having panic attacks, then how can he run his business? He's supposed to inspire panic, not experience it. Ben Sobol is a divorced suburban New York psychiatrist with a young son and a fiancee he's about to marry. He's a nice guy and a loving dad who's plagued by his relationship with his own father, a highly successful, media-seeking, pretentious Upper East Side therapist. Ben doesn't want to be anything like either of his self-absorbed parents - even if shunning the spotlight means enduring a patient list full of dull, boringly neurotic complainers without a serious challenge among them.

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Billy Crystal
as Dr. Ben Sobel
Robert De Niro
as Paul Vitti
Lisa Kudrow
as Laura MacNamara
Chazz Palminteri
as Primo Sindone
Bill Macy
as Isaac Sobel
Leo Rossi
as Carlo Mangano
Kyle Sabihy
as Michael Sobel
Rebecca Schull
as Dorothy Sobel
Molly Shannon
as Caroline
Max Casella
as Nicky Shivers
Pat Cooper
as Salvatore Masiello
Elizabeth Bracco
as Marie Vitti
Joe Rigano
as Manetta
Kyle Sahiby
as Michael Sobel
Kresimir Novakovic
as '50s Gangster
Jimmie Ray Weeks
as FBI Agent Steadman
Michael Harkins
as Paretti's Family
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  • Sep 26, 2015
    It's no wonder that The Sopranos used it's "Mobster goes to a shrink" plot device for dramatic effect, as a comedy it's a little one note.
    Alec B Super Reviewer
  • Jul 28, 2012
    Crystal and De Niro make a very funny duo and become an unique satira of Mafia films.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 23, 2012
    Analyze This is a great comedy from director Harold Ramis. Brilliantly acted with a good plot, Analyze This is a unique comedy that is very funny and Robert De Niro lampoons perfectly his previous gangster roles in this film. The films cast keeps involved and every actor gives a great performance. The jokes were great, and it's just funny to see De Niro in his role. I like these types of comedies that have a smart overtone mixed with the humor. Harold Ramis succeeds at doing that very well. This is one of his most original films, and for viewers looking for a different type of comedy, this film is for you. This is just a great film to watch if you want good comedic delivery. Unfortunately they made an awful sequel that was completely unnecessary, but if you only stick with this film, you shouldn't be disappointed. This a great film worth watching, even if the sequel is bad. Avoid the sequel, but watch this one. Harold Ramis delivers a great film that is smart, witty, well crafted and memorable. If you love a comedic take on a mafia boss, this is that film to watch and is far better than Mafia! This was a different type of film for De Niro and he pulled off beautifully. Ramis directs a great film that is almost perfect and he makes a must see comedy with a great cast of varied talent that pull off something special on-screen. Analyze This is definitely a must see comedy that Ramis fans will surely enjoy. Robert De Niro's performance alone makes this a film worth seeing.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • May 27, 2012
    well made film with de niro & crystal playing quite well off each other. the support helps and the story is well created.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer

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