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Empire Records

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Despite a terrific soundtrack and a strong early performance from Renee Zellweger, Empire Records is mostly a silly and predictable teen dramedy.



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A funky little record shop provides the setting for this youthful comedy that centers on the workers there as they try to help poor Joe Anthony LaPaglia), the manager who really wants to buy the place, recoup his losses after his well-meaning, but dim-bulbed employee Lucas (Rory Cochrane ) steals his savings and loses it all in Atlantic City while trying to increase it twofold at the gaming tables. If they cannot come up with the loot, the mega-chain Music City will buy it.


Liv Tyler
as Corey
Ben Bode
as Mitchell
Gary Bolen
as Croupier
Kimber Monroe
as Woman at craps table
Tony Zaar
as High Roller
Patt Noday
as Reporter
Kessia Randall
as Autograph Girl
Michele Seidman
as Cop No. 1
Diana Taylor
as Cop No. 2
Bernard Granger
as Cop No. 3
Michael Harding
as Cop No. 4
Oderus Urungus
as Lead Singer
Kawan Rojanatavorn
as Flower Delivery Guy
Corey Joshua Taylor
as Roulette Table Man
Melissa Caulfield
as Ballet Dancer
Lara Travis
as Veronica
Rico Fleming
as Couch Kid No. 1
Brandon Crawford
as Couch Kid No. 2
Elizabeth Grapentien
as `Say No More' Woman
Kelley Carruth
as Girl on Couch
Mark Menchhofer
as Clapton Customer
Anthony Hemingway
as Boom Box Kid
Paizhe Pressley
as Girl No. 1
Joanna Canton
as Girl No. 2
Lee Etta Sutton
as Button Customer
Craig Edwards
as Male Rex Manning Fan
Craig Alan Edwards
as Male Rex Manning Fan
Jesse Bechtel
as Customer No. 1
Karen Brigman
as Customer No. 2
David Myers Gray
as Customer No. 3
Bob Sayer
as Customer No. 4
David Lenthall
as Meg Ryan Customer
Andrea Powell
as Mariah Carey Customer
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Audience Reviews for Empire Records

  • Jun 19, 2015
    One of those cult films that grew popular after initially dying at the box office. Good music and a cast of everybody upcoming for the time period. Everybody is having fun but the idiot minded critics
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 09, 2012
    Empire Records is a great comedy. The story is quite simple, yet kit works. This film is fun from start to finish. This is a comedy that stands out, and is still a film worth seeing again and again. The cast do a great joke, and their characters are likeable. Empire Records is one of the best Teen comedies that I've seen. There are some very good comedic elements that make this comedy stand out among others in the genre. I felt that this film was underrated, and it didn't deserve all the negative reviews it has received. This is a classic film, one that remains relevant over a decade after its release. The cast is wonderful, and though flawed Empire Records works well enough and is much better than most teen comedy flicks of today. This is a fun film to watch, one that is well crafted and with a cast of talented actors, it really makes this one a stand out film. I thought that this film was very entertaining from start to finish. Empire Records deserves much more praise than it received. This film proves once again that mainstream critics are too quick to judge. This film is good, with gags, a good story and really stands out. If you love a smart teen comedy, Empire Records is the one. There's some stand out moments in this film, though far from the teen comedies of the 80's, Empire Records is still a film worth seeing. Very enjoyable and original, this film is much better than most of teen comedies of today. A much underrated gem, Empire Records is great entertainment despite its flaws.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Mar 23, 2012
    It's Rex Manning Day!
    Lily L Super Reviewer
  • Sep 03, 2011
    Empire Records is a showcase of the best years of most of these actor's careers (minus maybe Ethan Embry). Preferring this film over The Breakfast Club, Empire Records is along the lines of that collective group of misfits that finds a way to coexist. Even though the film is all over the place in terms of plot progression and character arcs, all in all, it is simply a great generational film.
    Christopher H Super Reviewer

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