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January 13, 2017
3/5. One of the best unintentional comedies I have ever seen. Lake Placid 2 does nothing right on any level of making a good film, but it is so damn hilarious and entertaining that I don't even care.
September 6, 2016
It's better than what it could have been, but it's still a crappy Syfy flick. The very first Lake Placid, from 1999, was a good and compitent movie, full of great special effects and great performances by a great cast. But this sequel is the whole contrary, it's full of awful acting and horrifying poor special effects, even the effects in Tobe Hooper's Crocodile (2000), were a little better. Even the rock score is lame. A horrible insult to the first one, and yet, apparently, they've made even more shitty sequels. Pretty much a a waste of time.
½ July 15, 2016
A severe disappointment. This giant croc film isn't anywhere as great as its predecessor. Cloris Leachman was the best part of the movie, though she's no Betty White.
July 5, 2016
Jaws + Reptile + 2 + ad cgi = 11/10
August 17, 2015
Changing a little from the original with the story this time the crocodile had been genetically messed with to grow such aggressiveness and become so large but now with new people it keeps a different beat that is just as good as the original
½ June 30, 2015
I remember thinking this one is decent, not good but decent
½ May 25, 2015
Lake Placid 2 is one of the worst films of all time. It is poorly edited, fake, stupid, and boring. This made for television flick is awful and totally not worth your time.
May 3, 2015
I hate these horrible CGI made movies by SYFY !
½ December 23, 2014
Words can't describe the sheer laziness and stupidity of this film....
November 17, 2013
After jaws one would think that the standard for humans for lunch movies, would have improved, alas David did not learn this at college thus his movie is rather pathetic. The actors do a reasonable job despite this lack of attention to monster detail. Music is cheap and cheerful if not rather corny and repetitive at times. Americans being nibbled however badly, is still fun. Nibbles: Alligator steaks.
Super Reviewer
November 15, 2013
So I got into the Lake Placid Kick, figured I would rent all 4 movies and sit back and enjoy. After seeing the first one I thought I am in for some great movie times and laughts. The first one was great and thats where it stops. Lake Placid 2 An unnecessary and useless sequel to the self-mocking and campy comedy/horror Lake Placid. Not one of the original cast signed on for this dog, a very good decision on their part. Well, the baby crocodiles you see in the closing of the other movie apparently have grown up, and now have decided to pick up where their parents left off, and eat lots of people.

John Schneider is the sheriff, and just grins a lot. Cloris Leachman reprises Betty White's nut job (as her sister), but without the funny lines. A big game hunter with grenade launchers fails to match Oliver Platt's role, and the Bridgette Fonda look-alike also does nothing. Sheriff John has summertime custody of a poor actor teen son, in order to introduce some annoying cardboard cutout screaming teens. Since Croc Jr. seems to have an appetite for annoying cardboard cutout screaming teens, you quickly realize what their function to the story is, and you find yourself rooting for the croc to eat them as soon as possible. There's one idiotic scene, apparently ripped off from the 3 Stooges, where a croc victim is talking while the creature behind him waits patiently for him to shut up, before devouring him.
Nothing interesting happens. Really a bad movie, that fails at both horror and comedy. All it does is waste your time 1 Star 11 -12-13
½ June 9, 2013
Loads of fun, way way better than I expected, good monsters, an all out fun experience, that gets ridiculous and queer at times... but that's what makes it good! I guess it's not an awesome creature movie, but its uncomparable to most of the highly rated crocodile/shark/piranha/man-eating-lion movies. A decent movie, and tons of fun.
May 21, 2013
cheesy special effects, terrible acting, retarted plot, stupid dialouge, these are all reasons why this movie blows, the first lake placid was OK, but this one just sucks
March 10, 2013
This was an OK movie, there were a few mistakes in filming that were easy to spot, the acting could have been a little better on some of the actor's parts, sometimes the crocs looked a little too fake. Aside from the fact that this one followed the basic storyline of the original way too closely, it was entertaining and not a complete waste of and hour and a half of my life.
March 6, 2013
Better than the first
February 14, 2013
It's over the top, highly predictable and weakly acted... But it's a very entertaining movie! You know what you are getting when you here a SyFy movie is on the horizon so you typically just enjoy it for what it is without being too critical (similar to a Full Moon film) and that's the secret to enjoying these kind of movies! I would recommend this for a few laughs, a few gory deaths and 4 giant killer crocs.
½ December 12, 2012
the 1st one was good like of course they sequels ruins everything, they kept the story from the original gotta give that tho.
the killing were ok, i was expecting to b more bloodier nd gorier.
December 8, 2012
A bit low budget and a little cheesy acting but a cool bloody story about a crocodile that attacks teens !
October 25, 2012
Not as good as the first
October 9, 2012
Utterly horrible. Horrible effects, it's not even one of those low budget so-bad-its-good as it takes itself way too seriously. WOW.
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