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Air date: Jun 6, 2016
Air date: Jun 13, 2016
Air date: Jun 20, 2016
Air date: Jun 27, 2016

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The sluggish re-enactments keep this Barbarians from rising.

Jun 6, 2016 | Full Review…
Top Critic

The stories here are undeniably interesting, almost to the point of legend.

Jun 7, 2016 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Barbarians Rising: Season 1

Absolutely inaccurate. The show has few if any historians commenting, instead choosing lawyers and retired military commentary. They are completely misleading in even the first episode. It mentions Scipio fighting Hannibal at the battle of Cannae... Scipio was not at the battle. He was still in Spain. They make him look horrible when in reality Scipio conquered Hannibal in Africa (which is never even mentioned). Anyone looking for actual history should avoid this show.

Wow I watched the first episode of this Series and I was shocked! Its photography , its actors , all seems to be done professionally and even the effects are cool , but ... The scripts ! Who did write it a 12 years old ignorant kid ? I mean its totally completely and absolutely false and misleading history !!! Completely invented events. They spend a lot of the time of the show to portray the Romans as idiots and evil , pretty much like in the Spartacus series. And then the Experts .... Lol US military officiers, US civil right leader , another one just known as "Author" ... wtf .. and so on ... LOL are those history experts? They then talk of how Carthage with a Black Hannibal was anti-slavery and freedom fighters ... While the Evil romans are bad people enslaving all they could for the sake of it? They mass the whole barbarian societies into one single big blob without sense ... That's not even remotely true and why do they have a civil rights lawyer telling us about Ancient Carthage? Why we see such fake historical reconstructions like Arminius beeing the "good guy" mistreated by Romans and thats why he turned against , when he was just another powermonger leader that saw his opportunity ? I stopped watching this series after the first and only got hints of the rest when tv run the show in the background once in while when I was doing other things. So a day later I was washing dishes and the tv shooted again the Arminius episode LOL.... apart from the freedom fighter stuff drummed by the civil rights leader on how the good barbarians united were the antislavery and anti oppression ultimate bastion against the Nazi romans. How bad and evil was Rome willing to subdue all barbarians. They kept going how Romans could never defeat germanic barbarians and that they had to use subdue tactics , backstabbing and shady assasinations or blackmails to pick on the germans. Then Finally the Great battle of Idistavisio, where Double roman Forces lead by the traitor Arminius brother Flavus faced half german barbarian forces . ( HOW FALSE!!! ) Totally false because numbers were more or less similar and the Leader was Germanicus and it was one of the many Roman great victories against germans. But they have to make it pass like Romans couldn't defeat barbarians , so they say the Romans had double forces, used tricks and unholy and dishonorable ways against germans and in the end they even loose the battle and all the following ones. So Germans won and Rome lost all rest of the following battles O_0 ... WTF... Then the "expert" labeled as "Author" lol ... explains how Germans were never defeated and were the defenders of freedom and so on ... I am horrified really! Its ok if you make up a movie and you use history to have a little background , but to make it pass like a Documentary and make people think that its truth its a Crime! Really this series is so crap that the author and the writers of the scripts shoudl be jailed and condamned for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY intellect and totally false historical revisionims.

A documentary series on the rebel leaders who stood up to the Roman Empire, with varying degrees of success. Through narration, expert opinion and dramatized scenes we see the histories of Hannibal, Viriathus, Spartacus, Boudica, Arminius, Fritigern, Alaric, Geiseric and Attila the Hun and their struggles for independence from Rome. An interesting period of history, with colourful subjects, well told. Well dramatized too - not just basic battle scenes as many military history series seem to consist of, but decent dialogue and human drama, in addition to some great action scenes. Many well known actors and actresses too. On the downside, the dramatization sometimes takes precedence over historical accuracy. Also, the experts that are wheeled out feel very staged, speech-filled, preachy and superfluous. For example, why on earth do you need Jesse Jackson for a series about the Roman Empire? The experts are largely just padding.

Puts the history of the barbarians under ancient Rome to life in drama. Super cool! ;)


Very glad to see actual history from the history channel and not another reality show. I very much like the dramatization approach to it as well.

Good Production, but very historically inaccurate.

History channel tried to rewrite history here. The noble barbarians against the evil oppressive Rome. One civil rights interviewee called Hannibal and his barbarians the original freedom fighters fighting oppression. Give me a break. These were two world super powers colliding for world domination. Some "Facts" are twisted or just flat out wrong. Oddly enough in my area an actual documentary was shown on the Punic wars shortly before this series. It was commical to see the contradiction between facts in a real documentary and a dramatized liberalized version of facts.

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