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As the result of an unorthodox scientific experiment, a woman gives birth to a group of murderous, sexless mutant children. It is up to her ex-husband to discover the truth and stop this brood's rampage before he and his daughter become the next victims in this disturbing, graphic horror film.

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Oliver Reed
as Dr. Hal Raglan
Samantha Eggar
as Nola Carveth
Art Hindle
as Frank Carveth
Nuala Fitzgerald
as Juliana Kelly
Cindy Hinds
as Candice
Henry Beckman
as Barton Kelly
Michael McGhee
as Inspector Mrazek
Gary McKeehan
as Mike Trellan
Felix Silla
as Creature
John Ferguson
as Creature
Christopher Britton
as Man In Auditorium
Michael Magee
as Inspector
Joseph Shaw
as Coroner
Jerry Kostur
as Construction Worker
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  • Oct 17, 2014
    From the master of body horror David Cronenberg comes this gruesome and thoroughly amusing film that is better to be seen without you knowing anything about (even if it isn't really surprising), and it has an unforgettable ending that could only become an instant classic.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 02, 2014
    One of Cronenberg's best, shocking and does not lack of deep analysis on hysteria and anger as well as the maternal bond. Psychotherapy gone wrong, psychoplasmid breed of children created by a woman began killing the people whom she feels threatened towards. The killing scenes were terrifying, the special make up was convincing, the theme was dark, the scariest moment was when Nola degenerated to licking her new born like an animal. The Brood is an underrated little gem.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jun 23, 2011
    One of David Cronenberg's earlier films dealing with the body horror genre. Cronenberg's concept for the film is intriguing and bizarre. The Brood features some of Cronenberg's earliest attempts at the body horror genre are clearly seen here. The film manages to be quite creepy, and its also interesting to see Cronenbverg's genius come to fruition. Cronenberg has assembled a terrific cast of actors here. Actor Oliver Reed, Art Hindle and Samantha Eggar deliver strong performances. The Brood is not one of Cronenberg's best films, but it certainly isn't the worst. This is a terrific horror film that like I said, was Croneberg's earliest attempt at the body horror genre, and it succeeds. We see hints of where David Cronenberg would take his career in the 80's. The Brood is a creepy film with a terrific cast of actors. David Cronenberg has made some groundbreaking films in his career, his imagination has changed the face of horror forever. Looking at The Brood you see the work of a confident director that would, in his later films, change the genre, and ultimately create the now famous body horror genre. Cronenberg has pioneered the genre, and The Brood is probably one of the first films to deal with this type of horror. The Brood is an awesome work of early body horror.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Apr 05, 2011
    5.0/10 "The Brood" is a completely exploitative film which tries ever-so-hardly to disguise itself, conveniently, as a REAL horror film. The film is directed by David Cronenberg, who directed "Videodrome" and "The Fly". You'll wish it were better; you'll wish it were worse. But all-in-all, there's a chance that you'll finish "The Brood" feeling as if Cronenberg simply winged it. Yes, there are some typically interesting Cronenberg-esque suspense moments, but the uneven pacing and lack of any real ACTION throughout the film doesn't so much as make up for that. The film wants to be disgusting without being the equivalent of a sleazy Grindhouse flick, and therefore it does its job. I will admit that there are things to like here, but the bad overdoes the good in so many ways. It's disappointing, really; and that's coming from someone who respects Cronenberg as well as just about anything the legendary master of suspense has done. I mean, I love "Videodrome" and "The Fly" as much as the next guy. However, unlike the next guy, I do not like "The Brood". Murderous Children are getting to be some pretty darn tiresome horror villains, but throw in some bodily mutations, and apparently your movie is loads of fun. The story concerns a man named Frank, whose former wife is in the loony bin, while his daughter is experiencing all sorts of problems. He's having a troublingly strange psychiatrist help his wife recover, and in the process, our main man tries to gain access to these procedures so that he can help his wife himself. However, the murderous, mutated children (whom I mentioned earlier) get in the way of his investigations, and soon he's trying to find out who their mother is. She can't be too nice, or too caring, I'd presume. What Cronenberg wants to do here is this: he wants to build a film that spans about an hour and twenty minutes; in which not much happens. And then, he has another film which is about ten minutes long; in which a lot more happens. The last ten minutes of "The Brood" are exciting, well-directed, and as gruesome as they want to be. The finale scene isn't disturbing, per se, but it sure was effective. I can admire what Cronenberg has done here, stylistically, but "The Brood" just isn't that special. It doesn't have absorbing characters, all of whom are played by less-than-interesting or compelling actors, nor does it have good story-telling devices. It will work well for some, and it will not for others. I was ready to like this movie, I really was. But I never could have expected a man such as Cronenberg to produce- no, DIRECT- such a tedious bore. This is a decent film all-in-all, but it has much more craft and potential than it cares to use. The film is good stylistically. There's some good camera-work involved, but what really sets the "mood" for "The Brood" is Howard Shore's fairly-solid musical score; which is often creepy and therefore, often effective. Yes, Shore has done more memorable scores, which are often attached to more memorable movies, but that's far from a "complaint". The make-up effects in this film feel like the kind that Cronenberg is used to using; revolting, whimsical, and nigh surreal. I liked how this film presented itself visually, and I have no problem with this film's violence. It's not disturbing to me, and it won't be disturbing to most people (not now, at least). However, I think it was meant to be misunderstood. Or perhaps it is not misunderstood at all. People have the right to dislike, or even detest this film. I don't hate, mind, or "detest" this horror-thriller, but it doesn't have its heart in the right place. It's a win-win situation; you go for gore and thrills, you'll get some. But "some" is not the same as "a lot", and "The Brood" needs more of the goods if it's going to keep me entertained. It needs characters; it needs story-telling; and most of all, it needs a POINT. But it's good to see that Cronenberg got his act together some years later when he made "Videdrome", "The Fly", and "The Dead Zone". He is a good filmmaker; but here, he has not made a good film. This film is not deserving of his talent in horror, thrills, and suspense. But it is worthy of his fascinating for all things visually grotesque. That I'll grant it.
    Ryan M Super Reviewer

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