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This Disney comedy follows the misadventures of a work-a-holic New York coffee-bean broker and his newly-discovered son, who was raised in the jungle with his mother and a band of Indians. The bulk of the comedy centers on the son's struggle to adjust to the puzzling ways of city folk.


Tim Allen
as Michael Cromwell
JoBeth Williams
as Dr. Patricia Cromwell
Martin Short
as Richard Kempster
Sam Huntington
as Mimi-Siku
David Ogden Stiers
as Alexei Jovanovic
Bob Dishy
as George Langston
Valerie Mahaffey
as Jan Kempster
Leelee Sobieski
as Karen Kempster
Frankie J. Galasso
as Andrew Kempster
Joan Copeland
as Mrs. Prelot
Jack McGee
as Mr. Uhley
Nicholas J. Giangiulio
as Jovanovic Thug
Don Picard
as Jovanovic Thug
Christine Toy
as Stewardess
Jack A. O'Connell
as Homeless Person
Jake Cooper
as Benjamin
Ken Larsen
as Ride Operator
Adam LeFevre
as Morrison
John Tormey
as Deli Clerk
Diana Roberts
as `Hello You' Girl
Tanya Memme
as Trader's Assistant
R. M. Haley
as Hot Dog Vendor
Glen Trotiner
as Dart Booth Attendant
Eva Veronika
as Jovanovic's Mother
Georgina Kess
as Fish Market Employee
Brian M. Reilly
as Fingerless Hand
John Pasquin
as Bearded Man in Times Square
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  • Nov 24, 2011
    Jungle 2 Jungle is the definition of a bad film. This film is awful, unfunny, poorly conceived. I remember when this film came out, I was 12 and obviously still into these types of films. Needless to say when this came out, boy did I think it was crap. The film was so poorly made, with a bad cast (Tim Allen wasted here) and a bad story with little or no jokes. This is simply a poorly made family film that is quite frankly impossible to enjoy as a family. Well, Disney has a knack for releasing awful films as well as good ones. But this is one of those awful films that they released that should be avoided. The film is plainly bad, and has nothing engaging about its plot, nothing to make you interested in what you're watching. This is simply put a bad family that isn't worth watching and if you did, is a most forgettable film to watch. I hated this film, hated the fact it was unfunny, hated the bad actors and bad plot overall. This film was a waste and it wasn't worth watching whatsoever. This film scraps the bottom of the barrel of bad ideas, and it's a film that doesn't deliver whatsoever. There are some sloppy comedic bits that simply aren't funny, and the script is plainly awful. This is one of the worst family films that I've seen, and this is simply a film not worth watching. Jungle 2 Jungle is a waste of celluloid and is utter garbage. I hated this film and the cast is pathetic along with the story. A crapfest from start to finish.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jun 22, 2011
    Good concept, not so good script, weak film.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 25, 2011
    Very odd Disney adventure, it almost has to be seen back to back with George of the Jungle. Both deal with a savage in the concrete jungle. It serves its purpose as a father/son movie as well as a zany comedy with lots of kooky escapades featuring Tim Allen.
    Conner R Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    I actually liked this movie when I was a kid, I thought it was really funny, and it has some of the actors from Home Improvement. But now I see how stupid it really is. Overall it's a pretty good kids movie, though.
    Aj V Super Reviewer

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