Suddenly, Last Summer Reviews

August 8, 2019
This is the best film adaptation of Tennessee Williams' oeuvre. A prodigious work from Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift, and Elizabeth Taylor. This is one of Joseph L. Mankiewicz's best films. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 12, 2019
It is hard to know what to say about this misguided tour through the dank recesses of Mr. Williams' subconscious. It's all clearly nonsense, the rankest kind of Victorian melodrama.
June 4, 2019
Suddenly, Last Summer remains a remarkably salacious descent into madness, thanks to Mankiewicz's harrowing direction and two towering performances by Taylor and Hepburn
July 19, 2018
I found Suddenly, Last Summer hollow, unproductive, unalive, and above all stagey, not cinematic.
March 23, 2011
This bizarre and often distasteful movie at the end of the 1950s was an omen of things to come.
March 23, 2011
Superbly adapted with blistering performances from Taylor and Hepburn.
Top Critic
March 23, 2011
The main trouble with the picture is not its subject or its style, but its length.
March 23, 2011
The cast packs enough sexual ambiguity to satisfy the most rabid Williams fan (not to mention a screenplay by Gore Vidal), but Mankiewicz leaves much of the innuendo unexplored -- thankfully, perhaps.
October 18, 2008
It has some very effective moments, but on the whole it fails to move.
April 7, 2007
A lurid adaptation of the 1957 Tennessee Williams one-act play.
July 26, 2006
By Tennessee Williams' standards, the text is trashy and overwroght, but at the time, homosexuality and cannibalism stirred such a controversy that the movie became one of the playwright's most successful Hollywood adaptations.
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June 24, 2006
On film, with Taylor as the woman who saw something nasty and Clift as the psychiatrist trying to probe her trauma, the one-act material is stretched perilously thin; but it works for Hepburn as the incarnation of civilised depravity.
July 17, 2005
October 15, 2004
Very controversial for its time, and still packs a wallop.
March 21, 2004
Hepburn and Taylor both earned Oscar nominations for their work; it's hard to pick which turns in a more compelling performance.
May 24, 2003
A classic in every sense of the word.
May 20, 2003
The main trouble with this picture is that an idea that is good for not much more than a blackout is stretched to exhausting length and, for all its fine cast and big direction, it is badly, pretentiously played.
April 2, 2003
Fine version of the story with Hepburn as a fascinating monster.
March 10, 2003
The battles between the imperious Hepburn and the presumed-mad Taylor are pure theatricality, while sensitive shrink Clift observes it all and emotes.
January 1, 2000
Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) is director Joseph L. Mankiewicz' compelling adaptation by Gore Vidal of Tennessee Williams' 1958 Southern drama-one act play. This lurid, somber, ground-breaking and fascinating melodrama concerned terrible secrets...