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½ August 4, 2016
I really don't know if this one is trying to be serious, but at some point there's some funny elements to it. Which means the chemistry is effective between characters. Anthony Wong and Johnny Hallyday at the same time, I know this will be a treat. This film have certain parts violence which is understandable as Rated R. Thus Vengeance come. The action scenes are good, I like the gunshot authentic sounds which is cool. But sometimes they kinda over the top it a little bit. You know several gun shots to the guy and still alive asf. Though it didn't ruined the whole story. This is still a good watch despite of some flaws. It could have been better IMO.
June 9, 2016
Stylized Johnnie To bloodbath.
February 9, 2016
Il y avait tout dans Vengeance pour que Johnnie To se plante. En lieu et place, il livre un excellent thriller où Johnny Hallyday brille en chef cuisinier débarquant à Macao pour venger le meurtre de la famille de sa fille. Bien entendu, il est bien aidé par un trio magique Anthony Wong - Gordon Lam - Lam Suet et un méchant exceptionnellement cabotin joué par le toujours génial Simon Yam. Entre scènes d'action inventives et séquences d'exposition toujours aussi belles, Johnnie To parvient encore à renouveler sa mise en scène et a offrir encore un thriller passionnant, non dénué d'humour (encore grâce à Lam Suet) et porté par un score de Lo Tayu à la hauteur. Vengeance est une très belle surprise.
August 21, 2015
Better than I was expecting - Halliday, & the rest of the cast, is a quality actor. Maybe I missed something, but what actually happened to his daughter Irene?
½ February 20, 2015
January 7, 2015
Insomnia does on occasion pay off as I caught this while flipping through the channels at 2 A.M., and it's a goodie. Recommended highly.
½ July 22, 2014
This is by far the best Hong Kong film I ever seen.
½ July 7, 2014
Guy wants vengeance for his daughter. Hires some hitmen, but can't remember. Nice little revenge film.
July 5, 2014
Ultra stylish action movie that has substance to spare. The plot may be too linear but the man does it capture the grit and the suspense perfectly.
½ June 29, 2014
Really enjoyed this revenge flick. Some great action sequences from the master Johnnie To
June 10, 2014
A French chef on a rampage far from home--Vengeance is a dish best served with Dim Sum... An enjoyable artistic blood bath!!
½ June 10, 2014
Cool gun fights, not a very engaging story, though. It fails to give us characters to root for and a well done bad guy to hate, being a revenge movie and all. All of that stuff in the film is just sort of perfunctory.
April 5, 2014
To's film is choreographed violence and mayhem! It's stylized gangster gunplay and blood spray ballet! The film has a wicked twist that sets the film apart from the rest!
½ March 1, 2014
I enjoy finding these gems with mixed cultures-A French Chef and 3 Chinese hitmen form an unlikely alliance but set the bar for loyalty in this film. Great late night action flick!
½ February 13, 2014
I really enjoyed the interactions with these characters in thos film. I mean I really enjoyed these actors.I won't bore you with recaps of the movie because there are plenty here. As a side note this is supposedly part of a trilogy/pseudo trilogy including "The Mission" and "Exiled" but this is my only experience so far. I hope they are just as where to find them? 
½ November 29, 2013
We should have killed the white guy.

A French chef with a checkered past discovers that members of his family, including the children, have been brutally shot up and murdered by a gang. The chef hires three mafia assassins to help him find those responsible and gain revenge. While the gang believes they can easily dispatch of this problem, the chef and assassins may be more than they bargain for.

"He took a bullet to the head."

Johnnie Toe, director of Blind Detective, Exiled, Drug War, Running out of Time 1 & 2, The Heroic Trio, The Royal Scoundrel, and The Iron Butterfly 1 & 2, delivers Vengeance. The storyline for this picture may seem straightforward but definitely contains several unique elements, awesome shootouts and great action scenes. The acting is very good and contains Johnny Hallyday, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Simon Yam, and Sylvie Testud.

"I just wanted the parents dead, and you know me..."
"And we know you."

I watched this film off Netflix after finding it while scrolling through the foreign film list. I can tell you this is an awesome action picture (one of the better ones I have seen in some time). The shootouts were creative and fairly intense and I found myself invested in each character. Overall, this is an awesome action picture worth adding to your DVD collection.

"I am looking for my daughter."

Grade: A
October 2, 2013
Few directors make ac tion movies with the pizazz of Hong Kong's Johnnie To this was awesome
½ September 20, 2013
All for one and one for all...

"Vengeance" takes a left turn from most revenge pictures when we find that our hero needs help from the most unlikely source. Normally, the bad guys don't get to be the heroes in films, but here they are saving the day and guiding the film's moral compass.
In the film, a former assassin turned chef hatches a plot for revenge against the men who slew his family. The chef, played by Johnny Halladay, is a mysterious Frenchman named Costello, with a flair for the unorthodox in everything he does. He dresses like a GQ cover model, speaks fluent French, English, and Chinese, and doesn't bat an eye when surrounded by a room full of people who want to kill him. His memory is slipping, so he won't be able to carry out his plot without the help of three men who nearly killed him one night in a ritzy Hong Kong hotel.
The trio are high level hit-men for the Triads. One, is a seasoned veteran. The second is the jolly portly comic relief. And the third, acts as the groups "Leoglas". Together, they are a lethal tour de force. The seasoned veteran is played by Anthony Wong in a scene stealing performance.
Costello offers the trio the opportunity to work for him. He will pay them handsomely and will give them his restaurant in Paris. They accept not only for the money, but because they feel its the right thing to do. The foursome bond quickly after a dinner conversation where they learn they share the same values. The trio are also intrigued by the kindhearted Costello, as they peel back the layers of his past.
The most interesting aspect of the film is the developing friendship among the foursome. They are four very different souls, but share a common goal and similar principles. They are united by their histories of violence and share war stories with one another. The film's excellent script allows us to get to know each characters and why they remain so loyal to one another in the face of unspeakable dangers. They adopt a similar philosophy to the "All for one and one for all" philosophy found in "The Three Musketeers," a novel written by Alexander Dumas. They don't yell the saying aloud, but infer their trust in one another with a simple smirk and nod of appreciation.
Director Johnnie To expertly blends a compelling story with great visuals. The action is slow and methodical. There are two gun battle scenes that have a civil war-like feel to them-- The first is shot for shot over a long range in the dead of night. Film Critic Roger Ebert asks, " Is it a matter of honor that Hong Kong shooters sometimes advance on each other in full view, blazing away, or are they sure who's a lousy shot?" I think To believes in the former. The second battle, is a unique sequence were our heroes and their antagonists roll huge paper blocks to shield them in a bloody firefight.
This is a true Art House film --i.e. films like "Drive (2011)-- as every shot looks like it could belong in a painting. Hong Kong has never looked so interesting. There is one shot (similar to the one pictured above) where we follow Costello walking in the rain among neon lit signs in a seedy part of town which may symbolize his transition back to the gritty underworld, his first nature. It's one of the best shots in a film with many great shots.
The violence is intense at times, but it serves as high art. It's very realistic, as we see our heroes getting shot in nearly every gun battle their involved in. They have to stop, rest, and repair themselves as their enemies constantly breath down their necks.
If I ever made a film, it would be in the style of To. In fact, If I could ever make one movie in my whole lifetime, it would be this one. I admire its courage, its resounding direction, and its magnificent story. I love every shot and every line of spoken dialogue. I love its heroes, and their thought provoking philosophies on the dynamics of revenge.
"Vengeance" is a gem of a film that can be found on Netflix right now. I highly recommend it.

Grade: A
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