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½ October 31, 2016
Rather annoying indeed.
½ May 2, 2016
The bad bits are admittedly pretty bad (Woody's attempts at '90s edginess are a little embarrassing) and Branagh just doing a flat-out imitation of his director is distracting. But when it's good it reminded me of Stardust Memories, in its kind of languid naturalism, and I don't think its bad reputation is justified.
January 20, 2016
Pointlessly shot in black and white, it's usually tough to follow or focus on.
½ November 27, 2015
Muchos la consideran muy mala o de lo peorcito de Woody Allen, pero a mí me divierte. Además, me agrada el cast. Y lo mejor: ¡está en Netflix!
½ August 28, 2015
"Celebrity" isn't perfect, but thanks to Woody Allen's experienced touch and its realistic portrayals of famous lives from its fine ensemble cast, the pros outweigh the cons.
August 12, 2015
Remember when movies were better than tv series? I wish I hadn't listened to critics as I've avoided this film for 15 years. It is in fact another wonderful entry into Woody Allen's amazing catalogue. The movie has a few flaws and bits that don't work but these are absolutely eclipsed by a dazzling array of characters and many beautiful, poignant and funny moments. As near the knuckle and adult as Allen was ever going to get, the director's trademarks are all still there including beautiful shots of New York in black and white. Kenneth Branagh doesn't niggle as much as he probably once did, even though he's so obviously channelling Woody Allen playing the film's lead. Celebrity is wonderful, dazzling and memorable. Another gem from the greatest filmmaker of any generation.
½ December 30, 2014
This is getting all too familiar
½ November 19, 2014
I really couldn't get into this movie. Kenneth Branagh's babbling, fake American ancient was really annoying and the back and forth storyline wasn't that great. I did have high hopes for the film after seeing the cast, but once again, I was terribly let down with the outcome. Basically the movie is about a journalist who has just broken up from wife, after many years of marriage and he decides to play the field and make the most out of his single life. After falling in and out of love with many different beautiful women, he struggles to complete his novel but he still goes around mingling with the rich and famous. His wife struggles to find herself and after trying many different methods to find pleasure in her life, she ends up with a well known television producer who helps her through her difficult break-up. With all of this material, you would think that the movie would be interesting or, at least, entertaining, but I honestly got bored after a while Branagh's stuttering, which Woody Allen is famous for, really didn't suit his persona. All of the famous people like Charlize Theron, Melanie Griffith and Leonardo DiCaprio, only had brief parts in the movie but when they were on screen, it did make the movie slightly interesting. In all, it's a waste of a great cast and I just found the movie to be a bit of a drag. Disappointing!    

I'm surprised that Woody Allen still gets these big budgets when he has lost so much money at the box office. He still is highly respected in Hollywood, but I'm really struggling to see why! Anyway, the leading character was a bad choice by the director, but I was impressed with the young DiCaprio and Judy Davis who put in a emotional performance. There are a couple of decent scenes, like when DeCaprio is arguing with his girlfriend and the scenes with Charlize Theron but that was about it. Like many other Woody Allen movies, you have the usual New York backdrop and he chosen to film the whole movie in black and white, for some unknown reason. Anyway, it's not the greatest Woody Allen movie that I have seen and judging by the box office takings, I'm not alone.

Worldwide Gross: $5million

I recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about a journalist who leaves his wife to play the field amongst the stars in Hollywood. 3/10
½ November 7, 2014
Not one of Woody's best.
September 19, 2014
This is typical of Allen's output of the late 90s - the usual stellar cast, some good ideas and some less good ones, all thrown together. When it works, it's great but it's overly long and just not that sharp.
August 12, 2014
scathing satire.
there was comedy but it aint one of the more fun or laugh-out-louds.
kenneth branagh's "lee" was a real louse-like character.
August 12, 2014
How annoying is Kenneth Branagh doing Woody Allen? Great cast otherwise.
July 5, 2014
It seems as if it's reminding me so much more about "Shadows and Fog", one of Allen's most disappointing films.
½ June 24, 2014
Disjointed and episodic, without any real interesting propulsive momentum. Of course, this being a Woody Allen film, there are a few scenes of great wit and sarcasm.
May 27, 2014
The few subtle moments are missed by disjointed direction. Cold rather charming.
March 18, 2014
Woody Allen's satire on all things Hollywood and celebrity is a big hit or miss affair, with more misses than hits. Kenneth Branagh portrays a bad Woody Allen impression, who is least annoying wen he isn't copying Allen's trademark inflections and speech patterns. The film meanders from one subject to the next, and lacks focus. The film has a dew decent scenes and highlights, but really a lot feels like well worn territory for the director. He's covered a lot of this before, and better.
January 31, 2014
I was drawn to Celebrity as it was a Woody Allen film and it starred Winona Ryder, and it's as simple as that.

Celebrity doesn't seem to have story or structure to it. It seems to be a cluttered collaboration of generic Woody Allen film elements without a smart story or any insight in the dynamics. It's just a lot of cry setting without a good story to it at all, and so it's more like a grayscale version of an unfunny Woody Allen sketch comedy show which benefits from none of his greatest talents as a writer or director.
Celebrity defies its potential and ends up being a misguided film that seems as if it were made by a Woody Allen wannabe. Unfortunately, the only spirit of that comes into play in the cast while leaving the actual film itself excessively scattered. Some may find it to be sporadically entertaining, but I failed to find the appeal or understand what Woody Allen was doing with his story. I wouldn't think he knew it himself, or why he was doing the whole film in black and white. The style of the film and the story structure are both strange, and whatever the story is gets lost in a convoluted method of storytelling.
The actors prove to be the only real quality of Celebrity.
Kenneth Branaugh manages to deliver a fine lead performance. Cast in the part of playing a role Woody Allen usually writes for himself, Kenneth Branaugh manages to actively bring his own charm into the lead role which downplays him from the high scale characters he portrays in films such as his Shakespearian adaptations and puts him in the context of a simple little dramedy. He manages to create the stereotypical Woody Allen mannerisms very finely and makes himself a nice lead for the film.
Winona Ryder also manages to provide a fine supporting role by using her natural charm in most scenes as well as her talent for conveying an emotional aggression in others. She makes a good part in the film.
Leonardo DiCaprio shows early on just what he is all about in Celebrity. While his part is minor, his impact in his dramatic role is seriously major and he proves to play a satisfying and successful presence in the story. He really does an excellent job.
Melanie Griffith also manages to do her part which makes Celebrity that little bit better, as does Charlize Theron.

But despite a very talented cast, Celebrity is simply an empty pile of recycled Woody Allen elements.
December 29, 2013
The best Woody Allen .. just my opinion.. I love it!!
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