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July 3, 2018
Funny movie that any parent with teenagers will appreciate.
June 13, 2018
Cheesy and corny. Only funny for tweens and younger.
August 20, 2017
Irritating characters with silly humour. Couldn't watch more than 15 minutes.
November 14, 2016
Silly, but maybe a little too juvenile and dumb at times. It's still a good-hearted family movie, but not too memorable. (First and only full viewing - In my early twenties)
October 2, 2016
Fuck this mind numbing, cringey, cheesy piece of garbage and everything it fucking stands for. Painfully unfunny, horribly acted and completely unbelievable. It's just completely fucking stupid in every conceivable way.
½ May 5, 2016
Father and daughter bond and hit the road to visit prospective colleges. It's a cutesy kid film but the cuteness can be infectious.
February 13, 2016
This is a predictable and over the top movie but I have to say, it is full of laughs. I was entertained by it and fail to see why so many people hate it. It's an entertaining road trip movie that ends up exactly where you would expect, but that doesn't mean it isn't a fun ride.
½ December 12, 2015
At least Raven Samone was in it. She's awesome.
½ August 14, 2015
It's great at being a kids movie. Adults won't like it as much, but they may still find enjoyment in it. But honestly what more do you expect in a G-rated Disney movie staring the youngest cast member of "The Cosby Show."
May 21, 2015
I would just leave it alone, and let it be, because, this movie isn't supposed to be great anyways, and it's not hurting anyone. But, it contains Donny Osmond, and his massive ego, and all that mugging. That alone, is just so bad.
March 17, 2015
Haha, this appeals to me since my mom and I recently went on a real college road trip... it sounds really cheesy, tho'. Oh well, nothin' wrong w/ that once in a while I guess.
February 20, 2015
This is just something that takes NO chances and CAN'T take any chances. Such an embarrassment for Martin Lawrence
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
This movie have a very low rate on imdb but comments have been rather good so i picked it up. Its a comedy with Martin Lawrence movie much the same as "Are we there yet" which starred Ice Cube but this one was alot better i thought. In my opinion Martin make better comedy movies. Overall a worth seeing comedy for the whole family with many funny scenes.
½ December 31, 2014
Lawrence performed a good father to Symone's (a Disney Channel girl) character in this family college road trip comedy with a sweet father-daughter tale that was made by Disney. This is also a coming of age film for parents about letting go their grown up kids to go to college, and Disney did a good job showing the feels for parents. (B)

(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)
November 13, 2014
I'm a wee bit intrested but not much
½ September 18, 2014
Touring colleges on a road trip seems like offers the opportunity for family growth and development and offers the opportunity for funny things to happen along the way. It works the obvious angle of how hard it is for parents to let go and have faith in their children can make good decisions. There is nothing wrong with that, but it just keeps hammering away at the one theme in the most direct manner. Short of a genius, younger brother and his pet pig there is not much else happening. The little brother is a completely ineffective and superfluous character. The move suffers from mass overacting. It seems like something from a Disney TV show, rather than a movie. Even Martin Lawrence is a let down, though he does not have much to work with. He tries too hard to make something happen when it just is not there. I still believe Martin Lawrence is a funny man; it does not show here. Oddly enough, the best laughs come from Donnie Osmond, who plays a reoccurring character of an overenthusiastic corny dad and his ridiculous daddies-girl daughter. Younger audiences from ages 10-15 may find it entertaining and there is some feel-good family stuff, so there is some redeeming value. Still, there just is not enough comedy or eventful plot points to make it worthwhile for everyone else.
July 21, 2014
Probably the best and the worst college movie that I am allowed to watch. The pig and the dude that wants raven to go to northwestern.
½ April 29, 2014
I'm amazed of how unfunny this movie is.
½ March 7, 2014
Martin Lawrence stars in this dim-witted, run-of-the mill, family friendly comedy that is weak and unfunny. Do not see this movie; let it fall into the 99 cents DVD bins at Kmart.
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