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February 12, 2018
It is in no way perfect, and was most definitely set up to be an engaging fantasy monster flick, but ended up being an unintentional comedy. Great to watch with friends when no one knows what to expect.
January 6, 2018
The only reason this doesn't get a half-star rating is because some of the effects were entertaining to watch even though they are a bit dated. Outside of that the movie is nearly unwatchable. Both the dialogue and delivery of said dialogue is equally laughable, the story, though easy to follow, is somehow both confusing and idiotic. I guess I kind of liked the huge flashback part in the beginning but it was so disjointed from the rest of the film I didn't understand why it was even there outside of showing off all the graphics used in the Lord of the Rings styled battle scene, and that was dumb because it was so derivative. Actually I'd say most of this movie is derivative. I'm really disappointed too because I usually like Korean films, but I guess just like in America, they can't all be winners.
September 12, 2017
The special effects are incredibly amazing and visually remarkable but the plot was simple and flat. The drama got lost somewhere between unappealing romance and flat characterization through bland acting.
½ July 16, 2017
wast of time and money
½ October 9, 2016
I am a big fan of enjoying bad movies for their cheese factor, but let me be straight: this movie is not bad in the fun way. It is just deeply, deeply tedious. Even by big dumb blockbuster standards, the script is extremely generic (flat characters in particular are one of my biggest peeves in movies and TV), and even during the climactic battles it's still no more entertaining than any of its dialogue scenes, which I can assure you are anything but.

People seem to praise the special effects, but I have to disagree. While the CGI monsters themselves are very well made, the actual compositing (the integration of the CGI into the live action footage, as well as greenscreen work) is terribly done, resulting in the monsters often looking poorly pasted on top of the picture and not at all like they're actually there.

Unless you are wowed by the special effects, this movie has little to offer. It's too terrible to be enjoyed by its own merits, and too tedious and generic to be enjoyed ironically. Don't waste your time.
½ September 27, 2016
I recommend someone who wants to waste time
September 21, 2016
No stars. How this ever got a theatrical release in the States is beyond me. The only thing I got out of this unpleasant experience was a migraine. I could take this film, chop it up, put it back together in random order, and it would still make as much sense and be just as annoying.
½ August 14, 2016
I found the characters to be bland and boring the acting mediocre in fact the only entertaining bit was the fight scene NEAR THE END OF THE FRICKING MOVIE to be any good altough saying that the last 10 ish minutes where the imogi fight then the good imogi turns into a dragon to be the only redemable part in the movie and thats my review
May 20, 2016
Did I see this? Sure, about eight years ago when it came out on DVD of course! Do I remember much from it? Absolutelyf**king not! No, wait, Robert Forster IS in this, and he acted and did things! And the CGI is so absolutely insane and all of a piece. Dragon Wars... is what it is, and it's great for a night with friends who know how to take it the opposite of seriously. I'd think if you watch this alone it won't be as much fun though. You really need the communal experience of sitting with a bunch of people who want to watch dragons of different shapes and varieties (though mostly of the gigantic kind) destroying buildings and fighting with giant helicopters as cardboard character cut-outs stand around yelling orders and saying things that are meant to pass as English words. It's a movie that's so poor that had it been made 20 years earlier or 40 years earlier or so on, it would be one of the timeless classics for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 - but this goes without saying it's completely understandable why it has its cult following (if it does, I haven't check the internet lately...)
½ May 5, 2016
This movie had very little to what I expected. The plot was messed up and confusing, they weren't dragons, they were over-sized Cobras, and the acting was dull. They really need to start making better Dragon films again that we can enjoy.
April 15, 2016
If you can look past the embarrassingly bad storyline, cringe worthy dialogue & dreadful acting its actually pretty fun. In fact for a cheesy "B-movie" it boasts some seriously awesome special effects & mental action, but on every other account - it's a total joke.
May 30, 2015
As seen on UniMás, the CGI was pretty good. Those monsters probably would make some awesome toys. But the rest of the film, usually dealing w/ the human cast & whenever they talk, undergoes monotonously familiar elements. Nobody's recognizable (or you wouldn't at that time. Craig Robinson is in it). One critic said this oughta be done on RiffTrax. As a MSTie, that's actually a cool idea.
Super Reviewer
January 1, 2015
Why wasn't I notified of this movie earlier?
September 25, 2014
Looks so friggin intense, but so cheesy at the same time.
September 21, 2014
Works better as a special effects showcase than a film. The effects and battle scenes can be impressive (excepting a few flubs with the former), but that does not make up for a jumbled and underdeveloped narrative.
August 30, 2014
...nice effects, but there is no point :/
August 5, 2014
Rating: 2/5
So Bad it's good rating: 3,5/5
"Dragon Wars" a.k.a. "D-War" is a pretty lousy movie, but at least it's got one thing going for it: Dragons! It's the story of Ethan Kendrick (Jason Behr). He's the reincarnation of a man who, 500 years ago was charged with protecting a princess from the evil Buraki, a giant serpent. The woman in question, has been reincarnated as Sarah (Amanda Brooks). The young woman contains the essence of the Yeouiju, which can transform a serpent like Buraki (an Imugi) into a Celestial Drago, but only when she turns 20. It's nearing Sarah's birthday and Buraki sends his army of dinosaurs, dragons and soldiers to go get her! Ethan must save Sarah or she will be instrument in the destruction of our world... or whatever consequences Buraki transforming into a dragon will have.
When this movie features the dragons, it's awesome. There is a nice variety in the creatures that attack the humans and we get two good, long scenes featuring them. There is one scene in the past, where they simply annihilate the village where the past lives of Sarah and Ethan are living and one in the present where they battle helicopters, tanks and soldiers. We've got soldiers riding velociraptor-like dinosaurs, we've got two-legged Blastoise-like monster with cannons on their backs, we've got flying dragons and sword-wielding ground troops. The battle sequences with these guys are really awesome and the special effects are top-notch. We also get some cool moments where the evil Buraki goes on a rampage in present day. The scenes where it is slithering across crowded streets, knocking hundreds of cars over, crawling over buildings, encircling skyscrapers in its coils and eating people is truly awesome. We even get a pretty sweet Imugi vs. Imugi battle and a dragon vs. Imugi fight towards the end of the movie. If you just like seeing giant monsters wrecking stuff, there's a lot to like here.
Whenever there are only people talking in the movie, without any dragons anywhere near them, it's downright terrible. This is the kind of movie where characters really under-react to the destruction that's around them. Craig Robinson in particular looks really unenthusiastic, even when being chased by a towering serpent capable of reducing buildings to dust. You can tell no one's priorities were in any of the scenes were people are acting too, because for no discernible reason, no one ever sees the monster moving as long as it's off-screen and every single person in the world, except for that one comedic guy no one believes, is fast-asleep whenever the monsters show up. Even from an overall story level though, this is really bad. The climax of the movie gets resolved in a Deus-Ex Machina that really cheapens the movie and makes it obvious that writer/director Shim Hyung-rae wrote himself into a corner and had no idea what to do with his own story. The movie becomes really laughable in hindsight because you realize if a character in the past hadn't been a total moron, the whole situation could have been avoided and millions of lives would have been spared.
What this movie has going for it is the laughable storyline, which includes flashbacks within flashbacks, a confusing story that's just an excuse to tie in scenes of monsters wrecking civilizations together and a half-dozen clunky moments of characters interacting with each other that will leave you scratching your head in confusion. The special effects are good and pretty exciting, but the story sucks. That means the movie is great for making fun of and makes for a great background movie at your party. When people are talking your guests can either laugh or ignore the movie. When the dragons start wrecking the place, it'll make for great conversation. I say rent "D-War" (I think that title is so nutty it's awesome) on Blu-ray, watch it with your buddies that want to have some laughs and you'll have a good time. (On Blu-ray, June 20, 2014)
½ July 12, 2014
Were in the 2 day for creature feature week. We're reviewing Dragon Wars. My problems: characters,acting,story,and more. Positives: Craig Robinson,effects,laughs,and dragons. That's it. Next time: Serenity.
½ May 21, 2014
The worst movie I have ever seen. It showed so much promise, and then shit all over any expectations anybody could have. It has what appears to be two separate plot lines, both of which don't make sense. The CGI appears to be good from images, but in practice, it's horrible. I can't recommend enough that you NOT watch this movie. It's not even the type of bad that's laughable, it's just angering instead.
April 27, 2014
Impressive special effects highlight this "B" Grade creature feature that features bad acting, a lame script and uninspired direction.
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