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Contrived performances and over-the-top sequences offer little real drama.



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A murder on a military base unearths a netherworld of corruption in this thriller based on the novel by Nelson DeMille. General Joe Campbell (James Cromwell) is a respected military leader with a flawless reputation; he's due to retire from the Army soon and is headed for a Vice-Presidential nomination. However, Campbell finds himself in both a personal and political crisis when his daughter is brutally murdered. Captain Elizabeth Campbell (Leslie Stefanson) was beautiful, intelligent, disciplined, and well-regarded, the very model of an ideal female officer; she was also stationed at the same base as her father. Paul Brenner (John Travolta), a warrant officer of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, is assigned to look into the case alongside CID officer Sara Sunhill (Madeleine Stowe). Brenner and Sunhill were once romantically involved, complicating an assignment that soon offers more than enough complications of its own. Brenner and Sunhill come to realize that, for all her accomplishments, Elizabeth carried a lifetime of emotional scars from emotional abuse and sexual harassment, and that, despite the General's reputation, his relationship with his daughter was not always a happy or healthy one. It also seems possible that the General's second-in-command, General George Fowler (Clarence Williams III), a likely candidate for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, may also be implicated in the crime. The General's Daughter was the second feature film for director Simon West; his full-length debut was Con Air (1997), after a long string of successful television commercials and music videos.


John Travolta
as Warrant Officer Paul Brenner
James Woods
as Col. Robert Moore
James Cromwell
as Lt. General Joseph Campbell
John Benjamin Hickey
as Captain Goodson
Timothy Hutton
as Col. William Kent
Leslie Stefanson
as Captain Elizabeth Campbell
Madeleine Stowe
as Warrant Officer Sara Sunhill
Daniel von Bargen
as Chief Yardley
John Beasley
as Colonel Donald Slesinger
Boyd Kestner
as Lt. Elby
Brad Beyer
as Bransford
Rick Dial
as Cal Seivers
John Frankenheimer
as General Sonnenberg
Ariyan Johnson
as PFC Robbins
Steve Danton
as Bomb Van Soldier
Rich Jackson
as Bom Van Soldier
Joshua Stafford
as Soldier who finds Elisabeth
Darius Montgomery
as Soldier who finds Elisabeth
Paul Ware
as MP Guard
Tait Ruppert
as Young Tech
Lisa A. Tripp
as Work Detail Leader
James O. Evans
as Sex Video Officer
Chris Grayson
as Sex Video Officer
Sy Leopold
as Sex Video Officer
Fred Tate
as Sex Video Officer
Steve Goyen
as Honor Guard Commander
Pablo Espinosa
as Color Guard Commander
Levin Handy
as Airborne Officer
Jason M. Luevano
as Airborne Officer
Gustavo A. Perdomo
as Drill Team NCO
Rodney Mitchell
as Ranger Instructor
Ryan D. Kirkland
as Ranger Instructor
Micheal Gerald Jones
as Soldier in Locker Room
Matt Anderson
as Firing Party Commander
Cooper Huckabee
as Colonel Weems
Michael Terry Swiney
as Lockup Sergeant
Mark Ivie
as Fencing Loser
Clarence Williams III
as Col. George Fowler
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  • May 07, 2012
    half action half murder investigation. puzzled? well the film isn't that good but it isn't the worst film out there. don't feel bad if you end up liking this film because it does include an interesting plot line
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 13, 2011
    The General's Daughter is an interesting Thriller, but ends up being a fairly average one at best. The film has a decent enough cast starring in it. Overall the film is an average piece of cinema that delivers decent thrills as the main character played by John Travolta seeks to uncover the truth about the murder of a C. at West Point. He uncovers many cover ups and soon discovers that the C.O's daughter wasn't all that she seemed to be. Though a good film, I thought that The General's Daughter could have used a bit more story to the subject matter because here you have a story that is almost flat at times. However theres some good twists and good thrills to be had watching this film. The film is good, but it's nothing terrific. The acting is fairly well delivered, James Cromwell and James Woods are terrific and even John Travolta is good here, but his performance is at times uneven. The film is nothing spectacular in terms of a Thriller, but it has many good things going for it that will surely entertain the viewer. The General's Daughter is an average Thriller with above average acting, it has the potential to be a great Thriller, but it doesn't quit get there. However the film is bound to give you a few thrills as you follow Paul Brenner uncover the truth of the murder in the film. An entertain film that could have been better.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • May 08, 2011
    John Travolta portrays a captain in the army special investigations unit assigned to find the murderer of the titled general's daughter. The corpse was found naked with signs of rape, torture and died from being strangled while spread-eagled. Madeleine Stowe plays the military detective asking questions to the key suspects who knew her, and her secret dominatrix lifestyle. She hopes to uncover the reasons for the crime and find its perpetrator. Of course, as is common in stories like this, there are those who don't want the truth to be told. Excellent support is given by James Woods as the murdered woman's colleague and military psychologist, James Cromwell as the general, and Timothy Hutton as a colonel acting as liaison to Travolta in the investigation. Warning: Contains an extremely graphic rape scene!
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Apr 08, 2010
    Firstly, the ending sequence with the C-130 and the general is phenomenal. Aside from that, the movie is a pretty good investigative drama, though it can be messed up at times, which is understandable, considering the subject matter. Honestly, both travolta and stowe are surprisingly good, which is not what I expected, because I don't particularly like either of them. Worth seeing, but definitely not for everyone...but that really goes without saying.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer

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