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It may not win the franchise many new converts, but this back-to-basics outing brings Riddick fans more of the brooding sci-fi action they've come to expect.



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Riddick, the latest chapter of the groundbreaking saga that began with 2000's hit sci-fi film Pitch Black and 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick reunites writer/director David Twohy (A Perfect Getaway, The Fugitive) and star Vin Diesel (the Fast and Furious franchise, xXx). Diesel reprises his role as the antihero Riddick, a dangerous, escaped convict wanted by every bounty hunter in the known galaxy. The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he's encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won't leave the planet without Riddick's head as their trophy. (c) Universal


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  • He's spent the bulk of his career hiding in franchises, hypermasculinizing himself. We can live with this. But this new movie makes you wonder whether Diesel can.

    Jan 6, 2014 | Full Review…
  • David Twohy's film is scarcely original, but the sheer survivalist grind of our hero, against comical odds, becomes appealingly mad ...

    Sep 16, 2013 | Full Review…
  • A vibrant stylistic mishmash that works brilliantly in chunks but is ultimately too scattered to sustain any cohesion.

    Sep 12, 2013 | Full Review…
  • Riddick, an alternately kick-ass and clumsy piece of sci-fi claptrap that puts its empty head down and gets the job done.

    Sep 6, 2013 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…
  • Fans of lean, mean, testosterone-steeped sci-fi action are likely to find Riddick kind of a blast, however -- even though it offers few surprises.

    Sep 6, 2013 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…
  • The movie's cheap but has a sense of humor, and it's smart enough to let Riddick just get back to being a badass.

    Sep 6, 2013 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

    Ty Burr

    Boston Globe
    Top Critic

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  • Feb 24, 2016
    After it looked like The Chronicles Of Riddick had killed off any chance of a sequel with bad reviews and low box office numbers we finally got a third part and I'm so glad we did, I liked the first two but never really got me that interested, But this one is the best yet, Its story is good and gripping with some great action scenes plus this time the effects were pretty good, It's nothing new but breathes new life into the Riddick films, It won't win over any new fans but it will more than make loyal fans happy.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 14, 2016
    The definition of "nothing to write home about": pretending way too much to be cool while being entirely predictable and set in a really fake environment. There are glimpses of decent world-building and it's overall never boring, but not particularly interesting either.
    Jens S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 22, 2014
    Just so very average.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Mar 06, 2014
    Its alright for what it is... The movie starts out riddick gets dissed owned by his own people, ends up on this planet and notices some kind of Martian rain iz coming. So he finds this recon Space Station hits a button and let some bountyhunters know he's on this planet. this is where I'm thinkin tha shit is goin to happen... but it really doesnt. Cause Riddick doin his Riddick shit and start tellin everthing thats goin to happen... This movie cool its only one scene that really had me like Damn! but nothing spectacular VanDisel is the same character in every movie. The little Spanish dude from badboys2 johnny Tapioca holds it.down. Batista is in it. *BoneShrug*... But I picked this far as second best out of the franchise.
    khalvic b Super Reviewer

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