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½ March 28, 2018
A stellar performance from Mr. Tosar. Interesting and dementedly delightful.
½ October 31, 2017
this wasssss not what i thought it was going to be, haha. it's pretty slow moving, but fairly intriguing the whole time i guess. it's a different kind of horror -- not the horror that'll make you jump & lose sleep at night (unless you can relate), but the horror of purposefully inflicting pain on another person, through both physical & psychological means. so if that's what you want to watch; it's not terrible.
March 27, 2017
Thoroughly unnerving tale that revolves entirely around its villain, a voyeuristic concierge who's as patient as he is disturbed. What's more surprising is that you start feeling bad for him thanks to the superb performance by Tosar.
Super Reviewer
½ October 12, 2016
So it turns out that the best movie of the horror fest, so far, isn't really even what one might call a conventional horror movie. There's definitely some hints of horror particularly considering the fact that, as I always say, the movie focuses on something far more real than just, say, a slasher or a ghost movie. I'm not saying that everything that happens in this movie is completely realistic, but, maybe not everyone, a lot of people know someone like Cesar is in this movie. A misanthrope who desires to make everyone around him as miserable as he is. That's a very believable concept. But I believe Cesar's attitude goes deeper than just someone who wants to make people miserable. He is a person who enjoys creating chaos in peoples' lives. He wants to see their lives crumble and he loves knowing that it was as a result of his actions. The people in question don't even have to know it was him, it just gives him satisfaction knowing that he ruined someone's lives. Cesar, the concierge at this apartment building, takes aim at the cheeriest tenant as he uses most extreme attempts to make her life absolutely miserable. By any means necessary. He sleeps in her bed, after using chloroform on her, and he does things that, he believes, would wipe the smile off her face. He injects something into her products that makes her get a rash, he fills her apartment full of bugs, among many other things. Yet, no matter what he does, Clara, the tenant Cesar is obsessed with, never loses her smile or her positive attitude. Things start to get even more complicated once Clara's boyfriend comes into question and this is when Cesar's misdeeds start catching up with him as he leaves a trail of evidence that points straight to him. Eventually, however, Cesar does accomplish his goal of making Clara absolutely miserable, it's pretty obvious if you've been keeping track, but I won't spoil it anyway. You know, this isn't the type of movie that you should watch if you're wanting something hopeful or if you want a satisfying revenge flick, this is not that, like in the slightest. But it is a really interesting, and sometimes even disturbing, character study into this man's life and how he finds very little that makes him happy so, therefore, he must make everyone as unhappy as he is to level the playing field. It's a man who has, really, no purpose to live, yet he finds it once he succeeds in destroying Clara's life. It's a really well-written movie and smart too. But, really, the film wouldn't be what it is without Luis Tosar, who plays Cesar, and his absolutely tremendous performance. He is just perfect in this movie, like he couldn't be more perfectly cast, because he does manage to walk a fine line between likable concierge and seriously fucked up individual. At first, if you hadn't even known that Cesar was the creep, you wouldn't have known it by how he acted. There's nothing about him that gives him away. It might not be much, but there's a certain subtlety that is required when pulling off 'dual' aspects of this character's personality. His performance is not over-the-top, it really is quite chilling, like the extents he would go to to cause others to be miserable. There's one particular heartbreaking scene where he just calmly berates the sweetest old lady you've ever met. He insults her, calls her old, tells her that no one will ever want to be with her at this age, among many other things. And this guy, and the actress in question, both do such a great job that, honestly, it's really one of the top 3 most memorable scenes in the entire movie. So, yea, I thought that this was a hell of a movie. I don't know if I would call it great, but it's really not that far off from it. It's a little more character-driven than your normal thriller, in that it explores the psyche of a miserable human being in his quest to destroy everyone around him emotionally. And it's really fucking good and I would highly recommend this film. The sooner you see it, the better.
August 31, 2016
Perfect Drama Thriller, an usual story-line makes this movie unique in its own mystic way.
March 19, 2016
Creepy little thriller is slow but suspenseful.
½ March 10, 2016
This movie is often set under the bed of a girl's room but is almost perfect.


Review from Italy
January 19, 2016
Really really creepy.
November 11, 2015
Apartment concierge Cesar (Luis Tosar) is a miserable person who believes he was born without the ability to be happy. As a result, he decides his mission is to make life hell for everyone around him. A majority of the tenants are easy to agitate, but Clara (Marta Etura) proves to be harder than the most. So Cesar goes to creepy extremes to make this young woman mentally break down. Things get even more complicated in this twisted relationship when her boyfriend, Marcos (Alberto San Juan), shows up...

The main plot is a man who claims himself to be physiologically incapable of happiness. His solution to the problem is to make everybody else in his close range miserable. Meaning the main character Cesar is hardly likeable nor understandable in his actions in my point of view. Particularly in how he treats Clara and the result of that. I had hopes for a good suspenseful spanish thriller, but was served with something that never really raised my pulse despite a general dark atmosphere. Maybe the suspense became too subtle and just vanished due to that. Luis Tosar was good as Cesar and the lovely Marta Etura was good as Clara despite her character´s difficulty of understanding what was happening. And there´s pot holes in the logic of the story as. I thought the action and behaviour of the young neighbour girl was just not logic. She simply felt too "adult" in her thinking and how she blackmailed Cesar. However, the psychological terror idea of having Cesar ending up underneath Clara´s bed each night is great horror material. "Sleep Tight" was not as good as I hoped it to be, and this story won´t haunt my sub conscience.
September 4, 2015
Sr. Tosar's eyebrows are the real stars of this and many others movie I've happily observed them in. Their onscreen presence is so visceral that plot, characterization, political considerations, production values, and even Gaudi architectural details must take a backseat to them if they are even allowed on the same ride. In this movie, they are creepier than a cockroach invasion, yet more beautiful-especially in the shower scene-than a Gaudi balcony. There should be a special Academy Award dedicated to the star performances of eyebrows in films, from Sean Connery's and Chris Pine's to Audrey Hepburn's and Sophia Loren's. I think Luis Tosar's might trump them all however. And if ever there is a lifetime achievement award for such a highbrow category, I would certainly cast my vote for his!
August 25, 2015
Well, that was awkward! Great stalker film with many unusual twists, and incredible you're rooting so much for the bad guy by halfway through the film.
June 20, 2015
Even though it's an unsurprising cliche from the same genre, it did try making something different in certain settings.
½ May 19, 2015
WOW!!!! I didnt see that comin'!! Super fantastic movie from one of my favorite directors... Tosar is fantastic what a great actor he is!... And guess what: he's SCARY as hell!!! Long time no see a movie with this quality. A great tale of obsession that eventually becomes very tense with the performance of the main character stealing the show with brilliantism!
May 18, 2015
That's one hell of a strange obsession. I should probably rate it a little higher, but some of it is way far fetched.
½ April 1, 2015
During watching this tightly wound thriller I became hugely impressed by its fine performances, great writing, and hugely intriguing premise. But once this makes its way into its final few chapters the true extent of the main characters' evil makes this a very hard film to have anything other than respect, but not one shred of fondness toward. This in fact may be the most horrible plot to any film I've ever seen. Early on you can compare the seedy doorman (a very good Luis Tosar) to The Simpsons' Moe Szyslak, but once things begin to get very dark that comparison isn't very funny. This is well worth tracking down, but be warned, it really isn't a typical Hollywood light and easy sit.
½ March 28, 2015
Very dark with its drama, but also hard to take your eyes off it as it's a compelling case study of a clearly disturbed man leading an ordinary life.
March 26, 2015
Creepy atmospheric Spanish chiller about a janitor and his fixation with a tennent. The apartment is beautiful and the film rather good
February 3, 2015
Stylishly shot and a great central performance. The screenplay is somewhat underwhelming and I don't really understand the antagonist's motivations for the majority of the movie.

The climax is kind of peculiar and uncharacteristic, when contrasted beside the rest of the movie. For large chunks of the movie, he didn't seem overtly malevolent, just a bit obsessed.
January 16, 2015
This movie is an absolute downer. Frikin sickening..
½ January 15, 2015
Enjoyable, disturbing, smart film... what if the only thing that makes your life standable is to see somebody else being as miserable as you?... great story, amazing ending.
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