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3.0/5 Joker (2019) Tony Macklin Joker is a wicked trip. EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2019
3.0/5 Downton Abbey (2019) Tony Macklin Downton Abbey is the feel-good movie of the year. That's both its strength and its limitation. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2019
3.5/5 Judy (2019) Tony Macklin Since I'm in Las Vegas I like to set odds. Renee Zellweger is at least 1-10 to win Best Actress. She's a lock. EDIT
Posted Sep 25, 2019
4.0/5 Hitsville: The Making of Motown (2019) Tony Macklin Hitsville: The Making of Motown shines a loving light on the past. EDIT
Posted Sep 14, 2019
2.0/5 Human Capital (2019) Tony Macklin Human Capital is mostly a character study EDIT
Posted Sep 11, 2019
2.5/5 The Red Sea Diving Resort (2018) Tony Macklin In The Red Sea Diving Resort, a rescuer states, "We leave no one behind." That becomes the motto of the film. EDIT
Posted Aug 15, 2019
3.0/5 Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019) Tony Macklin Tarantino thinks movies can change history. Wouldn't that be nice? EDIT
Posted Jul 30, 2019
2.0/5 Murder Mystery (2019) Tony Macklin Murder Mystery is a lively hodgepodge. EDIT
Posted Jul 6, 2019
3.0/5 Ghost Light (2018) Tony Macklin Ghost Light is a heady concoction of whimsy and dread. EDIT
Posted Jun 28, 2019
3.0/5 Bull (2019) Tony Macklin Bull is about solitude and struggle in an alienating world. EDIT
Posted Jun 8, 2019
2.5/5 Rocketman (2019) Tony Macklin Rocketman is one of those movies you have to suspend your disbelief. EDIT
Posted Jun 2, 2019
1.5/5 All Is True (2018) Tony Macklin All Is True should be subtitled, The Shakespeares On Reality TV. EDIT
Posted May 19, 2019
2.0/5 Tolkien (2019) Tony Macklin Movies about writers usually fail. EDIT
Posted May 13, 2019
2.0/5 Tater Tot & Patton (2017) Tony Macklin Tater Tot & Patton is a niche, indie film. EDIT
Posted May 1, 2019
2/5 Avengers: Endgame (2019) Tony Macklin When the action ends, the conclusion that follows is drawn-out and bland. EDIT
Posted Apr 24, 2019
2.0/5 The Highwaymen (2019) Tony Macklin The Highwaymen will be compared to the classic Bonnie and Clyde (1967). EDIT
Posted Apr 16, 2019
2.0/5 The Things We've Seen (2017) Tony Macklin The Things We've Seen is an evocative movie. EDIT
Posted Mar 21, 2019
1.5/5 Triple Frontier (2019) Tony Macklin Triple Frontier could have been a good film instead of the brutal, rigged mess it turned out to be. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2019
2.5/5 To Dust (2018) Tony Macklin To Dust is macabre and mirthful, authentic and absurd. EDIT
Posted Mar 6, 2019
2.5/5 Champs (2015) Tony Macklin Champs is sociological as well as soulful. EDIT
Posted Mar 2, 2019
2.5/5 High Flying Bird (2019) Tony Macklin High Flying Bird could be titled, Here Comes LeBron. EDIT
Posted Feb 10, 2019
2.0/5 Stay Human (2018) Tony Macklin Stay Human should be titled Stay Positive. EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2019
3.0/5 Social Animals (2018) Tony Macklin Social Animals shows the fallible, would-be wizards who live behind the screen. EDIT
Posted Jan 24, 2019
2.5/5 A Boy Called Sailboat (2018) Tony Macklin A Boy Called Sailboat is an odd and unique film. EDIT
Posted Jan 19, 2019
4.5/5 Springsteen on Broadway (2018) Tony Macklin Springsteen outdid all the superheroes on screen in 2018. EDIT
Posted Dec 23, 2018
3.0/5 The Mule (2018) Tony Macklin Clint can be proud. EDIT
Posted Dec 19, 2018
3.0/5 Vice (2018) Tony Macklin Vice is clever and credible -- and surprisingly entertaining. EDIT
Posted Dec 17, 2018
2.0/5 Roma (2018) Tony Macklin This year's gaga film is Roma. EDIT
Posted Dec 14, 2018
3.0/5 Mirai no Mirai (2018) Tony Macklin It probably will make you think about your own familial relationships. EDIT
Posted Dec 10, 2018
2.5/5 Green Book (2018) Tony Macklin It's the film's right to do so, but the real world lurks just off camera. EDIT
Posted Nov 30, 2018
1.5/5 Destroyer (2018) Tony Macklin Destroyer should be titled Destroy-her. EDIT
Posted Nov 27, 2018
2.5/5 The American Meme (2018) Tony Macklin It is ironic how human the falsity can be. EDIT
Posted Nov 19, 2018
1.5/5 The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018) Tony Macklin In 2018, schlock often rules. EDIT
Posted Nov 12, 2018
2.5/5 What Haunts Us (2018) Tony Macklin What Haunts Us has a power that lasts far after one views the film. EDIT
Posted Nov 1, 2018
2.0/5 The Old Man & the Gun (2018) Tony Macklin The Old Man & the Gun is not a swan song; it's a duckwalk -- without the guitar. EDIT
Posted Oct 21, 2018
3.0/5 A Star Is Born (2018) Tony Macklin A Star Is Born is part slog, part hymn. EDIT
Posted Oct 6, 2018
2.5/5 What We Started (2017) Tony Macklin What We Started is a sporadic, heartfelt history of EDM. EDIT
Posted Sep 18, 2018
3.0/5 RBG (2018) Tony Macklin The documentary RBG is a compelling clarion call. EDIT
Posted Sep 7, 2018
2.5/5 Operation Finale (2018) Tony Macklin Acting is the indomitable strength of Operation Finale. EDIT
Posted Sep 5, 2018
2.5/5 BlacKkKlansman (2018) Tony Macklin D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation is a great film. BlacKkKlansman is a good film. EDIT
Posted Aug 17, 2018
3.0/5 I Am Paul Walker (2018) Tony Macklin I Am Paul Walker is not a tell-all movie -- it's a best-of-him movie. EDIT
Posted Aug 16, 2018
3.0/5 Christopher Robin (2018) Tony Macklin Christopher Robin is very bearable. EDIT
Posted Aug 9, 2018
2.0/5 Mission: Impossible -- Fallout (2018) Tony Macklin IMF is WTF. EDIT
Posted Aug 2, 2018
3.5/5 Leave No Trace (2018) Tony Macklin Leave No Trace is a paean to empathy. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2018
2.0/5 Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) Tony Macklin Sicario: Day of the Soldado is steeped in cruelty. It's a product of its age. EDIT
Posted Jul 2, 2018
2.5/5 Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018) Tony Macklin Was Fred Rogers "a lamb"? Won't You Be My Neighbor? suggests he really was. EDIT
Posted Jun 18, 2018
2.0/5 Ocean's 8 (2018) Tony Macklin Ocean's 8 is one of those 2018 specialties, in which writing doesn't matter. EDIT
Posted Jun 10, 2018
2.5/5 Pope Francis -- A Man of His Word (2018) Tony Macklin Pope Francis: A Man of His Word is the quintessential anti-Trump film. EDIT
Posted May 17, 2018
2.5/5 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Tony Macklin For better or worse, Avengers: Infinity War is a blast. EDIT
Posted May 6, 2018
5.0/5 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Tony Macklin Is 2001: A Space Odyssey the best film of all-time? EDIT
Posted Apr 30, 2018