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June 27, 2016
stupid movie with dumb characters but funny jokes for sure
April 6, 2016
This is hilarious and awesome!
March 25, 2016
movie was funny... like it...
March 13, 2016
Embrace the silliness, and its not half bad. It's not particularly great either but it is a goofy movie that is decent fun.
February 28, 2016
This movie is so stupid, but I like it cuz it's hilarious
½ February 27, 2016
Land of the Lost
Will Ferrell effect is definitely too strong for this kind of movie
February 5, 2016
"This is dumb and childish", Will Ferrell says, and yes. yes it is.
½ January 4, 2016
Can't believe how much i liked this film, thought it was going to be terrible as well but it's typically stupid humour and i can't help but like it!
November 22, 2015
First of all, I don't like Will Ferrell. Really, I hate him but I made an effort to start watching this movie and one more time I was disappointed. I watched just 30 minutes and it was a TORTURE. What a bad bad bad movie.
½ November 7, 2015
The worst movie Ive seen in my life
½ October 25, 2015
stupid but hilarious
½ September 16, 2015
This is what I consider "so bad it's good" for the current generation. They spent way too much on this movie considering that it's a comedy and it's special effects are not even impressive whatsoever. However, I thought a lot of its scenes were laugh-out-loud ridiculous and Ferrell and McBride make for a compelling comic duo. It seems like everyone thinks this movie was trying to take itself seriously. I don't, and that's why I greatly enjoyed it.
September 1, 2015
Feeling less like a adaptation of the TV series and more like a shallow parody, Land of the lost does not deserve it's name and goes completely against the show's ways, replacing the cheesy thrills with crude, uninspired gags.
August 31, 2015
"It means Matt Lower can go suck it!"
August 29, 2015
This is one of the worst Will Ferrell films. It was not very funny and the story was lame.
August 15, 2015
I hate will ferrell but I love this movie. I don't get why people didn't like it
August 12, 2015
fuck Will Ferrell. The man cant act worth a crap.
August 11, 2015
Re-watched this, and I gotta say it's funnier today than when it came out. I think maybe the humour of today has aligned with the humour of this movie.
August 3, 2015
A stupid, perverted, humorless, corporate cash grabb of a beloved children's show back in the 70's! If you want My opinion, watch the 1991 Nickelodeon series, that's a much more respectful adaptation that captures the spirit of the original but still manages to be it's own thing.
July 28, 2015
My absolute all time favorite movie. I watched this EVERY night before bed for a few months. If i was upset this would cheer me up! it is ridiculous and very cheesy, a lot of it is just like WTF? lol but it's hilarious! Come on he slid off a dinosaurs tail! "I'm wearing my four shine zipper boots" lol god this movie is fantastic! To the haters, well hate on, movie lovers know better.
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