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April 23, 2017
On the day of both his retirement and wedding, a marshal (Gary Cooper) learns that a gang whose leader he arrested once is coming back to his town for revenge. Everyone there including his new wife (Grace Kelly) urges him to leave town while he still has a chance, but the marshal is too proud of his glory days to run away and insists on fending them off. Gary Cooper is excellent as a man whose conscience tells him to protect his citizens regardless of how much they think they don't need him, Grace Kelly is always a welcome screen presence, and the story is also pretty solid as well despite the climax's predictability and the redundancy of the middle act.
½ April 21, 2017
Do not forsake me oh my darling. Utter classic and even at my age I appreciate. This film is 40yrs old than me.
March 30, 2017
High Noon is a timeless story that should resonate with everybody..
March 20, 2017
There aren't that many people either in film or every day life who will stand up for what he knows is the right thing to do. That's why this film will always be remembered and unbeatable in terms of strength, heart and dignity.
½ March 16, 2017
Strong. Clear. Layered. Harsh honesty of community. (Not your typical western). Even strongly feminist.
March 6, 2017
The role of Will Kane was rejected by quite a few actors. Among them John Wayne, Marlon Brando and Gregory Peck. However I am very happy they declined the role because I feel nobody could have played the character better than Gary Cooper. An excellent performance well deserving of the Academy Award for Best Actor. "High Noon" is definitely one of the greatest Westerns ever. It ranks up there with the great Westerns directed by John Ford such as "The Searchers" and the absolutely phenomenal "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance". Gary Cooper is helped by an equally excellent supporting cast which includes Harry Morgan and Lloyd Bridges. What also helps make "High Noon" great is that the movie is just the right length and is not drawn out in any way. The very small subplots don't get in the way of the very intriguing main story line of Will Kane's predicament. I do have one small problem with the film I have to admit. I did not like the casting of Grace Kelly as Will Kane's new wife. Kelly gives a terrific performance, but I did not buy them as a couple (Cooper was fifty when the movie was filmed. Kelly was twenty-one.). Still that is a minor flaw in an otherwise excellent film. More than sixty years later "High Noon" has stood the test of time. While I am very pleased "High Noon" received much deserved recognition from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, it is absolutely ludicrous that this movie lost the award for Best Picture to "The Greatest Show on Earth".
February 13, 2017
It's a corny, but very classic western, with a memorable and unforgettable theme song, and performance by Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. It's a movie that builds some suspense all the way during the end, although the gun fight disappointed me a bit, I found it to be bland and short. But otherwise, for it's time, it's a cool movie, I now know where Ti West's In a Valley of Violence (2016), which was memorable, got most of it's inspiration from as well as what it references. Recommended !!
February 1, 2017
My classic movie of the day. I have heard about this for decades. I can see why it is highly rated.
December 20, 2016
It was a quite simple story , this is no weakness . You will enjoy the most how Gary Cooper and Fred Zinnemann turned this plane story into a tense and thriller combined with depicting portrait of a real man with charisma and care and love for his life and persons around him .
The credits goes first to Cooper master acting and Z always just to the point movies .
If Im gonna be critic about one thing , just like other Zinnemann movie , A man for all seasons , the duration of the movie was too short , one would pity why a good movie be so concise while the joy possibly could last longer with his fine art assured it .
November 19, 2016
"The most un-American thing I've ever seen in my whole life." -John Wayne
November 5, 2016
Very effective way to dish out the enemy and a play of the game
½ November 3, 2016
High Noon is a downbeat western characterised by duty, doubt and dread.
The real-time aesthetic used and abused by director Fred Zinnemann is a gimmicky-yet-gripping delight. But more importantly, it helps to conjure up and maintain an air of suspense and intrigue it would take a certain John Ford decades to match.
Short, sharp and suspenseful, Zinnemann's film is a western with zing - a respectable genre classic free from the usual all-American yawn factor. Look out for a young Lee Van Cleef giving "the strong, silent type" a whole new meaning.
September 17, 2016
I had never seen it....pretty damn good movie.
½ September 16, 2016
There could have been a star who could have added a touch of vulnerability to the hero, Will Kane. Cooper, sadly, is too wooden, save for one fleeting moment where he truly feels helpless and alone.
In spite of this, the film is tense, smart, subversive, philosophical, wonderfully cynical and strikingly shot.
Speaking no audible dialogue in his film debut, Lee Van Cleef makes one hell of an impression. He was cast for the role because he had kind of an evil face. He stands out so much he's almost a distraction.
Katy Jurado's Helen Ramirez is a breath of fresh air. She's the sort of woman who'd be typed as the "villain's woman" in a classic Hollywood Western, who has the look of a femme fatale, who plots, schemes and generally shoots glaring looks, and dies once she redeems herself. Helen is not that sort. Not only does she live to the end, she's a much more three-dimensional character, conflicted in a different way. Her femme fatale look reflects her jaded personality, which comes out of the prejudice she faces as a Mexican in a white town. Her subplot was a pleasant surprise.
Grace Kelly condemned her own performance, but it's not as bad as she thinks. Alfred Hitchcock praised her in the moments where she rushes to save her husband from his one-on-four battle.
The ending is nothing short of powerful.
All in all, worth a second watch.
July 31, 2016
Original soundtrack. Kelly is also beautiful. The Hollywood set made it feel like it was an episode from the twilight zone though, it must have been a very low budget production.
July 27, 2016
A masterclass in high tension drama and suspense, Zinnemann's western is a genre masterwork.
June 16, 2016
Entertaining and Old-School, High Noon is a Western Classic for the genre including Gary Cooper's performance
June 14, 2016
Saw this on 14/6/16
Though cheesy at times, the movie succeeds because of its daring not to fall into a feel good genre. Its memmorable portrayal of a thankless community of people who care about themselves alone is far more interesting than the motivations of its hero. Fred Zinnemann's direction is tense.
½ June 13, 2016
High Noon builds the suspense of approaching violence with the help of some brilliant filmmaking.
May 28, 2016
160528: What strikes me about this film is the clarity of the picture, of the filming. Everything seems crisp, vivid. Why Cooper doesn't have any ammunition on his belt is a wonder to me. Not that it has any effect on my enjoyment of this film, it just intrigued me. This film won four academy awards so it must be good...right? Have never been a fan of Jurado and, actually, found most of the acting here weak.
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