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½ February 6, 2017
If you were to see this biopic of Mike Tyson, you would have to be a person

totally comfortable with a film full of vulgarity, a bitter tone full of resentment, hurt, loss and

possibly,not even a chance at self redemption. And even with all of these traits, Tyson,delivers a

movie that depicts the harsh realities of addiction, fame and self worth in a such an impressive

tale, it's hard not to love its melancholy.

The film starts with Tyson's very first championship bout against Trevor Berbick. As it

continues, you see the sheer brutality of Tyson's trademark brutality. He decimates Berbick in

the first round and becomes the youngest person to win the Heavyweight championship. This is

significant, because it a type of foreshadowing, completely raw in how depicts what is supposed

to be Tyson's road to success, achievement and security. The sick irony is that it does the

complete opposite. As film goes on, you see a descending path of darkness, one that is arguably

something Tyson is comfortable with. He calmly, eloquently and truthfully details the events of

his life to the extent the audience builds either a deep sympathy for him or an admiration about

the self awareness he has now about the way his fame as a boxer helped propel his near

destruction, pushing the road pain, a question of self worth and unadulterated rage that he would

continue use while fighting. He also remarks on something that would be completely disturbing

to the average person and fascinating to a few, that being the mindset of going in and inflicting

bodily harm on another human being. When he was partaking in this barbaric chess, he loved it,

the thought of punishing another human being and crushing his soul gave all the motivation in

the world to step in that ring and almost always a psychological edge over his opponents.

When you truly watch this film, you come to either two conclusions. That Tyson is a manic

depressive animal that is bordering on being a psychopathic sociopath. Or you come to the

understanding that he is a misunderstood individuals who flirted and has been enamored with

every considerably every dark facet of life and has a deep awareness of his circumstances and

responsibilities in coherence with those circumstances. This film does him justice in that aspect

and should be appreciated no matter how dark or unfortunate the narration is.

-- Nick Borne
½ August 4, 2016
A well crafted piece and an interesting way to view this deeply flawed man's life. As a subject he is a good choice, the rags to riches to rags tale was always worthy a soap opera, so handled in a less astute way could have been really unwatchable.
February 18, 2016
Self realization & Growing up wiser. Growing up in the kill or be killed neighborhoods of Brooklyn, teased, taunted, humiliated and embarrassed on the streets, Tyson was molded into fighter. Stories of the streets, poverty, drugs dealings, pigeons, hoodlums, and jail time. Meeting his manager, teaching about distractions, spirituality building confidence. Having this criminal mentality conflict and struggle, while being managed and coached to use the skill in the boxing ring. Started winning Championships amateur level, turned his life over. mentally dismentaling him, and follow his direction. Deep emotion for the manager whom believed in him, and got him out of trouble. ferocious fighter in the ring, disciplined, dangerous to cross, never intimidated, never to live with the fear of being bullied.
Would never start a fight, but love channeling that intensity, power in the boxing ring. (Cosd'amato)
High expectations to be the Heavy Weight Championship
Feeding the fire feel the flames. watching constantly old boxing matches, ferorisity, dedication, character, in the greats (Ali, Marciano, dempsey). Having the right people at your corner, manager/guardian and woman. "Burning like a Good Humor in July"-
The anticipation and yearning to put "leather on face" with every punch. celebrity champion from around the world, meeting leaders and parades held for him, merchandising and advertising.
Having a fighting mindset to punch so hard it goes right through their head. Speed and accuracy of the devil. My job was to hurt people. As soon as I come in the in know how to defeat them psychologically, feeling the leather piercing through my knuckles, I know how to defeat them, closer to the ring the more confident, godly and unbeatable, all eyes on the opponent. Waiting for any small mistake, capitalize and break their spirit. Undisputed greatest fighter mentality.
Uncontrollable urges, away from the camera and in control in front of the camera. Champion in the ring, unstable out the ring personal life, unbalanced atmosphere, hectic, beastly, chaotic, his domain, his control, his expectations.
Defeats came with being unprepared, overconfident, untrained and his personal lifestyle got to him. - first loss to Buster Douglas
Downward spiral of mentality with the loss of wife, manager, and rape allegations. Hard to trust again.
lost faith in god, treated badly in prison, challenged how tough guy he really was. The derrangement, insanity, going through his mind. Went from extreme Muslim use of hatred to the world to more humble islam.
Found inspirations in Mao and Che, got tattoos. Different atmosphere, more hated, feeling paranoia, lashing at people. Regained title to loses it again.
"Leaches" of whom surrounded him, money loss and indorsements etc. Blacked Out- I don't remember,
Undisciplined fight uncontrollable urge of insanity to hurt- holyfield vs Tyson 2. (ear biting).- loss his boxing license.
they call me trash, let them call me trash, I'll be a angelic trash.
Relentless, won't be knocked down
We are like mercenaries we need that money, when we need to throw down we throw down.
Mike Tyson vs Kevin McBride- loss & retirement
I don't have it in my stomach anymore, I am not an animal anymore, tired if fighting.
Addictions & void.
January 9, 2016
Really fascinating look at a man who has more depth than one might otherwise think.
June 28, 2015
absolutely incredible! the man is far from perfect, definitely was fucked up. but he completely opens up and you learn heart breaking things about what hes been through, which kinda makes you understand why he did things he did. this documentary is so captivating its a journey through Mike's life and the man has been through some horrible shit and all the way the making of the movie. He admits to being a not so great person in the past and I admire him for changing.
June 19, 2015
There can be such a thing as TOO personal and inside. I'm not sure the trip inside the psyche of Iron Mike is something most should take
February 8, 2015
Have to say this is a very good documentary on one of the greatest ever sportsman. Straight from the horses mouth you get an insight of all his great fights (even the infamous Holyfield match), plus other aspects of his life.... which I have to say a couple of them he could have kept to himself. Still overall if you want to find out about one of the top 3 boxers of all time, you have to watch this.
Super Reviewer
January 1, 2015
Im not a big boxing fan neither a Tyson fan aswell but i have seen a few matches and the more famous knockout scenes over the years from Mike. Ohh and beat him a few times in Punch Out ! :) Anyway this documentary has some great responses / reviews and i thought i could watch it aswell and im very glad i did. Its probably one of the best documentaries i have ever seen and its interesting to hear Mike talking about the good and bad in his difficult life. There are some nice older scenes aswell from his earlier matches along with it. I think you will see a better side of Mike after this flick and understand more ,, like i did.
January 1, 2015
O documentário de 2009 sobre o grande pugilista do seu tempo é uma espécie de "Tyson on Tyson" que aparentemente não teme revisitar algumas partes mais obscuras da vida do homem. Fica mais clara a ideia de que todos os murros que Tyson deu no ringue foram-lhe depois devolvidos na vida pessoal, mas tudo neste discurso leva a crer que Mike Tyson hoje está em paz consigo mesmo (e, se aparece na praia tranquilamente a ver o pôr-do-sol e as ondas, isso só pode ser verdade). As imagens dos combates históricos são, como seria de esperar, electrizantes, e um dos grandes momentos de "Tyson" acontece quando ele menciona "Portugal" e manda um grande gafanhoto para o ar.
October 9, 2014
This is what happens when a rich young NBA player funds the open forum ramblings of an egomaniacal sociopath. It's one of the worst documentaries I've ever seen and doesn't belong in the same category.
½ August 14, 2014
A frustratingly made & completely bias/one sided film that really doesn't convince you that Tyson had any depth or credibility.

He had incredible skill & was an undeniable power force in professional boxing but his character & personal life has a bit to be desired for.

By the end of it I was so frustrated with its format it just didn't help you connect with him at all. Maybe good for the fans but ultimately nothing much.
March 28, 2014
Mike Tyson narrates his life story along with a mixture of original interviews, archival footage and photographs. I enjoyed this way more than I expected to, its like watching a Rocky movie minus the training montages, No, by the end its like watching the ups and downs of all 5 Rocky movies, the rise and fall including beloved trainers, millions lost and gained, titles won and lost, crooked managers (King), rivalries, (Holyfield) getting caught up in the money machine and getting used by the leeches. Fascinating in a way I didn't expect. Its put together really well too and absolutely intriguing, you never know what Tyson is going to say next and he has such an original way of speaking, hilarious quote-worthy stuff, absolutely honest and showing a surprising intelligence. Documentary03.26.14
January 3, 2014
Tyson captivates you from the beginning, and even at times, has you feeling sympathetic for Mike Tyson.
November 27, 2013
When I was a little kid, Mike Tyson was larger than life. "Tyson" the documentary takes you inside the mind of Mike Tyson through a series of interviews conducted in such a way that it makes you feel as if you're sitting through a psychological therapy session. The documentary paints a very human face on such a mythical figure...one that leaves you feeling deep sympathy for Tyson regardless of some of his actions. Mike Tyson was boxing's last great superstar and one wonders that if his mentor/trainer Cus D'amato hadn't died so early into Tyson's rise to stardom things might have turned out very different and Tyson would be remembered today as the best heavyweight fighter that ever lived.
October 24, 2013
did you know that mike tyson's new found philosophy and way of life is based on the famous drederick tatum.... it's all hear. (no really i seen this along time ago and taught it was very good defo, worth seeing)
½ September 24, 2013
A dumb brutal thug tells his sanitised version of his life. Yawn.
April 2, 2013
An interesting and well-edited insight into the amazing life of Iron Mike.
March 26, 2013
Good documentary told from Tyson's point if view. First person. I liked it.
½ February 6, 2013
I would have preferred to see some external insight into this troubled individual, he seemed to always have an excuse for his behaviour or someone else to blame - which does say a lot about him in itself, but on the whole 90 minutes is all I could stand to watch of this egotistical boxer.
January 13, 2013
Every boy my age growing up was a Tyson fan and this is a good documentary with Tysons own words, he doesn't hold back talking about Washington, Givens or King. Some good fight footage which people may not have seen from his early days.
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