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A young couple in their early 20s, Dan and Melanie, have known each other since childhood. Now their 6-year romantic relationship is put to the test when Dan receives an attractive job offer from the record label with whom he interns, and he must choose between a move forward and a future with Mel. Growth and temptation happen - but will their relationship remain part of their future?

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  • Mar 18, 2019
    Things aren't gray. While there is no clear "good guy" or "bad guy" going on here, this story simply explores a relationship in a realistic way, without guns, without cops, without explosions. Those who need this type of stimulation will get bored. Six Years reveals the complexity of people with their twisted psychology. Mel tells Dan "I love you," then declares "I hate you" hours later. The writers and actors were spot-on showing young college age kids with their roller-coaster moods, intense feelings, and ambivalent emotions. Kids make bad decisions. They act, then later reflect, instead of doing the opposite. We see them sabotage their relationship (a kiss here, a push there), only to regret it later. When we are young, we do this. We later learn not to, hopefully. The spontaneous ad-lib dialogue was fresh. Unlike a structured script, Taissa Farminga (who played Mel) and Ben Rosenfeld (who played Dan) acted naturally, often interrupting each other like we do in real life. Does this film explore domestic violence. Some say yes, but in my personal and humble opinion, I saw the the injuries caused accidentally. Mel pushes Dan, twice, but doesn't mean to make him bleed. Dan pins Mel to the ground to stop her from striking him, not to hurt her. In real life domestic violence cases, they mean harm. Men strike women in the face. This wasn't the case here. COMMENT ON THE ENDING... SPOILER ALERT... DON'T READ FURTHER... The ending was open-ended. Will they remain together? Will they work things out and learn to THINK before they act? Are they violent people, or do they simply need to mature? Their love is solid, no doubt. They have little impulse control. They realize this too late. Dan's change of heart at the end was a bit abrupt (and confusing) when he decided not to go to New York. Mel pushes him into glass, cutting his feet, and while recuperating in the hospital from that push, he decides to hinder his career for her. Dan's mistakes were that he didn't include Mel on the decision-making when he decided to move to New York. Mel's mistake was that she often was a hot-head, exploding both verbally and physically when Dan upset her, striking out with words like "I hate you" and actions such as pushing him and feebly striking at him. When Mel says, "I want you to go to New York", does she mean she wants to have a long distance relationship, or does she think their relationship has ended. This is what the viewer must decide.
    Amy A Super Reviewer
  • Apr 11, 2016
    Insipid tripe, 6 Years is a monotonous relationship drama. After being together for six years a young couple has their relationship tested and are forced into deciding whether or not to continue when their lives take separate paths. It's a little unconventional in that the relationship seems to be an abusive one that victimizes the boyfriend, who suffers physical injuries and is even arrested at one point do to his girlfriend's recklessness. Yet neither of them are bad people or want the relationship to end; which makes for a distinct lack of drama. Additionally, the performances aren't very good and the actors don't have much chemistry. Also, the directing is pretty mundane and there's no energy or passion in the score. Overly drab and dull, 6 Years is a poorly make film.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 20, 2015
    Hannah Fidell is still a fledgling in the world of Mumblecore, a genre that hasn't changed much since its inception in 2004/2005. This is only her second full length feature, after her breakthrough "A Teacher," but she is already proving why her voice is worth noting in the cacophony of angst that is indie filmmaking. The film was produced by the Duplass Brothers, famous for their own innovation and love of the genre. http://www.bluefairyblog.com/reviews/2015/10/1/6-years
    Spencer S Super Reviewer

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