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December 12, 2009
Just when you thought it safe to go back into the departure lounge.

At this point, we would like to say we HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH the Sequel -Zucker/Abrahams
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September 6, 2010
A hilariuos sequel to Airplane!, but in a way it's sort of a spoof of the first movie too, which is kind of weird. This one has more stars in it though. If you liked the first one, you like this one too, it's very funny.
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November 6, 2009
Having said that however, I don't think this film is as bad as some other reviewers have stated. Sure they re-hash a lot of stuff from the first movie, but hey! It's still funny right? I think this movie has a lot going for it. Some of the jokes fall flat, but some are hilarious. You've just got to take the rough with the smooth.
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½ September 10, 2009
The original "Airplane!" is one of my favorite movies of all time and one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. "Airplane 2 - The Sequel" is also funny, but it's not as funny as the original blockbuster movie. In this one, a shuttle is on its way to the moon, but it gets majorly off course and is headed almost straight for the sun instead. A lot of the original cast members are back in this sequel such as Julie Haggerty and Robert Hays. However, some such as Leslie Nielsen are not back, but there are some new and funny cast members such as William Shatner as Murdock.
"Airplane 2 - The Sequel" has the same kind of hilarious antics that the original movie had such as when Julie Haggerty tells everybody that they might not make it because they're going through an asteroid belt. At that statement none of the passengers hardly have any reaction, but when she tells everybody that they're out of coffee, everybody goes ballistic. Another good parody is when William Shatner is looking through space with the aid of a periscope and he sees the Enterprise that he commanded in the original series of Star Trek flying in space.

If you liked "Airplane!," I recommend getting "Airplane 2 - The Sequel." It's not as classic or as good as "Airplane!," but it's still funny and it's a fairly decent sequel. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000.
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July 19, 2007
Nowhere near the original.
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November 30, 2006
Directed by: Ken Finkleman.
Starring: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges, William Shatner.

When you hear of a sequel being made of 'One of the top ten funniest movies ever made' (which I completely agree with), you know its going to be risky, not only trying to make the movie refreshing and new, but very consistent and funny....but when David Zucker and his team are also missing from the film, its not a good sign.....

Thankfully, the film isn't all that bad, but it is nowhere near as excellent or as consistent as the original. Ken Finkleman takes the writing and directing duties this time around and he does fail more then he succeeds. He tries a little too hard to copy the first film in alot of the delivery of jokes and alot of them fall flat most of the time, but there are also some that do hit, a few very well (alot of them involving William Shatner, which is a surprise) and it kept me going through the short running time.

To compare this film to the original, it falls very short, as it is not as consistent or as refreshing, it doesn't try to take any new route and that doesn't help the film. But having said that, there are some jokes later in the film that hit very well and the film comes out as average on my scale. Thankfully they didn't make any more sequels.
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½ July 10, 2007
A good spoof sequel to the first with more of the same gags.
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June 6, 2007
Just as good as the first Airplane (perhaps even better, because William Shatner is in it!) but it will never have the same affection or impact which the original had. This has a few new jokes, but most of them are a re-tread of the original Airplane! masterpiece.
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May 31, 2007
Some recycyled jokes and a plot that some may fear goes too far. Enough new jokes and laugh out loud moments to justify three stars, but only just.
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March 10, 2007
Lightning not striking twice.
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December 28, 2006
It was ok but the original was a lot better.
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½ November 14, 2006
Not as good as the original but just as funny.
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½ November 9, 2006
Someone needs to get a life.
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March 17, 2014
With the original creative team gone, Airplane II: The Sequel is a cheap joke that goes nowhere. Essentially the same movie redone with a sci-fi twist, the story follows a space flight that goes out of control while on its way to a lunar colony. The comedy re-does all of the same sight gags and jokes of the first film, only this time they're forced and contrived. Still, the parodies of Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey, E.T. and other major science-fiction films of the '70s and '80s provide some good laughs. Airplane II: The Sequel has its moments, but it tries too hard to copy the original and ends up being a mess.
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November 1, 2007
The best jokes are recycled from the original, but there's still just enough new material to keep the film moving along.
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June 5, 2008
more of the same..which is not a bad thing!! some belly laughs and chuckles, a fun watch..
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May 20, 2008
funny spoof film, watch for all the bits featuring Lloyd Bridges, hilarious
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December 25, 2007
Crazy funny!
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December 12, 2007
Funnier than the first one with some very sick scenes :)
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½ July 27, 2007
My man Stryker was onn...didnt trip!
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