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This addition to the Bionicle series focuses on Mata Nui, a fallen leader who begins to redeem himself when asked by a small village to help them defend themselves from their oppressive enemies. Mata Nui puts together a crew of fighting men like himself, and soon finds himself on an exciting adventure.

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  • Mar 26, 2010
    It's for kids for sure because it lacks almost everything! Liked: Animation was superior to the previous movies'. The amount of texture given to the characters and objects is fascinating. The landscapes are varied and nice, each has its own atmosphere. In fact the only one I felt turned out bad was Roxtus, village of the Skrall. And a shot of Vulcanus. The movements of the characters are done well, a little overdone and stiff at times, but not terrible. Voices and performances were good, I won't go into detail. Some voices may take a while to get used to (could be the writing), but they're not bad. Storyline is easy to follow, takes time to explain itself, and not in a dumbed-down way. Some things are not fully explored, like the lab of the Great Beings, but the ending is left wide open. The characters are likable, most have distinct personalities, and get to show off their comical side a lot. The movie is also noteworthy for having Mata Nui as its main character, who is undoubtedly one of the most central and important characters Bionicle has ever had, and this is the first time we ever get to know him better. Beetle Click is a welcomed addition to the cast. Sorta liked: Humor. You'll either laugh several times, or facepalm. Most of the jokes are funny, though not too witty, and there are a couple of running gags throughout the movie. Other instances are accompanied with so many cartoon noises and music that you almost start to wonder if you're still watching the same film. Giant purple Malum. Totally unexpected and cheap, but interesting. Disliked: Background Agori are indistinguishable, as every member of a tribe share one basic animation model. The sound effects could have used more creativity. A Godzilla roar here, a Wilhelm scream there, all generic stock effects. I would also do away with the cartoon sounds. The music. There are a couple of nice tunes and even an ongoing theme, but I felt the movie was too "silent". Perhaps I was spoiled by the epic score of the previous films. Introduction. Bad animation, storyline inconsistencies. The Mata Nui robot looks like something out of a video game, and it moves way too swiftly for its size. The whole scene looks goofy, but at least the background music makes it seem a bit epic. The sequence has already been animated by another company, for web-release, and that was miles better. Hated: Portrayal of the villains. The Skrall, the most ruthless gang of Spartan-styled men in armor, the unbeatable army that relentlessly tried to crush the villages under its feet (they do plunder a village, off-screen)... they're basically worthless as anything other than cannon fodder. One strike sends them flying, and I don't remember them landing a single blow on any of the good guys, at least one that would cause damage. They even make chicken-like sounds, instead of talking, how could they screw them up so bad? The Elite Skrall are no better. The Bone Hunters, the same. Feared, powerful, brutal nomadic thieves, this is the way they're introduced. In the movie, they come off as... pretty much a gang of incapable goofs. And Tuma. They dedicate a whole web-serial to this supposedly great and fearless leader, make us care about him and his tribe. Here, he comes off as a total show-off, spouting how he is the "great and mighty Tuma", but in fact does nothing to prove it. His big fight starts with his opponent, Mata Nui, simply walking up to him. He says some cheesy lines, knocks him over, shows him an opening, gets hit in the back, then collapses. What an anti-climatic way to put an end to the main foe. No suspense, nothing exciting, no tension. The fact that half of the fight is explained by Berix and Kiina doesn't help. Wait, he isn't the main villain. It's the traitor, who takes control over Tuma's army (not explained how). I felt he was a nice addition to the evil side, his identity being a secret for most of the movie, but I would have liked to see better fighting skills from "his" army. He is the only bad guy in the movie that I feel got treated respectfully, and the only one who I feel gets what he deserves. I didn't think Tuma deserved such a painful and rushed death-scene, for we hadn't actually seen what made him so evil. (fear not, he isn't really dead, but the movie neglects to mention that particular detail) All things considered, this movie didn't reach my expectations. It is nice and tight in its first two thirds. Then it falls apart, and the ending feels rushed and slow at the same time. I would have loved if the movie continued in its pace and didn't "force" such a lousy ending on us, or even if the final fight was decent. However there are other things that made it fundamentally flawed, such as the makers constantly referring to the characters as robots (which they aren't). The knowledge that there won't be a sequel saddens me, since the plot never got tied up. This movie would have worked better as a pilot. But since it would never get a follow-up, it can simply be forgotten. Bionicle goes out without a bang. Once the ruler of an entire universe, the Great Spirit Mata Nui finds himself cast out of his own body, his spirit trapped inside the fabled Mask of Life, hurtling through space. After landing on the far-away planet of Bara Magna, the mask creates a new body for Mata Nui, who unwillingly gets caught up in the furious battles of the nearly barren and dangerous planet. The locals, called Agori ask for his help against the unrelenting army of the Rock Tribe, called the Skrall and their leader, Tuma. The Glatorian warriors start to train him, teach him how to protect himself, while Mata Nui also adds some of his special powers to their fighting skill. The experienced veteran Ackar, the feisty female Kiina, the young Glatorian Gresh, and a friendly, special beetle named Click aid him on his way. But there is a traitor among the Agori, and bigger secrets lay hidden under the sands of the desert planet. Mata Nui must help his new-found friends, but he also has to find a way to return to his old body and take revenge on the evil being who had banished him.
    Sergio E Super Reviewer

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