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Its action may be bit too over-the-top for some, but Die Another Day is lavishly crafted and succeeds in evoking classic Bond themes from the franchise's earlier installments.



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A high-speed hovercraft chase, through a minefield in the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea, marks the beginning of James Bond (Agent 007) embarking on his latest mission. From Hong Kong, to Cuba to London, Bond circles the world in his quest to unmask a traitor, and prevent a war of catastrophic proportions. On his way, he crosses paths with the beautiful Jinx and Miranda Frost, who become further entwined in his latest adventure. Hot on the trail of deadly megalomaniac, Gustav Graves and his ruthless right-hand man Zoo, Bond travels to Iceland into the villain's lair: a palace built entirely of ice. There he experiences, firsthand, the power of a high-tech weapon. Ultimately, this leads to an explosive confrontation back in Korea, where the mission began.

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Pierce Brosnan
as James Bond
Toby Stephens
as Gustav Graves
Rosamund Pike
as Miranda Frost
Michael Madsen
as Damian Falco
Will Yun Lee
as Col. Moon
Kenneth Tsang
as Gen. Moon
Colin Salmon
as Charles Robinson
Samantha Bond
as Miss Moneypenny
as Verity
Ben Wee
as Snooty Desk Clerk
Rachel Grant
as Peaceful
Ian Pirie
as Creep
Simón Andreu
as Dr. Alvarez
Mark Dymond
as Van Bierk
Deborah Moore
as Air Hostess
Oliver Skeete
as Concierge
Joaquín Martínez
as Old Man at Cigar Factory
Michael G. Wilson
as General Chnadler
Daryl Kwan
as General Han
Vincent Wong
as General Li
Stuart Ong
as General Dong
Manolo Caro
as Cuban Waiter
as Korean Scorpion Guard
Stewart Scudamore
as Buckingham Palace Reporter
Bill Nash
as Buckingham Palace Reporter
Ami Veveers-Chorlton
as Buckingham Palace Reporter
James Wallace
as Buckingham Palace Reporter
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  • Feb 08, 2016
    A mixed bag of emulating the best and worst of Bond history for the 20th 007 film, the fun but far from fantastic Die Another Day excellently mirrors the classic wit and spit of the Connery years while unfortunately embracing the over-the-top action and corny gadgets of the Moore era. The good: With Jinx, the producers give viewers an invigorating superspy equal to Bond with an actress awesome enough to realize her kick-ass abilities. The bad: With eye-rolling gizmos such as an invisible car and a palace made of ice, the special effects take center stage over the story. Oh, and Madonna plays a fencing instructor. In this PG-13-rated spy thriller, James Bond (Brosnan) gets sent to investigate the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a diamond mogul who is funding the development of an international space weapon. For his last outing as 007, Brosnan steps up his performance from the previous adventure, which sported sub-standard material that did little for inspiration. Likewise, Berry presents filmgoers with someone who's intriguingly much more than a mere Bond Girl, sharpening the rough edges of a character so enjoyable that she nearly got her own spin-off. Still, for all of Bond and Jinx's entertaining and action-packed interplay, there are laughable stumbles. For instance, the big bad is Colonel Moon, a North Korean villain with diamonds imbedded in his skin who uses gene therapy technology to alter his appearance. Oh, and Madonna plays a fencing instructor. Bottom line: Madonna and Child-Like
    Jeff B Super Reviewer
  • Nov 03, 2015
    The first mistake this film made was hiring Madonna (and I don't mind Madonna's music) to sing the opening credits song, and make a cameo in the film? Come on now. That music has no place in this series. The last mistake the film made was making it to theaters at horrible state it was at. The film isn't unwatchable bad, no Bond film is. But not only does it try to do way too much with special effects, but the story is just plain stupid. A lot of Bond films have an issue with being too formulaic and at times Die Another Day is just that. But it's also a horrible CGI fest of characters that either don't make sense, or the performances are are completely overcooked. Getting Halle Berry and Rosamund Pike as the lead Bond girls is a good idea on paper, but neither of them fit in with the rest of the film, Berry especially. Then we have Toby Stephen's Gustav Graves. A performance so over the top that you constantly feel like he's playing a villain trying to be a Bond villain. What are his motivations anyway? Not once do they really clear that up. There's no originality or any grounded realism to what he's doing. It all feels too comic-booky, as do the fight scenes. Seriously, who's idea was it to bring in slow motion fight sequences? It' felt like another wannabe Matrix film at times. Don't even get me started on the last 15 minutes where it literally copies action straight from any of the Matrix films. Not only that, but the fact that Bond at one point slows his own heart rate down by himself made me laugh out loud. Like, what the hell? Speaking of action sequences, since when did Bond become a master swordsman? Because that's also a good chunk of an action sequence. Yep, a master swordsman. I just feel like there wasn't any care at all to the directing of the film, or really any aspect. At one point when M and Bond were talking you can clearly see Bond's mouth moving without any words coming out. That may be nitpicking, but with a tent-pole franchise like Bond, you would think that the editors would take extra time with little scenes like that. So with awful CGI, and I mean awful CGI, bad dialogue, over the top performances, and no real sense as to what a Bond film should be, Die Another Day is the worst installment for Bond to date. -Where did Bond go -Unfitting music -Wretched CGI -Over the top villain -Nothing is realistic 2.6/10
    Thomas D Super Reviewer
  • Aug 03, 2015
    I get that Bond movies are supposed to be over the top but when they're too over the top like Die Another Day it's all too much to take seriously, Again its action is the best part of the movie, The story is recycled from previous installments, The gadgets are silly the script is sillier, Some scenes were that cringe worthy it was hard to watch at times, Brosnans final Bond is his worst I'm afraid.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Feb 08, 2014
    The new James Bond film, DIE ANOTHER DAY does not disappoint by any means. Although not as good as Pierce Brosnan's first Bondian effort, GOLDENEYE, it is definitely one of my favorite Bond movies. Intriguing villains, such as Zao (played by Rick Yune of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) and Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) make the film that much more enjoyable. Plus, you cannot disregard the amazing action scenes that dot the film at various intervals. Of course, one cannot forget the Bond babes. Halle Berry is terrific as Jinx, and has one of the most intrical roles of any Bond girl in history. Not to be outdone, Rosamund Pike makes her film debut as Miranda Frost, and MI-6 agent who refuses to fall under Bond's evident charm. Overall, this movie is excellent and I definitely recommend it to all movie-goers, especially Bond fans! 4 1/2 Stars 1-30-14
    Bruce B Super Reviewer

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