Dilwale Reviews

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May 9, 2019
Even Shah Rukh-Kajol chemistry cannot save this disappointingly boring film.
February 7, 2019
Easily their most forgettable outing; one of the worst of 2015...
January 17, 2019
If you're a Shah Rukh fan, we won't even bother with a reason. But even if you aren't, watch it for the magic the hit jodi (pardon the corny cliché) creates.
December 12, 2017
Dilwale hugely banks upon Khan's stardom and he tries his best to reciprocate. The rest of Dilwale has a very little heart.
December 8, 2017
The deliberate attempt to repackage and sell the Kajol-SRK romance of yore backfires, seeming like a pale shadow of the magic there once was.
December 8, 2017
Even in the context of Shetty's oeuvre, Dilwale is a low. It made me nostalgic for Chennai Express.
December 8, 2017
Dilwale, on the whole, is a plotless drag: the slaphappy antics you see on screen are a random jumble of light, camera, action, done in the broadest sense. In this rigmarole, SRK is the only thing worth watching
December 8, 2017
Rohit Shetty's films are big-ticket adventures; a genre unto themselves.
October 30, 2017
Dilwale is the quintessential popcorn flick. It's colorful, bright and entertaining.
September 5, 2017
Just like the string of swanky cars and comic sidekicks rolled out in Dilwale, the movie is mostly sheen with a smattering of substance.
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