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September 9, 2017
The kid is alive at the end and living with Morgan Freeman. He and Ed Harris stole the kid because of the kid's white trash mom being an unsuitable parent (in their eyes). This whole movie was fairly dumb and unbelievable. Casey Affleck was horrendously and comically miscast as a tough private investigator. The kid is declared dead even though no body was ever found. Casey Affleck shoots an unarmed pedophile in the head and totally gets away with it for no reason. Maybe I'm just totally cynical and jaded, but the whole moral dilemma aspect of this movie just didn't really resonate with me -- I didn't find myself caring one way or another about whether the little girl went back to her white trash mom or if she lived with child kidnapper Morgan Freeman. Who cares?
September 4, 2017
ed harris is the man.
September 4, 2017
Phenomenal film. Would definitely reccomend to those who show an interest in crime-drama films.
½ August 28, 2017
Tightly directed and just as well-acted, "Gone Baby Gone" is a mystery thriller more interested in why its characters do things, rather than the actions themselves.
August 7, 2017
The flaws are serious but for the first half the intensity sweeps you along anyway. As it transitions, from tense mystery thriller, to more of a noir drama its failings start to catch up with it. It's not that it becomes bad, more that all the unlikely character behaviours accumulate to the point where you realise it can't blow you away no matter what the ending. And, while the twist is effective, the moral dilemma the film is so keen to leave you with just isn't presented with any new or revealing insights - it only feels a bit cynical and pessimistic.
July 23, 2017
Casey Affleck Pretty Handsome!!!
½ July 16, 2017
Very annoying adaptation of a good book.Great acting in segments. Uneven plot editing. The heavy handed ending centred far to long on a fairly uninteresting moral dilemma. Plus watching bro Affleck talking without moving lips is up there with old-school nails on blackboard.
July 9, 2017
Excellent first up direction attempt by Ben Affleck and with a solid effort in the lead role by brother Casey. Supported by a stellar cast including the perennially superb Ed Harris. Without giving too much away this deals with the emotions and fallout from child abduction and is set in the grittier boroughs of Boston. Watching it for the first time this movie does not show its age.
½ July 2, 2017
We went through all of that for THAT ending?
July 1, 2017
A mystery with plenty of twists and turns. It will ask you to question what is right and wrong. The movie continues to change and you will question who is working for who and who can you trust. It isn't a straight forward case and you will not see what is coming until the end. I came away with this single thought, A righteous person may have to stand alone.
June 10, 2017
Powerful, thrilling, and hard to watch at points. Great writing and fresh story.
½ June 3, 2017
Really enjoyable film, especially for those from Massachusetts. Though I appreciate the unconventional ending, I can't decide if I think it's a bit forced...
May 20, 2017
Ben Affleck knocks it out of the park with his first directorial debut. Gone Baby Gone is very powerful and gripping. Strong performances from the entire cast. I loved Casey Affleck in this movie. The dialogue and script are really strong. Everything in this film felt legit, I felt like I was in Boston watching this movie. I love the end of this film, it leaves you with a big moral question at the end that will have people arguing what the right thing to do was for years.
½ April 12, 2017
When we see shit is sensitive around here when others dont like other people snooping or talking. When we see whom is wanted and whom is not wanted in some parts. When whom we have to see we don't expect to see when we are used to seeing people our age. When what we don't see is times a changing when we get younger and younger to have better eyes to see whom we are dealing with. When we see we got all informants and help from places we don't usually care to look, when the streets have all eyes to see and hear what's going on. When we are old school to see the source to only see it our way. When what we see or don't see we are lead to believe to see it one way when some leads either go one way or nowhere to see if they are reliable. When others don't see why we do somethings when it's hard, to see it our way. When we do or don't see some people to care but know they are seen as guilty.

When we see business is done differently down here, we see the lengths people go through to make others see we mean business. When we see others go to lengths to make others not see. When what we font see or see its either hidden or they don't have it for everyone to investigate or see it their way to find our answer another way. When all we can be seen is victim or suspect for us to see what we want to see again. When so hard to see the end to make sure others see we get what's coming us. When we see we got to dig in deep where the law don't see, when we see things are not as deep as they may seem. When we see this is only business when we see in order to get the big fish we leave the small fish to swim and see what goes on. When we see we can't come to some places where we see how we both work to see we are either disrespected when we are mutual colleagues. When we see we are going nowhere to see somethings find its way to us when it's evidence. When we see we can't come in our own places to disrespect those whom have rank over us. When we see that we must follow procedure to go by everything by the book and as planned to see to we get somethings safe and sound. When we don't see somethings coming to see we get there as soon as we can before it's all over. When we see how some cases we are invested in to chase after to its sadly end before we could see to their safety. When we see that somethings that ho wrong we take responsibility for while others hold on to seeing they failed. When it's hard to let go and see things go to see their sad end. When we see it in their shoes to only want to be found then lost. When we don't see somethings coming when the same thing happens to know we have another chance to see redemption, to see we are not failures of those whom see us and don't trust us to see the case.

When what we rather see is justice in places where it doesn't belong, in people whom it has effected, and those whom we need to get rid of. When what we don't see on time costs innocent lives. When we see our way works when tips and informants all have eyes for us to see where we don't normally look. When what we see we see to our own justice. When we are seen as a hero, seen to do a good job, seen to do a city a good, to see ourselves something else. When we see we all have dark moments in our career we keep seeing that makes us look that we are doing a good job. When we see the world is filled with injustices people not doing a good but see they are not fit for so much to see they got to go when we don't like seeing shit like that. When we see we all pay the price gor what we don't want to see when we are a symbol more then for the city but religion when we see evil & good. When not everything we see makes sense when we put two & two together that somethings we dont see is clear. When we see the right people, others choose to reveal what they see or let it slip when they don't see or care to see it through when it could be nothing or something. When what we see is somethings that are strange out of the ordinary to see closer.

When somethings we see we see go down the drain for when we are involved with somethings we ought not to be seeing. When we need to put a stop to others seeing into things deeper we make them see part of the truth. When there are others whom dont want us to see or speak to put an end to us seeing. When the last bit of decency and last thing we ought to see is we did our job to the vary end and we chose to see we lived by the side of the law to see it through the end. When we see our words in front of witnesses and evidence to see others see what's coming to them. When we see life sees it differently to change the outcomes of what we thought to see. When we see everything was staged when we are brought into something for only our eyes to see, to see what others can profit on when there is no harm when we see some people unfit, see we are doing a city a good by getting rid of them, to see it our way when we can. When we see we sre duped into thinking somethings, to see past all the darkness and see to it that justice is done or instant justice as others see. When we see justice isn't always fair to everyone, but we work for those whom we clearly see as a victim and what others can't see now but later that they are one too to see we fo the right thing.

When we wish we were in a different place we wish to see we have to live in the place and world we always see and live with it. When what we see is the truth, and can't whind ourselves living in other places we don't belong, or not apart seeing. When we see there are plenty of good people we see and bad people we see to not see into everyone's life and see to it they live good. When we do see justice was done, to see everyone is safe and sound. When we can't see some people whom we dont see eye to eye with when they remind us of what we can't see. When we see we did a good job to see its a unfair decision, but a good one we see and live with.

When somethings don't change when we see that good people whom do good acts continue to live unseen.

We have designated system, law, enforcers, and civilians that embody and follow this system that make it work. When the system does work for all, those whom follow the system, need to find another way to live their life, outcasted, unlawfully they follow. When child abductions, to find another means for profit is the next resort. When rising crime in banks, and new procedures have followed that make the old ways of crime no longer trustworthy. What role do we all play in what crimes exist. Those whom are rich, poor, priviledged, unluck, lucky, enherited, bosses, low lifes, all cohabiting together in this system. When new ways of fighting crime, is needed, to be undercover, playing both sides of the field. When the system doesn't work, the crime gets more serious. The underworld of crime, desperate need for money from up to bring to down. Those whom have addictions and those whom have drugs. Those whom abuse the system, and those whom dont. When some crimes we have a role in and others we dont. When even the enforcement doesn't believe in the justice system as much those whom they are against. When the system is broke, when their is no compensation for the lose to returns justice is not enough in penalizing, we take justice in our own hands. When we are similar to those whom do they samething, yet our life and death is more priviledged and decorated. Infiltrating gangs and getting in deep, serves same brotherhood as being part of the system and being in enforcement. What is legitimacy, when the law is supposed to be legitimate, but those whom swear to enforce it, are able to go for and against it, and play both sides, benefit. When being unethical and illegitimate is addicting when it works. But, becomes unaddicting when it doesn't work or accidents happen. Everything returns back to the way it was, legitimate becomes legit and out in the open, and un-legitimate become unlegit and goes in hiding, awaiting the next time. What makes legitimacy legit, when we tell ourselves we are doing it for the right reasons. Tore people's life to benefit our own. When those lives are what is a drain unto society that we remove and benefit from. When legit removes the middle men of the underground society to serve themselves. Who knows what's best for society, those whom are in the front lines of it, or those whom are not. When those whom are not legitimately invested in society are sometimes the best ones who can take care it. But it's not right, when its not legitimate. When legitimacy doesn't mean you stray away from your duty. When legitimacy doesn't mean you make the new rules that goes against the system's fundamentals. There are people depending on us to go unlegitimate.
April 12, 2017
Surprisingly long and complex crime thriller.
March 26, 2017
In a town ensnared by twisted, moral consequences, a haunted detective unwinds the costly truth that "the ends never justifies the means."
March 25, 2017
An unknown little gem of a movie. Story about a child that is abducted and how a private detective couple (who are married) go looking for her. Really well directed and edited. The producers really know what Boston's lower class of society acts like, and how they look. One of my all time favorite movies.
February 21, 2017
Grade - B-
A gripping time at the movies. 'Gone Baby Gone' is a brilliantly told story, and a great debut by Ben Affleck as a filmmaker. It's not perfect, with a slow start and for the most part a visually uninspired look, but it gets the storytelling and the script locked down, which in a movie like this is most important thing.
½ February 9, 2017
A triumph for the Affleck brothers both as leading star and director, Gone Baby Gone is an enthralling crime drama that raises complex moral issues.
½ February 9, 2017
Not the type of movie I'd normally watch, but this gritty thriller come morality tale has enough meat on the bone to retain interest.
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