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Three twentysomethings learn the hard way about how to behave in a cemetery in this independent horror story. Harris (Dominic Purcell), Sid (Marcus Thomas), and Kira (Josie Maran) are three longtime friends who are reunited under unfortunate circumstances when their pal Devin dies in an auto accident. After attending Devin's funeral, the three stage an impromptu wake at a nearby roadhouse, and after lots of drinking they return to his grave to pay their final respects. Sid finds a note on Devin's grave which contains what appear to be lyrics to a song; the revelers begin singing the song and dancing around the cemetery, trampling the nearby graves. It isn't long before Devin's friends discover they've made a serious mistake; the poem they sang was actually a magic spell, and by reciting it as they disrespect the dead they've awakened angry spirits, who begin terrorizing them in their homes. Worst of all, paranormal investigator Vincent (Tchéky Karyo) informs Harris that there's only one sure way to stop the ghosts from bothering them -- death. The Gravedancers received its world premiere at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

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Dominic Purcell
as Harris McKay
Josie Maran
as Kira Hastings
Clare Kramer
as Allison
Marcus Thomas
as Sid Vance
Tcheky Karyo
as Vincent
Megahn Perry
as Culpepper
Oakley Stevenson
as Haunted Woman
Jack Mulcahy
as Police Officer No. 1
Bob McHone
as Priest
Jim McKeny
as Doctor
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  • Sep 29, 2011
    The first scares are very good and cleverly thought of but when it comes on the middle part I'm like "okay, still good. Some parts are ridiculous though." However, in the end part I was like. "What the fvck is going on?" It's like the Primer meets Tales from the Crypt. The scares became copied from classics and I don't know where in the corners of the abyss of hell's assh0l3 did the ending came from. i mean a giant (*spoiler alert) ghastly head came floating towards the protagonist. Who could've known? It just demoralized my visual capabilities. It is smart but it doesn't work on me.
    August S Super Reviewer
  • Apr 09, 2011
    7.2/10 I love me a good horror film that combines haunted-house scare-tactics with paranormal encounters with CGI ghosties; but only when it's a genuinely good show in the end. I've fought my way through countless mediocre horror/thrillers which use cheesy, lame scare tactics such as cheap jumps and gore. So why, oh why, is "The Gravedancers" that one movie that impresses me? I mean, it shouldn't have; it wasn't even remotely scary, as far as the word goes. However, a movie is a movie; and when it does what it does fairly well, then it's only fair to give it some credit. This will never go on to be a horror classic, and I do, by all means, respect that. But "The Gravedancers" is a lot of spooky fun, released in a good time where such things were so scarce, and they still are, unfortunately. It's not every day that you come across a simple horror film such as this that you can call "fun, fun, fun" without feeling stupid, but here's that movie, regardless of whether we wanted it or not. This film is simplistic as hell in its horror and its story-telling, but this turns out to work for the film's benefit rather than against it. The film is the story of three people; all of whom get drunk one night and dance on some graves, which includes chanting a ghastly poem. They return home safely that night, now knowing of the horror that they have unleashed. Soon, they learn that they have indeed stirred the spirits of three ghosts: an axe-murderer, a youthful pyromaniac, and a rapist. The spirits are reckless, and they want to use their super-awesome ghostly powers to torture our heroes and heroines mentally and physically, as only a movie ghost can do. The story isn't terribly well-told from start to finish, and it starts out by being fairly decent, if not mildly unsatisfactory. If "The Gravedancers" would have stayed that way, then I would have hated its guts and its quality. But then came the third act, which was just plain great, in my honest opinion. The film, which is a true-blue horror movie, it not a scary one. It's meant to be, but I've seen nothing here that does more than simply go "boo!" But I don't mind a little jump scare once in a while, and to its credit, this movie doesn't overdo that aspect of scare tactics. Instead of being frightening and disturbing, these last few sequences are fun, well-built, and intense. I was able to enjoy this film, at its fullest, when it was like this. The film feels like a good horror movie, and to me it is. It's probably one of the better films to be released by After Dark Films, and I like what it does with what it's got. The cinematography isn't the prettiest, but being too pretty can take away from the good old "classic horror" feeling once in a while. This film benefits from atmosphere and entertainment. It's a movie that I wouldn't mind watching with some friends for some good-natured, cheesy fun. I'd even buy it, maybe. "The Gravedancers" is a recommendation for horror fans. Not for everyone and most certainly not for those who don't like horror, but this movie is well-built and well-directed. I admire it in a sneaky sort of way; perhaps something sneakier than this film can hope to accomplish. But it's not what's sneaky that surprises us here; it's the quality of the picture. No artistic strings are pulled; nothing impossible is attempted. This is good, straight-forward horror filmmaking, and I'm damn proud to say that it was worth the watch.
    Ryan M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 02, 2011
    At last a decent low budget horror that was quite entertaining! It had a good cast with a few familiar faces from TV of yester year. The story was something a bit different from the normal. What really made this for me though was the design, largely on animatronics and prosthetics than cgi, of the ghost characters. The production of the whole film looked pretty good for the budget. It reminded me a lot of Thirteen Ghosts. Hopefully there is scope for a sequel.....or two!
    Dean K Super Reviewer
  • Sep 12, 2010
    From the 8 Films to die for series. Like most of the films from this series its an excellent one. Some friends get together after a funeral and dance on the grave of the recent dead. By doing so they start being eliminated one by one. Pretty creepy, 4 stars on the creep scale.
    Bruce B Super Reviewer

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